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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! My greyhound boy has been limping on and off for a week and after a fruitless trip to the vet, and a couple days of salt soaks and paw inspections, a little dark mark became apparent - as the week had gone on his limp got a lot worse. I assumed it would be a corn (my big fear, living in a city which makes hard surfaces impossible to avoid!) so continued with the soaks and rest. Then yesterday I picked a little very sharp stone out of what I thought was the corn - https://ibb.co/dcuHKyhere's a pic of what we were left with. The wound is quite narrow, but does seem a bit deep - there was no blood though (this pic was after a soak). It now no longer looks like a corn, IMO, but does anyone have any tips for healing wounds like this? He's still limping a lot (same amount as with the stone - still having to rest him, therapaw boot for toilet breaks etc) and I would assume if the only problem was the stone + the damage it caused, he would be limping a lot less now the stone is gone..? Would be great to have some opinions on how to help - he's a velcro boy and normally comes everywhere with me and is so unhappy being left / not being able to follow me all over the house as well as having such short walks
  2. My five year-old hound Leni has been limping on her back right paw on occasion. Part of the pad looks to be a little raw (not the part that touches the ground when she walks) and she's had something that looks like a blood blister for awhile. Any ideas on what this could be and how I could help? Thanks! Here is a link to some photos: https://imgur.com/a/dTJmoyE
  3. Hi! We noticed Diego limping about a month ago, and a paw inspection revealed a small rock embedded in a paw pad. We couldn't get it, but our vet was able to tease it out with soaking and tools - we took the bandage off a day or two later, and within a couple of days he had gotten another rock in the same hole. After repeating this cycle a few times, we've been keeping a sock on that foot, but we and our vet are surprised that the hole does not seem to be closing up. Any thoughts? Has your dog had something similar? How long did it take to heal? Each time it was definitely rocks, not corns, that were removed. We don't know how the first one got in there - if it was an injury he didn't react in a way we noticed when it happened. He's been limping less and less and only right when he first stands up.
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