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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, New member here! It's been a complex journey for our 5 year old girl, and we're hoping for some advice from this wonderful forum! Warning: novel ahead. We adopted our girl Clover in early July. After 1 week of pudding poop streaked with blood, room-clearing gas, and a rumbly tummy despite a decent appetite (was eating about 2 cups of Blue Buffalo wilderness salmon or chicken flavored moistened with water once at night because she either hates her food and refuses to eat it until she's starving, or she only eats after her last walk of the day - we're not sure which), a vet check
  2. I have a 7.5 yr old male greyhound, he's a healthy blood donor, but had an mild acute case of pancreatitis last month. He recovered just fine, but I've still been trying to firm up his stool. Before the pancreatitis, he ate raw with some grain free kibble He was eating raw with no issues for about 4 months & gained a few pounds. Before the raw he was a picky eater (eating grain free quality kibble) & stool was generally on the softer side. He had the best poo with raw, I miss those days. After the bland diet, I transitioned him to an 8% chicken based kibble (Lotus senior). I thi
  3. Hi, all -- I'm a new forum member, though I've read dozens of posts over the past several months searching on topics for our grey, Senna. What a great community -- and thank you! : ) My question is kind of a blend of food and diet discussion, and health and medical, but I figured I'd start here. Senna is 2.5 and has had off and on (mostly on) GI issues since we got her in December. Three to four months ago, she was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis, which the vet believes is a result of irritable bowels due to a food allergy. (She's had any number of fecal samples, diarrhea panels, etc.
  4. My 10 1/2 year old grey, Peggy, recently suffered a severe bout of pancreatitis. After a 4 night hospitalization, she has been home from the vet for a little over a week now and seems to be doing great! (Thank goodness!) The vet told us to begin transitioning her off the Rx diet and back onto her old food. Her "old food" is Blue Buffalo grain-free chicken recipe for seniors - b/c we used to have issues with diarrhea on the food with grains. Prior to the pancreatitis she has been doing 100% great on the Blue Buffalo grain free diet. We believe the pancreatitis was linked to too many h
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