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Found 13 results

  1. My dog, Tony, has been suffering from lameness for over three weeks now in his front left paw. It all started with a slight limp that turned into a high fever, all in the span of one afternoon. Bloodwork and X-rays came back normal. Ultrasound revealed an enlarged spleen. Infection of his toe is what was suspected, as his toe was swelling up at this point. He was put on antibiotics (clavamos) and steroids (prednisone). By day 3, his entire foot was swollen and by day 4, his back foot started to swell and he had red skin on his front right leg. I took him back to the vet and they changed antibi
  2. Just found out my dog is very allergic to dust mites via an allergy panel. He’s been itchy and uncomfortable to various degrees for a year. Currently very badly. He is on: cytopoint, apoquel, Royal Canin ultamino food, an anti-fungal, an anti-biotic he is improving steadily now that I know to deep clean my place and have set up a filter along with the medication. the point is: he’s been raising his hackles a lot at night. He naps a lot during the day inbetween walks and playtime and his hackles do not raise unless it’s around post dinner time and post final walk. So starting
  3. Hey everyone, We adopted our 5 year old grey last April. She's been an amazing pup, but has been struck by a massive corn in her left hind leg. She's been lame for nearly a month while we waited for it to form, and now has a pulled groin as a consequence of it all. The corn was hulled today. Leading up to the procedure, she's been incredibly aggressive when approached and touched lying down. We've avoided triggering her this way as much as possible. But unfortunately - she never growls, resorting immediately to snaping & biting. She bit a friend recently and now she's become aggre
  4. Has anyone had laser therapy done on their pups? There are literally no chiropractic vets here in the RGV...when talking to the vet today, she said I may have to go as far as San Antonio to find one (4 hour drive one way). However, they were recommending laser therapy to reduce inflammation/pain and indicated they have seen good results. I've done some research on it and wanted to know what y'all thought? This would be for Zelda, who at 13 is going strong except for pee/poop accidents that seem to subside when on pain meds. She had a full workup recently and her spine looked better tha
  5. This morning Murphy has been acting off. Of course my mind immediately jumps to bloat, even though I realize the most probable cause of all this happened last night, so it's not at all likely (but she came to work with me today just in case). She's been lethargic and panting, with her tail tucked between her legs. She tried to express excitement about breakfast and going outside to tinkle, but she fell short of how she usually acts. She only ate a little bit of her breakfast and then dry heaved for a bit and went to lie down. When I was petting her I could feel her shaking. This is our fou
  6. Is anyone familiar with this injection procedure (PRP) which reduces inflammation associated with arthritis (& for other conditions/injuries) which in turn reduces the associated pain with arthritis? Has anyone's arthritic Grey experienced good results from this procedure & if so, how long did it last? My senior Girl, Molly, is almost 14 & has painful osteoarthritis in multiple joints on multiple legs. She has difficulties getting around now & all the meds (Gabapentin, Tramadol, Rimadyl, GlycanAid HA Factor, & more) she has been taking for some time now (years) doesn't
  7. My grey, Desmond, will be 5 on May 3. For the past week, he has very randomly been yelping as if in pain. This only ever happens when he is laying down, and usually later in the evening or early mornings (before he has gotten out of bed). He will be laying down peacefully (not sleeping) and then suddenly yelp and whine. It's definitely a pain yelp :/ He will do this on and off for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour at a time. Like I said, mostly two instances per day, later evening and early morning. Once he is up and moving, no more yelping. Otherwise, he seems absolutely fine. He does ha
  8. This morning our boy was favoring one foot and yelped when we tried to look at it. I noticed a spot on his pad and was dreading the vet telling us it was a corn. To my surprise, he said it wasn't a corn (just a small, healing cut) and that he believes instead that he has "pre arthritis." We were given some anti-inflammatory and supplements to help him recover over the next few days. If he doesn't get better, we'll do x-rays, etc. He has a very pronounced limp (basically a tripod) when he first gets up from a long time laying down, but seems to get much more comfortable after he moves around fo
  9. Took Aston to the vet yesterday for what I thought was a semi-paranoid off-schedule checkup. He had peed indoors twice in the last week (VERY abnormal), but had also been drinking tons of water during our current heat wave. He'd been a bit more lethargic lately -- slower to get up to go on walks, and get up to greet us in the morning, but it's also HOT out, and he's getting older. Eating a bit slower, but we're feeding him a bit more to try to get him to gain some weight, so maybe he's getting full? All things I thought were really pretty easily explained away, but something was nagging at
  10. I need help. Mork is 13 and 8 months (not that I'm counting), and is overall very happy, from what we can tell. He's got LS and well, he's geriatric. We treat with gabapentin 300 mg 3x/day, metacam 7.5 mg QD and adequan injections (every 2 weeks and becoming more frequent). He's also a corn dog, so this dog has known pain all his life to some extent or another About 2 months ago he stopped wanted to go for walks, which he recently had started enjoying again after adding metacam in December. But he still loves car rides and will walk if we drive somewhere. He's very unsteady and fell
  11. Our greyhound Slinky is 9 years old. A couple of nights ago he started panting, in obvious distress (we think pain) and pacing, he couldn't get comfortable anywhere, he was up and down, up and down. Yesterday we took him to vets who, like us, couldn't find anything obviously wrong. He still had an appetite at that stage. HIs temperature was high normal. They gave him an anti-inflammatory jab and an antibiotic. Still no better, we took him back to vet later and had blood tests, x rays and a scan - all revealed nothing. All organs OK, nothing really wrong with his teeth, nothing. He
  12. Hello again! Thanks to everyone that previously responded to my other topic regarding Boo and his attack by a rottweiler last week. We are now pursuing legal action for the vet bills he has incurred and is about to incur even more of (wound seems infected). I am seeking advice or stories from anyone who has dealt with dog aggression. This story has two different issues, dog on dog aggression and dog on people aggression. Since the attack, he has developed an entire set of issues that were not present (to this extent) before... When we originally took Boo to have his wounds examine
  13. I have a 3 1/2 year old boy who has been suffering attacks of extreme pain in his front limbs for several months now. His blood tests are all normal including a test for tic borne diseases. He has seen an orthopedic surgeon and two neurologists and had an MRI. The specialists all felt that it was systemic. His urine analysis was also mostly normal except for high protien, 1.3 instead of .5 so not a huge issue but he is on meds now for that. When we put him on prednisone three weeks ago he looked like he dropped 10 pounds within 24 hours from an apparent reduction in swelling. Then he promp
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