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Found 4 results

  1. Hello All! Cyrus has been adjusting to life here pretty well. Everyone tells me how handsome and well behaved he is and I feel like such a proud mom Nothing new to report on Mac front, but no news is good news. A really strange thing has happened tonight though. Around 10:30-11pm tonight Cyrus goes into his crate to lay down and I head upstairs for a second. We've been playing crate games and he's gotten pretty comfortable hanging out in there on his own terms, so this isn't the strange part. I make it too the top of the landing and I all of a sudden hear sounds that honestly give me flashbacks to when he attacked Mac, until I remember Mac has made zero attempts past our two gate system. Cyrus is growling and barking and running around our living room frantically. He wasn't in his crate long enough to fall asleep and be startled out of a dream. I watch him from behind the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs just in case he redirects his aggression. I'm terrified at this point as he has never shown any signs of aggression to us, but he starts pacing laps through our kitchen and living room searching and growling. After maybe a minute he settles and walks over to sniff me on the stairs and goes to lay down on the sofa. I'd called our adoption coordinator in the meantime and he thought maybe he just had some pent up energy and wanted to run zoomies in the backyard or he was bitten by a tick..There was no indication that this was play related. I go over and sit across from him on the other sofa and all of a sudden I see him lift his lips and sort of make a face like he's going to howl, but he growls and jump off the sofa. He doesn't make any attempt at me just paces the room frantically. At this point I'm sitting on the back of the sofa clutching a pillow as I'm sure my dog is about to eat me. He runs a lap and jumps in a chair and very pointedly starts growling at the window, then sniffing under the sofa I'm on with his entire head under the sofa, two things that he has NEVER shown interest in. Maybe its a rodent? I check the floor and don't see anything. I call his name and he settles down on his bed. I walk to the backdoor to see if maybe he really did need to go out, as when he was pacing he started lifting his tail. About an hour earlier he'd done all his business on a walk and has never had problems in the house. I reconsider after realizing I wouldn't be able to really monitor our black dog in the dark so I come back in the living room and he's fine. He comes over to me from his bed and licks my hand and goes back in his crate like everything is fine. He isn't limping or bleeding so I go back upstairs for what I originally planned. The next hour goes by without occurrence. My BF comes home and I'm telling him what happened when Cy jumps out of his crate and starts growling at the window again. My BF calls him over and pets him and Cyrus seems fine and lays on his bed. He starts making faces like he needs to vomit and I'm thinking maybe he's had something in this throat and it's been distressing him, but nothing comes out and he settles back down. He isn't showing any other signs of distress at this point and calms down to the point of sleeping in his crate. I decide to sleep downstairs to watch him. He's been fine going back and forth between his crate and bed without issue, until just now when he got up in a start again and barked at the window. It's now 6am and the sun is coming up. What in the world is happening? I can't for the life of me figure this out and he's not showing any other physical signs of distress other than jumping up in a start ever so often to bark and growl at the same window and pace. I've considered a number of possibilities. Toothache? A tick? Panic attack? Is our house haunted? Is the government performing low frequency testing nearby and it's being directed into one specific window? He isn't directing any aggression to either of us and he settles down and sleeps with no problem in-between the outbursts. Cyrus never barks and never really moves with any haste towards anything. Nothing has changed in this room, the house, his diet and we've spent almost every waking moment together while I've been on vacation the last few days. I'm pretty worried about him As I finish this he's roaching on the sofa like no big deal. At least one of us can live without worry...
  2. Hello all, it's me again! Our Jack has suffered separation anxiety since we got him, a little over 2 months ago. We tried the DAP collar and it has worked to some extent and we are quite happy with the results. However, he is acting so confusing to us. Here is our morning routine. DH leaves well before me, so I do the walking, then we come back home, I give him his Kong in his crate while I pick up my things (he gets in on his own), get dressed and leave (takes me between 5 to 10 mins). Sometimes he barks upon finishing his Kong then goes right back to sleep for up to 6 hours. After that all hell breaks loose and he barks and barks and barks, paws at the door of the crate, sometimes bites the bars, shreds blankets. He can lay down for 10 to 20 minutes then it all starts over again. He is crated for as long as 9 hours and twice per week it is less than that. He doesn't need a pee break as when we get home, he gets a walk and we sometimes walk for about a mile before he pees/poos. However, yesterday he managed to 1. Get his teeth stuck in the metal bars (for about a minute, EEEEK) and 2. Escape from his crate. Out of his crate he walked around, took his Kong and finished it, found a pig ear and ate it, then walked around some more. He did not settled. But he did not get into trouble either. We said fine, the crate is obviously getting dangerous, let’s try him out of it. Well since I left this morning it has been nothing but walking around and maybe settling for 10 minutes, walking around some more, barking and so on. So to crate or not to crate? I don’t want him to be miserable crated, but at the same time, he is obviously lost in our house. I would like to add that right now he is muzzled, left loose in the house with access to the living room and kitchen and our bedroom, but all other rooms are closed off. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Our greyhound Slinky is 9 years old. A couple of nights ago he started panting, in obvious distress (we think pain) and pacing, he couldn't get comfortable anywhere, he was up and down, up and down. Yesterday we took him to vets who, like us, couldn't find anything obviously wrong. He still had an appetite at that stage. HIs temperature was high normal. They gave him an anti-inflammatory jab and an antibiotic. Still no better, we took him back to vet later and had blood tests, x rays and a scan - all revealed nothing. All organs OK, nothing really wrong with his teeth, nothing. He was then given an opiate injection to settle him down. In the night he was panting again but not pacing. Then this morning he is just lying there, very limp, and not interested in food now. He has vomited his water up a couple of times. His breathing is steady now (maybe he is drugged up to the eyeballs??) Spoke to vet this morning and they have prescribed him Tramadol for pain and an anti-nausea drug, also Synulox. Obviously they are trying to throw whatever drugs they can at it without knowing what is really wrong, just an idea that it is GI in origin. Vet says he is giving Slinky drugs that work on the brain more than the stomach, to avoid more gastric irritation. It's very distressing, seeing the poor little chap laid so low. Has anyone had any similar experiences?
  4. Our Ava started having seizures in July (although she had some in the racing kennel before she retired in November/December 2011 - she's now had four separate seizure incidents which have required hospitalization each time. She just was released this afternoon after having two seizures on Wednesday morning at 4:10am. She had the first seizure at home and when she came to, we headed straight for the hospital (her last seizure episode was 24 days ago and she had 5 within an hour). On the way to the hospital she whined off and on and paced during the whole ride (20-25 minutes), but no seizures. After the tech took her away, the doctor told us she had a violent grand mal during her examination. She's pretty banged up, some brusing and lots of cuts and scratches, so she's sore too. Where we are at right now, they kept her phenobarbital at the same dose (2 tabs twice a day), but added in Keppra at the hospital. (She is now on 250mg every 8 hours). We're also going to start her on Potassium Bromine, but it won't be ready until Saturday afternoon. The first dose of Keppra that I had planned on giving would of been at 11pm, because I wanted to get her on a schedule. I called the hospital to ask when her last dose was and it was 8am, so next dose should of been at 4pm. I went ahead and gave her the Keppra at 645pm. She is acting strange and I'm a little worried. (she was acting strange before I gave the Keppra (which is why I called to ask when she last had it), so I'm wondering if her behavior is because I was 2 hours and 45 minutes late with her next dose or because she just started the medication or ???) She is pacing, a bit of whining and seems to be looking for something. I have let her out three times and she just stands in the yard with her nose in the air, smelling. She is doing the same thing in the house, has her nose up in the air smelling. (((I just now let her out again and she did finally pee!!))) It was very warm in St. Louis today and now the temperature has dropped drastically, it's windy and rainy. I thought maybe she was smelling in the yard (with nose in the air) earlier because a storm was coming. Ava's regular vet is working with the emergency hospital to get Ava's seizures under control and I have her cell number to call her if anything happens - so I do have a call in for her. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced the same behavior after starting Keppra. I just want to help her and she can't talk. Thanks, Kim & Ava
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