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Found 2 results

  1. We have been free-feeding since we got our first grey 6 years ago. We added a second grey and continued to free feed with no issues. We lost our second grey and adopted our 3rd two years ago. Finn (age 10 yrs) started losing weight (no health issues have been found..but now think it may be dental). We've been adding canned food to the dry to make it more appealing to eat. Finn is slowly putting the weight back on, but now Holly (age 5) has gotten too heavy. Finn is the alpha and always gets to the food first. We put out two bowls, but Holly refuses to eat while he is. Because he eats first, we assumed we could "fatten" him up without any change to Holly. Obviously, this isn't working. Because he could get food anytime, he wasn't always eating when it was first put out and Holly was eating way too much. Yesterday I fed them in different rooms and watched Finn, he only ate about half. I took it away and put it out for him again a couple hours later and he finished it. Holly scarfed hers down and moped around the house, jumping up anytime she thought someone was headed to the kitchen. I'm assuming it will just take a bit of time for them to adjust to the new feeding method, but any advise would be helpful. Also, any ideas on how to add calories to Finn's food and bulk to Holly's food would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi all. I'm new to the greyhound world and wondering about my dog's weight. He's a big boy. Was 80 pounds at race weight and has put on 7 pounds in the 3 months we have had him. The rescue org said to feed him 4 cups of food a day, but I am wondering if that's too much? He usually gets a few small treats during the day and one milk bone when I leave the house in the morning. No people food. My vet said he looked fine, but "Daniel" is a bit food obsessed and I am concerned with how quickly he seems to have gained. Advice? Is he gaining more because it's summer and he is much less active now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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