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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Quick question about running: Our Arrow, whom we've had for about six months, is doing great. She's about seven years old, raced in about 60 races and was then kept for breeding racers (three litters of pups). Arrow is pretty chill at home, but she LOVES to run at the dog park and doggy day care. It's just now starting to get a bit hot outside, and we took her to the dog park this weekend. She did a big round of several loops, dazzling everyone with her speed and agility. After about 15-20 minutes, she went for the shade and was panting quite hard. We brought her home, got her lots of cold water. The panting kept going for a good while and she seemed overheated, we cooled her down with some cold wash cloths and it eventually stopped. We noticed the next few days she would have weird breathing things happen occasionally, almost like a weird little cough or snort. It's allergy season here, so that could be it. But I'm wondering for a dog her age, if you all have any advice as to how much they should run and if they can overdo it in the summer. I'm thinking 1-2 good runs a week, but maybe even that is too much in the heat? So appreciate this forum!
  2. It's been hot, as usual in the Florida Keys, and I thought today would be a good time to reintroduce Lee to the pool. Her first experience was an unsuccessful attempt to walk across it. Once we were in I put her head on my shoulder, supported her back, and walked around the pool. She didn't struggle, and seemed to be enjoying it as I felt her relaxing. Not wanting to overdo our first swim I took her to the stairs, but she didn't try to use them. So, I lifted her out of the pool, and put her feet on the deck only to see her hind legs sway, and collapse. I realized she was overheated from being immersed in the warmed (86-87 F) pool water, and was in danger of fainting, or worse. I'm relieved to say that after a cool water rinse in the shower she's fine, and enjoying a late morning nap on the love seat. We learned an important lesson about greys, and heat tolerance. While we've avoided having her outside unnecessarily, we hadn't any idea the effect water temperature would have on her!
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