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Found 3 results

  1. My angel Misty turned 14 today - despite arthritis, nerve degeneration, kidney problems and others, she has battled on in her usual stubborn way. I don't think I ever thought she would get this old, she never stops impressing me! I won't go into depressing detail but her health has taken a turn for the worse recently and at 1am today we had to take her to emergency vets as it looks like she's now got a heart problem on top of everything else. It may well be very soon that we have to make a decision about whether she really has quality of life. But - today it's time to be grateful and be positive - my beautiful angel has been celebrating with loads of 'junk food' and a little sunbathe in the garden. Any birthday is to be celebrated especially when one gets into old age Here she is at her 'pre' birthday party on Friday with her new friend (not our dog) Ollie who is 9 months old (she thought he was pesky!): Here she is with me today (Billy photobombing in the background): And here she is just being her beautiful self: Happy birthday my baby girl!xx
  2. Hi people I touched on this in an post on the diet/food area but this is more about 'health/medical' but also diet as well. Hoping to get some input from you as I'm not great with science! So..situation is 13 and a bit year old female Greyhound Has arthritis - been on Metacam for 2 years and supplement with Yumove Always been a skinny girl but I weighed her about a month ago and she'd lost .5 kg in two months. Not good. Urine and blood tests done - will put the main points below Not long after this I switched her to raw food diet (more on that below too) OK so vet said in essence - kidney disease and glomerular disease. Here are the 'abnormal' bits from the blood and urine. Just realised I may have got the 2-pages of each print out the wrong way round so apologies if not clear what reading came from what report! Platelet count 138 'Low' Albumin 25.4 'Low' Urea 11.2 'High' Creatinine 188.9 'High' CK (CPK) 37c 'High' Protein creatinine ratio 2.4 'high' Bile acids (fasting) 17.7 'High' Cholesterol 8.90 'high' Inorganic phosphorous 1.67 'high' Thyroxine (Microgenics) 11.5 'low' So my main thing here is to radically change and improve her diet to reflect this. My understanding and basic strategy is (bear in mind I'm raw-fooding from now on - but she was on meat/kibble at time of weight loss and tests) Radically reduce phosphorous intake by making bones minimal High quality protein from raw meat, egg white. Try and use fatty meat like beef, duck. Also green tripe. Cautious with amounts of liver given due to high Vit A content Supplement with salmon oil Compensate for calcium reduction (from bones) by adding crushed egg shell Increase carbs (to help with weight gain - although since raw fooding she's put 0.60k back on) from mashed sweet potato and unsalted butter Keep sodium intake to a minimum Feeding her slightly above her body weight needs - am currently working off her appetite - seems to work well, she isn't over stuffing herself Get diet settled in then do new bloods/urine in 3-4 weeks Possibly re-evaluate her being on Metacam in a month or two - affecting kidneys perhaps? She's back to taking very small dose of Tramadol every other day as arthritis a little worse recently Questions then I guess are 1) Any other things I can do diet wise to help her? 2) Anything on above results that I need to think about but haven't? Apologies for the long post..like I said, not great with science but have done a lot of reading last night. Just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can! Thanks in advance Andy (and Misty!)
  3. Hi all, would appreciate some advice. I have two hounds, one is 6 and the other 13 and a half, my beautiful old lady Misty. As she's, well, old now, she's got various issues like arthritis and kidney problems. As such I'm doing a lot more worrying and over-thinking and so on. This is making me quite often feel stressed and down. E.g. today we're going to vets as she's been dragging her back legs so much the claws are being affected (she's already on Metacam etc). It's not the vets or cost or anything that stresses me, it's more that seeing either of my dogs in any discomfort, or thinking about 'the end' really affects me. Part of me feels so grateful every day - to have them in my life - but especially that at her age she's still with me and (mostly) enjoying life. I guess recently it's brought home to me that at some point in the not so distant future I'll have to say goodbye to her - and that breaks my heart, she's been part of my life for nearly 10 years now and I love her with all my heart. I know having written that that sounds really negative but it's like I can't help it. Just wondering any suggestions for handling things better and being more positive? thank you so much Andy PS here is my angel last week
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