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Found 1 result

  1. In the beginning of January Jasper my 6 year old greyhound was experiencing some neck pain when he would lift his head/neck from a resting position. Generally it was happening in the early mornings when he woke up but occasionally would also happen during the day when he woke up from a nap. He would yelp loudly in pain. He is actually a very stoic greyhound so when this occurred we became concerned and made an appointment with our very greyhound savvy vet (A & A on Long Island). The vet did a physical exam (no-x-rays) and thought the problem was possible arthritis, pinched nerve or some muscle pain in the neck. There was stiffness when he manipulated his neck from side to side. He put Jasper on Deramaxx 100mg for 7 days and then 50mg for another 7 days. Problem completely resolved. I should add my dog showed no lameness, he is very well muscled (no wasting), no dragging his back feet, teeth are great condition. Appetite is great. This was also the case when we first noticed the neck pain, meaning no other symptoms. On to what is going on now: Last week we noticed that he randomly cried out in pain when he would bump his nose against us—like when you accidentally back into your dog—he would cry out. It happened several times since last Thursday. We are pretty observant dog owners and it is very specific. His nose touches or grazes something and he yelps. It is not all the time—just on occasion. The other day he went to grab one of my gloves off the shelf and yelped again-which makes me think sudden neck movement and thus the sudden pain. This morning when my husband was petting him-he accidentally grazed his nose with his leg and our boy yelped again! This is “the” only symptom. Everything else is normal. He plays, goes on long walks, has a great appetite. We have two greyhounds and our older boy is not at all stoic-any little thing and he will let us know. Jasper can tolerate more. Which is why we are super worried. We went to our regular neighborhood vet last Friday (we have two vets—the greyhound savvy vet on LI and our local vet who is also good just not as greyhound specific) and he said that he still thinks this is a neck issue and referred us to a neurologist. We are seeing the neurologist next Tuesday. Also complete blood-work was done last week, and other then a low thyroid everything is fine (I don’t really care about the low thyroid, he is a greyhound). Has anyone had any similar experience? I am kind of freaking out. Thank you for reading!
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