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Found 4 results

  1. My mom's cairn terrier Molly hasn't been doing well and I wanted to get some insight from you guys to possibly pass on to her. Apparently she's been "off" for a bit - lethargic (going upstairs and sleeping instead of staying downstairs iwth my mom like she normally would, not wanting to walk or getting part way in and then just laying down) & not as interested in eating for a while, but my mom initially thought it was the heat. Then she noticed that she was gaining weight despite her decreased appetite so she took her in to the vet and they discovered that her liver values are really high. They're all very high, but the ALP was off the charts (literally, the upper limit the machine can measure is 2400 and her value read 2400+). She also started drinking a LOT of water this weekend although that hadn't been a symptom up until that point. The blood work was done about 2 weeks ago (maybe slightly less) and she's been on Amoxy and Flagyl since then. At that time, they did an ultrasound and found a "humongous" liver (literally what is written in the vet's notes in her chart) and an enlarged gall bladder. They did a bile test on Friday, results will come in tomorrow. Other blood work was within normal ranges (T4 was very good). Vet wants to wait another week (so total 3 wks on ABs) before redoing the liver values as he felt that amt of time was needed to see improvement if this is an infection. The other thing he had mentioned was Cushing's, which my mom didn't think fit, but after seeing the water consumption this wkd (new symptom) I am suspicious. She is really fat - she's always run a little big for a cairn, around 16 or 17 lbs, but she weighed in at 24 lbs at the vet, which is a huge increase for a dog that small! I thought she looked a little pot-bellied, but it was really tough to tell just because she was so big (not to mention that she's got a very furry bell) so that may have been my imagination. Anyway, I was wondering if this sounded like anything in particular to you guys, or if there are next steps you would recommend. I did suggest my mom see a specialist, but she is very confident in her vet and while she isn't saying she wont' see one (he's even mentioned that as a possibility moving forward) she wants to move through his recommended steps/tests first because she trusts him, which I understand. She did say she was going to ask him to pursue the Cushing's test after I did a little research and we talked about it (I read ALP in particular runs high in Cushing's, plus there was the new water drinking symptoms, and we looked at her blood work together and while the bar on the cholesterol reading read in the top third of normal, the value read something like 331 when the upper limit on the bar was 200something - if that makes sense - and I had read that chol can be elevated wtih Cushing's as well). Anyway, any input would be appreciated. Tx!
  2. My Inlaws' Setter is in the early stages of kidney disease (Ralphy is 11 years old) and needs to be on a low protein diet. I believe they have spoke with the vet (their daughter, who is an ACVIM vet) about diet. Ralphy has always been a picky eater and my MIL is looking for low protein diet dog food recipes. Anyone know where she could find some? My MIL is in her upper 80's so we are looking mostly for books. If you have links for some good sites with recipes, I could forward them onto my sister-in-law. Thanks
  3. So today I woke up and happened to look at my oldest dachshund, Buddy and noticed something was wrongwith his eye. I managed to get a Saturday appointment and took him in. The vet couldn't find a scratch. He gave him a doggy neosporin. I'm glad it wasn't super serious! Did anyone have a similar situation with an eye injury? I'm racking my brain trying to figure out it happened.
  4. Corey, my mixed breed boy, was a dog who was perfect in many ways. He was naturally well-behaved, rarely got into trouble, was unobtrusive and would quietly settle in a corner so that you could easily forget he was there. But if you made eye contact, spoke a word to him, he'd be at your side in a flash, nudging at your hand and expecting to be loved and petted. He was a dog who actually seemed to like close contact and being hugged, scooting as close to you as he could get, and laying his head on your chest. I first met Corey when I was in vet school. I had a part-time job feeding dogs at the research lab, and he was one of a group of dogs involved in a non-invasive study looking at the effect that normal doses of NSAIDs have on kidney function. All the dogs in the study were happy, friendly, outgoing dogs....except Corey. He alone was shy and timid, would cower in the back of the run instead of coming up to jump all over you. So at the end of the study, when they were trying to find homes for all the dogs, Corey came home with me. In the beginning, he was afraid of stairs, doorways, got carsick on his first ride. But he adjusted quickly, and was an easy, low-maintenance addition to my home. I was prepared for more work and effort, as my other dog at the time was a very demanding, fear-aggressive/reactive Italian greyhound named Casey, and this was my first experience with 2 dogs in the home. Corey made it a very smooth transition. He respected Casey and knew to give him his space. Corey got along well with most dogs he met, although he wasn't always fond of puppies. When I adopted my first greyhound Willow, Corey showed her how to play, and they continued to have wild and crazy play sessions up until the last few months. As I got more involved in greyhounds, lure coursing, and amateur racing, Corey often came with me to events and everyone who met him became fans and we almost considered him an honorary greyhound. On Memorial Day of 2008, Corey had emergency surgery at the UGA vet school and was diagnosed with a form of intestinal cancer called a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). Two years later, he had a recurrence, a second successful surgery, and was started on a new anti-cancer medication called Palladia. He bounced back from both surgeries quickly and never looked back. Last spring, I removed a small, innocuous-looking growth from the skin under his neck that had been there for a while with no change. The biopsy report came back a type of carcinoma. Since margins were clean and the growth had been so slow-growing, we didn't pursue it further. In February, when I did Corey's yearly exam, I found an enlarged lymph node in front of his right shoulder. Aspirates indicated it was carcinoma, and digital x-rays done at the oncologist's office on Valentine's Day showed very small metastatic nodules in his lungs. We had been so focused on monitoring his original GIST that both the oncologist and I were taken by surprise by the progression of this 2nd cancer. Corey continued to act fine over the next few months, but his appetite gradually decreased over the past month, and the swollen lymph node in his shoulder started to become painful. On Monday, when he wouldn't eat anything except for deli ham, and he didn't even want to get up to go outside, I knew it was time. Corey was a dog who never acted his age, and he recovered so well from his previous brushes with cancer that I always expected him to live to a ripe old age. Of course, I never knew for sure how old he was, but given the estimate of around 2-3 when I adopted him in 2004, he was at least 11-12 years old. Hard to believe my snuggly little buddy is gone. Nine years wasn't nearly long enough. Here are some of my favorite photos of him through the years. Sorry I had trouble narrowing them down further. Taken in the first few days after I brought him home. Titan, a boxer belonging to one of my vet school classmates, was Corey's best friend when we were in school. Playing with Willow Sitting on my friend's greyhound Jose, trying to get her to pet him. Visiting the Myrtle Beach Barc Parc during BBH in 2010. Myrtle Beach Barc Parc - BBH 2012. On the beach at BBH 2012. Never thought that it would be his last BBH. Enjoying the Dog Wood Park in Jacksonville. Playing with a Rhodesian ridgeback at a race meet in Camden, SC. Last summer cut... Visiting Sandy Creek Park in Athens, GA, a trail that we used to hike with Casey when I was in vet school. Our last photo together. Run free, Corey! 'Til we meet again.
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