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Found 2 results

  1. When we first adopted River, she seemed to love our "Morning Lovies" routine. If I wanted to sleep in, that meant when DH's alarm went off, I could not open my eyes or talk otherwise, it was time to get ponced on by a very ZOMGSOHAPPYTOSEEYOU River. Usually, she has her head right on the bed almost nose to nose with me. Wiggling like she is going to explode, a quiet whine being emitted. Just waiting for my eyes to open so that she can pounce. This is her normal morning routine. Alarm goes off and she is waiting like TNT with legs for me to wake up. The past few weeks, though, she has occasionally woken us up before the alarm by whining & barking. And now that our bedroom is downstairs, she can easily get to DH's side of the bed. At first, we thought that because she had access to his side, she was wanting to do her morning pounce on him. Nope. When she is drawn to his side of the bed, she almost sounds agitated and frantic in her whining. She isn't waiting for the alarm. This behavior is happening before the alarm. She will poke at him until he is awake. It's not always a consistent time that she is doing this, either. It's not because she has to go potty, nor that she is starving. This morning, I started wondering what she might be really doing..... DH is Diabetic. Last week, when River did her frantic wake up, DH growled "River shut up!" She only became more frantic and in his face. He sat up and that was when I noticed that his pillow was damp. He mumbled that he had to go to the bathroom. When he came back to bed, he was shuffling his feet. I asked if he was okay and he said that he "just stood up too fast." This morning was another frantic wake up call by River. DH's pillow was damp again. Could River possibly have a natural skill at detecting when his sugar is dropping? And know to be alarmed by the change enough to want to wake us up? I know that the breath changes when a diabetic's sugar spikes or crashes severely. I think, also, the sweat changes odor, but not sure on that one. Lately, DH has been having a more difficult time regulating his sugar. He's recently started spreading out his breakfast & lunch at work so that he has oatmeal in the AM, 2 hours later he has fruit or yogurt, 2 hours later is lunch, 2 hours later is another small snack and then 2-3 hours later is dinner when he is home. This has helped greatly in keeping him level during the day. BUT now that I think about it, he's been frustrated by a few pounds that he's gained. Because he has spread out his daytime food intake, he's often omitted his night time snack because he is worried about calories and/or carbs. After today when the pieces started forming an interesting picture, I asked him if he often has had night sweats the nights/early mornings that River is waking us up... particularly time times that she is choosing to go after him to wake up. He said that thinking back, yes, his pillow is damp the times she goes after him. DH is going to start keeping his testing kit & a small notepad right by the bed. He's agreed to TRY to not grouse at River if she wakes him up, but instead to test his sugar and feel his pillow. I am curious to see what, if any, pattern emerges. Could she be a natural at sensing diabetic hypoglycemia? Or is she just being a brat. Has anyone had a greyhound/sighthound that could detect this? And IF this is what is happening, and NO I am not the furnace in bed (He likes to tease that I am having a hotflash making him sweat), then besides making sure he adds a high protein snack back in, not sure what we'd do next. Get her formal training?
  2. Hello. My family adopted an almost 4 year old greyhound close to three months ago. It has been an adventure to say the least! Here’s the rundown of the biggest problem at the moment… At night he’s waking me up crying and barking. We bought a crate and had been putting him in that at night but he now it has become a problem as he gets very upset during the night, even has tried to bite his way out of the cage and getting his jaw stuck. For several days we tried having him upstairs with us. The first night we baby gated him into our Master bathroom, which worked out well. Night two he wanted nothing to do with the bathroom so we let him in our bedroom and put him in a crate that was right next to the bed. He also was very upset in the crate even with it next to our bed. We tried letting him out of the crate and baby gated the entrance to our bedroom but it took him a long time to settle down. The next few nights were even worse so we ended up putting him back down in the family room. We do not crate him at this point, although his crate is available to him, which he will lay in from time to time. The only catch with him being back in the family room is that we cannot let him out immediately before going up to bed at night (10 pm). We have to let him out early enough (around 9-9:15 pm) that when he comes back in he can lay down, settle in and then fall asleep while the tv is still on before us going up for the night. When we go to shut off the tv we put the radio on for him. If we don't let him settle we're faced with him whining, barking, etc. until we come back down. With all this said, he is still waking me up 1-3 times in the night. Each time he barks he is up and standing by the gate to be let out. Only once did I come down to find him laying down just looking for someone to be near him. He typically eats dinner between 6-7 pm and then has treats at 8-8:30 or so. I also try to limit his water after dinner. Any suggestions on how to phase out these night time outings? I know he can hold it since he's home alone while we are at work and is not having accidents. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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