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Found 11 results

  1. Hello. I recently rescued a retired racer down here in Florida named Polly. She has been a little skittish but nothing that I felt was unusual for a retired racer. That is, until this last weekend when we had a large storm pass through. Although she seemed fine with the thunder, the sound of the wind rustling the palms seriously alarmed her. Unfortunately, when I took her out for a walk that evening, a palm frond fell out of a tree and landed near us, putting her into full panic mode and she yanked and nearly choked herself trying to get home. Now she's extremely reticent to go out the front d
  2. Hello! My name is Lae, living in the Saint Paul area of Minnesota! My boyfriend and I adopted Big Mike from GPA Minnesota about a month ago. I just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know that I already lurked a little and felt a lot more at ease about some of his behavior (especially being suddenly afraid of being outside sometimes) I hope to learn more and maybe connect with some of you in my area 🥰😊
  3. Long time reader, but this is my first post. Grateful to have such a robust and knowledgeable Greyhound community to follow and learn from. GT has helped us through many questions. Such as cuts, scrapes, our recent dental - and will he ever stop staring at my food plate (um noooooooo!) Raj has been with me for 6 years (hes almost 8 & on the big side of greys) and is my first retired racer. Ive spent the last 6 years falling in LOVE with Raj and the breed. Hes such a sweet angel and such a good boy. Just maybe a teencey bit spoiled. ;-) Once I figure out how to post pics, Ill add s
  4. Hi All! I’ve been lurking here for some time and finally decided to post. I have wanted to bring a greyhound into my home for about a year but just not sure and would love opinions. I’ve read a ton of “about greyhounds” sections in various adoption agency sites, and I’m about 1/2 through “Greyhounds for Dummies”. I would be a first time dog owner. I haven't heard back from the couple of applications I sent in this week, but hope to discuss this with agencies eventually. But I’m a little worried that in an effort to be polite, they won’t straight up tell me “Girl, what are you thinking? No
  5. Hi everyone After many months of mooning after the idea of having a dog, I finally feel ready and the fiance is open to the idea. But. We have a 1.5 year old son. I decided on a greyhound after a ton of research, and falling in love with their general personalities. Couch potato! Goofy antics! Smiling and rooing! Lazy but loving! I've been lurking on here for a few weeks, and even have an application sent in to an adoption agency. My slight worry is though, I've come across quite a few posts on here about various aggressions. Food, bed space, etc. I plan on keeping the dog and my s
  6. Greetings from Southern Nevada! I've been lurking on the site for a while now in preparation for adopting a grey, and I figured I'd sign up and say a huge THANK YOU to all who contribute on this board, especially those with plenty of experience with retired racing greys. I had so many questions and had stumbled upon this site and have learned a lot. My significant other and I have been wanting to rescue for a years now. The new guy will be our first dog "together" and my first dog as a "grown-up." The past two weeks have been a little hectic because, of course, I'm frantically attempting to be
  7. Hi. I'm Adelaide. I have a four-year-old ex-racer named Dante. His racing name was Brooklyn Born and he is from Daytona Beach! I just adopted Dante on May 13, and he is my first greyhound, so I have lots of questions. I'm new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'll be posting a lot! -Adelaide and Dante
  8. Hi! I'm Adelaide, and I'm new here. I have a greyhound named Dante. He is four and he is my first greyhound. I adopted him on May 13, so we're still getting used to each other. One particular problem I seem to have is to get him to come when he's called. He does it sometimes... so I know he understands that he should come, but sometimes... he just doesn't. I've looked online for training methods for other dogs, but does anyone have specific greyhound-oriented training for this, or suggestions? Thanks! (This is him, by the way!)
  9. Guest


    Hi, there! Just stumbled across this forum while looking for information on my new grey's tummy issue (Blackheads, yuck!) and decided sign up. Please allow me to introduce Be Me (we call him Arrow now). He is 28 inches tall at the shoulder and he weighs 80.5lbs. He was born July 25, 2008 and was placed at Steel City Greyhounds in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in July of 2013. Arrow was adopted by another family for approximately 3 weeks before being returned to SCG's care because, "He's too hard to handle." I came across Arrow's photo in mid-September while looking for a dog to rescue and
  10. Hi all I am reaching out for some help on deciding a good weight for Coco. Her racing weight was 64, her weight at the time of spay (done by adoption group) was 67, her weight with hook worms was 61, and her weight today is 70. How do I know what weight is right? Coco had a bad case of hookworms shortly after her gotcha date, and it took weeks to get resolved in that time she dropped to 61. After a lot of rounds of Panacur, she started gaining weight and is now at 70 pounds. I am concerned that it may have been too much of a good thing and that she needs to lose a couple or more po
  11. Hello! My name is Chris, I'm a 42yo single male and I live in the Greater Tampa Bay Area here in Florida. I've never had a dog and I recently decided that I would like to have one. After doing much research, a rescued Greyhound is at the top of the list. Here are some of my desires and circumstances: I live alone and work 8-5, M-F but I only live 1/2 mile from work and I come home for lunch. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a Den I enjoy running and walking outside. My dog would get lots of daily exercise. I would like my dog to be able to run with me for at least a few mile
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