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  1. Hi everyone, I'm probably saying what all new greyhound owners say - so apologies for that! I've had my lovely big lad Samson for 10 weeks now. He is an ex-racer who was rehomed but unfortunately attacked by the new owner's greyhound, and so came to me for fostering a few days later with a large stitched up gash on his face. Poor chap. Not the best start to his non-racing life. I foster for a local charity (jack Russells, staffs, terriers) and he was foster no.7. A forever home with prospective new owners fell through after several meets (He's 36kgs and pretty big - they decided they wanted a smaller dog) and my little heart just couldn't deal with waving another dog off, particularly this gorgeous big meek chap, so I decided to adopt him myself. I know greyhounds are VERY different to other dogs but until he came along I didn't know quite how much. He was very introverted, nervous and statued a lot initially. He's come a long way with walking outdoors and can now walk past another dog without panicking, trying to go in the opposite direction and dandruffing everywhere (where does it all magically come from!), but still has quite mixed reactions - he either looks away and ignores other dogs completely with no friendly signals, OR if it is a small fluffy dog moves towards it very quickly! I am lead walking with muzzle several times a day. He's also gradually discovered a delightful love for squeaky balls so we head to an enclosed dog play area a few times a week so he can chase around after a ball. His feet still get quite sore though when he's charging around, poor thing. I was curious as to muzzling and if owners continue to use them all the time? Or should I be doing more to socialise him (difficult during coronavirus times!) and aiming to be able to walk him safely without a muzzle in time. Indoors he is becoming a real sweetie. He's still pensive with excessive or overzealous stroking and playing, but does tail waggle and run around like a lunatic if I have been out. That said, he gets very excited and then looks surprised at his own reactions :-) He has learned "down" - took a lot longer just to train this basic command than for any other dog. He can also manage "wait". "Come" is sporadic. That's as much as I have managed and all are carried out only if a treat is forthcoming. He's such a lovely gentle chap that "no" is rarely necessary. But I would like to do more training with him just to bond and engage. He sleeps a lot, of course, and seems to spend his days snoozing close by (he will settle in another room but prefers to come and lie down in whichever room I am in) and waiting for food. I've never known a dog so food obsessed, but on the plus side he isn't fussy - he will eat ABSOLUTELY anything. I'm feeding twice a day and giving treats for training, but aside from that I'm hoping the regular food routines will mean he becomes slightly less food obsessed (but I'm doubtful!). As I am training and engaging with him I am worried about his weight. I know that ex-racers tend to fill out a bit. He's not overweight at all and I'm keeping an eye on it, but does anyone have any good training treat suggestions that are healthy instead of the usual shop bought treats? And lastly are there any good tips for games, playtime and keeping him stimulated? He's gradually started enjoying to play so I'm trying different toys and games to see which get him interested. Obviously, being a snoozy grey, he's not keen on prolonged periods of play. But it would be nice to find different things to try so that when he does want to interact we have plenty of fun things to do. Any hints and tips gratefully appreciated! Fee
  2. Hello! My name is Lae, living in the Saint Paul area of Minnesota! My boyfriend and I adopted Big Mike from GPA Minnesota about a month ago. I just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know that I already lurked a little and felt a lot more at ease about some of his behavior (especially being suddenly afraid of being outside sometimes) I hope to learn more and maybe connect with some of you in my area 🥰😊
  3. Hello all, New poster here! Also I am about to be a new greyhound dad. So I am adopting a greyhound that I've been told is NOT an ex-racer...I was a bit perplexed as to his history because if he didn't come from the track who is breeding Greyhounds? Again, I don't know very much of him, they said he was a pet but then got to a kill shelter in Kentucky and now is in Indiana and I stumbled upon him... They want me to take him ASAP, and that is this Sunday. He is a senior and will be 9 in January - I don't mean to be weird...but is this too old? I mean will he die in my care within a year? I have a wiener dog that now lives with my parents but I've never gone through losing a pet. I want to give him a good home because he's old and I feel like getting adopted may be harder for him but I'm not sure what everyone experience is with an older Greyhound? His teeth look a little yellow, is there a brush that is best? He most likely not muzzle trained and I'm not sure i'll use one but I will have to if I take him to my parents which I will during the holidays. My parents were scared of Milo when I brought him home...he was about a 4LB dachshund then... so a 88lb Grey is a bit much. The muzzle will help, any tips? Any tips or comments would be welcome, I am very excited but just wish him to live a long life.
  4. Hello everyone! Just joined, and just picked out my first greyhound! He will be coming home with me next week, and I want to have EVERYTHING prepared for him. For a little background, this is my first personal dog, but I'm not new to dogs in general. I'm a Becker College Animal Sciences grad, and currently work as a dog groomer. The Greyhound I just picked out is a 4 year old retiree, brindle with white face, and has had 29 teeth extracted and been diagnosed with Pannus. His pet name is Charles and racing name was (I think) Ex Sheriff. I'm open to all advice and suggestions!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm still making collars. http://nancybscollars.smugmug.com/ I have been making affordable greyhound martingale collars since March of 2002, right before I adopted my first greyhound, Marvin. My collar prices INCLUDE satin lining AND shipping (in the USA), 3/4" $12, 1" $13, 1 1/2" $15, 2" $18.50. 2 inch Swiss Velvet are $20.50. I also make tag collars (tag clips available, too), side release collars, side release martingale collars and leashes (most 1" trims, plain nylon or velvet). All slides for the collars are cast (rounded not flat and rough) and the D-rings are welded. You have your choice of nickel plated hardware or brass plated hardware in 1", 1 1/2" or 2" collars and nickel plated in 3/4" collars. I use a heavier webbing, it makes a very sturdy collar and every collar is made by me. I accept checks, money orders or PayPal for payment, you can PM me here or email nancybscollars@comcast.net if you'd like to place an order. A portion of my collar sales are donated to greyhound adoption. I will also donate collars to adoption groups for auctions or fundraisers, just PM here or email me nancybscollars@comcast.net A big thank you to my customers, I really appreciate your business, repeat business and recommendations. Thanks for looking Some new collar styles. Chipmunk, turquoise 1 1/2" wide Suzani flowers, 1 1/2" wide
  6. Hello, First and foremost, thanks to all on this wonderful forum who give us newbies somewhere to go for all the knowledge you so graciously share! We just adopted a male 3 y/o grey 6 weeks ago. We have had dogs before, but never a greyhound. He is primary with me during the workweek as I work in a different town where we live and my husband is at home with our lab. The new grey and I stay at with my mom for about 5 days, then we go home to my husband and other dog on weekends, holidays, vacations, etc. When my husband is off or on vacation, he comes up to stay with us at my mom's. I am the only one who ever feeds (hand feeding), treats, walks and trains our grey. I am the constant in his life. I am very concerned about what I perceive as a lack of bonding between us and am hoping that someone out there has some words of wisdom or maybe has ever experienced something similar. He is absolutely OVER THE MOON for my husband, mom, strangers, visitors, etc. He wags his tag madly, jumps around, will roo or bark and mouths hands. He is the same way when he sees my husband and the trainer that comes over and works with us. He is totally flat with me and always has been. When I come home from work, I barely see him wag his tail. But my husband comes in from the other room and he goes crazy. He will randomly walk up to other visitors and my husband and wag his tail while they pet him but since we have had him, he has never come up to me and wagged his tail. The trainer has suggested that I treat him( super food motivated) for coming up to me and randomly to show him that good things come from me so he basically comes to me for treats but offers no wag. I have been showering him with treats and positive reinforcements thinking it should make some difference but it doesn't. He only seems to tolerate me for food, walks, etc. I am trying not to take this personally, but I am wondering our guy even likes me. I read the posts about bonding and we have been taking long walks together, play with toys together and we hired a trainer to come to the house weekly to teach me how to clicker train so we practice daily. We have been working with the clicker about 3 weeks now and he responds very well to the trainer when she is working with him, but when it's just him and I, he doesn't seem to want to interact much. I do see him exhibit some calming signals when I pet him (turning away and tongue flicks) and there has been twice I have been petting him on his bed (not such a great idea now I have been reading the forum!) and I ended the petting with a pat and he reached over with his mouth and put it on my hand and arm. He did not bite or growl, however, I am taking that he didn't like that I patted him. I have read here that this takes time, however I would think we would be bonding some since I am his caregiver and my husband doesn't do anything with him or do any of his caregiving but he seems to prefer him so much more and is nothing but flat with me. I really want a relationship with him and maybe I am trying too hard. It's odd to say, but I almost feel like there is some barrier between us and sense a coldness from him. Any sharing of advice or experiences would be much appreciated and thank you in advance!
  7. Guest


    Hi. Thanks for adding me. I have 2 Greys; Charlie who is nearly 7, had him 3 and a bit years and Maisie, 2 and a half years. Just got her. We know a bit about Charlie, he is an ex racer from a good trainer who handed him over to the Scottish greyhound sanctuary after he got an injury. He likes to sleep and eat. Maisie we do not know much about. She was kept in a garage. She is a high energy grey. We (my wife and daughter) stay were the Forth and Clyde canal terminates into the river Clyde. Plenty of walking. I'd post a pic of dogs bit if is not obvious how to do this.
  8. Hello fellow members, I have found this forum very comforting for me after loosing both of our two girls this year; one in February and one in July. We are looking to adopt another at some point when ready but wanted to share our family with the rest of you all. We have fostered several dogs, owned several more. Not all ex racers but the Italian greyhounds as well. I will be posting some pics when I get some more uploaded. I just wanted to say hi and hope to join in the talk. Thanks!
  9. We brought home a beautiful 3.5 year-old girl yesterday. We are technically fostering her until her leg has healed (she will likely need surgery), at which point we can officially adopt. She was designated as cat-friendly, and that seems to be accurate so far. She's the only dog in the house, and we have just the one cat who has been cautious but calm so far. Our new girl, Nio (we haven't picked a real name yet) completely ignored the cat at first. Now she will look at her occasionally, but her attention is broken very easily. Based on what I've heard, that's pretty much the best case scenario. Nio loves her crate, and seems to hate being muzzled. She constantly tries to pull it off unless she's sleeping. Because of that, I've been letting her spend a good amount of time in the crate without the muzzle, but I'm not sure if that's good. To sum it up, these are the minor issues we're having that I'd love some input on: - We are in an apartment, so going potty on a leash is her only option. She's been good about not peeing inside (we had one accident yesterday, but I think that was due to excitement), but refuses to go until she absolutely can't hold it. I think the normal solution to this would be to walk her for as long as it takes, but we can't do that because of her broken leg. Once around the block is about as far as she can go. I've taken her out several times today (she did poop this morning), but she hasn't peed since we took her out at 3am (she wouldn't go before bed, and we heard her getting restless so we decided to make her come out with us in the middle of the night). She seemed very afraid when we went to take her out, and basically refused to move. But we didn't want her to wet her bed so we gently made her do it. I don't know if her nervousness in that situation was due to her new environment, or due to having to pee so badly (at that point, it had been almost 12 hours). Does anyone have any tips for this? I take her out very frequently and walk her in circles and back and forth. I try not to tug on the leash. Sometimes she seems like she wants to go, but a noise distracts her. I think somewhere quiet would help, but we're in the city so that's not much of an option. - Like I said, she's spent a lot of time un-muzzled in the crate, and then I'll occasionally lock up the cat so she can roam around without it. There's no big area to lock the cat, so I can't do that too much. When she has the muzzle on, she constantly tries to remove it. Mostly she rubs it on things, but she's rammed some shelves and other furniture a few times and I'm concerned she's going to start knocking things down. She also seems very irritated by it and it makes her a bit sassy. I'm concerned that she might end up taking out her frustration on the cat (not violently, but jumping at it, etc. which could harm their developing relationship). Her demeanor is so much calmer without it, and I'm not sure what to do. She does respond well to "leave it" when she's trying to get it off. I don't know if following her around and attempting to train her to stop in that way would be a good option, or if it might make her hate it even more. Again, my instinct would be to wear her out so she doesn't get as feisty about the muzzle, but I can't do that because of her leg. Thoughts? - Lastly, is it possible for her to love her crate too much? We originally intended to keep it upstairs and just have her sleep in it. But from the second we set it up, it's been her safe space. I don't want her to have to go up and down the stairs too much because of her leg, so we left it downstairs instead. Other than needing to potty, she seemed to be fine by herself last night, but that may change as she becomes more attached to us. When I leave the door open and her muzzle on, she is constantly in and out. She goes in when I'm in the room or look at her, and they comes out and tries to remove the muzzle if I walk away or sit down. She seems to immediately go into the kennel if I walk in the room. But I don't think she's actually afraid of me, because she was very affectionate before the kennel was there. Should I let this continue? It's nice for when I actually need her in there. But if this is bad anxiety or nervousness, I don't want to encourage it. Sorry for the wall of text. I know it's annoying to post three different questions at once. Input on any of these topics would be very much appreciated. Edit: I just want to add that so far we're incredibly happy with her. She is our first Greyhound, and these issues are pretty minor. I just don't want to mess up or make any of them worse by responding poorly. It's also only been one full day now, and I know there's a good chance she just needs to adjust.
  10. Hey all! I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now and felt ready to make my first post! I've made the decision to adopt a beautiful, retired racing greyhound! I, unfortunately, am still what feels like forever away since I am in the home-buying process. I'm a rather impatient person, especially when I have made my mind up about something, so I'm excited to do the next best thing to bringing a sweet pup home with me. Tomorrow I am going to a greyhound rescue to volunteer for a few hours after work. I've had other breeds of dogs before, but this will be my first experience playing and loving on greyhounds. I am really, really excited! Anyway, I just thought I'd drop a hello to everyone from Florida. And take a moment to thank all the members for the treasure trove of information here and the daily picture uploads that are keeping calm while I wait to adopt my own.
  11. Hello all. Recently found this forum. So many greyhound enthusiasts! I recently adopted my first greyhound, Pepper. Still figuring out the technical details of this forum. It's a bit like stepping into a time machine... Here are some photos of Pepper: http://imgur.com/a/mOPRl Shoutout to the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) for helping me find my new baby!
  12. I am so happy to become a member here finally! I am in the process of adopting my first greyhound. We have our home visit in just under three weeks. I am counting down the days until we get there. We are looking for a petite easy-going girl. I am just so excited! I was at Grapehounds, VA a few weekends ago and seeing all the greyhounds just makes it that much harder to wait. A little bit about me... My name is Christine and I live in Sterling, VA. I have a 2 year old whippet named Dexter who is a very large boy. Most people think he's a greyhound. He's a handful but has a ton of personality and is absolutely spoiled. We would love for him to have a companion which is why we want a smaller girl. We do have a cat, but there's nothing like having another dog around! I also started my own business called HoundWorks selling martingale collars, leads and greyhound gifts. I started this business because I have a love for design and a passion for these hounds and what's better than to combine the two! My family jokes with me that I have designed all these products saying "greyhound lover" but I don't even have one yet! Looking forward to all the tips I'll receive here! I had been a part of Whippet World when I got Dex and it was such a valuable resource. I was so disappointed when the website went down, but I figured now that I've started the adoption process I could start a profile here!
  13. This is me and my husbands first greyhound! We have only had her for 3 days! We love her but we are new to this and need some advice. We are trying to get her on a potty schedule that is the same everyday and works around our work hours. I work 12-9pm so I usually taker her out first thing in the mornig (around 7:00). Then feed her at 8:00. Then take her out again around 8:30/8:45. Then I do what I need to do before leaving for the day. My husbands schedule is not as set, he is currently looking for a job and is working a part time one now. He is basically gone from 8:00-4:00ish...varies on the day. We are struggling with not taking her out TOO many times. I am wondering how long this takes and any tips from you guys. How did you guys get your hound on a schedule? She has gotten up before at 2:30 needing to go out, we took her because she had to go but I don't want her thinking that's gonna be her schedule! How long have you guys left your dog in a crate?
  14. Hi! Ziggy and I are just learning a lot about the Grey Community. Seems like a great place to be. We are from Pittsburgh, Pa and wondering if with in 2 hour distance are there ever any events? Like Dewy Beach or BBH almost wanting to get one together maybe in like Erie Pa the lake has lots of small beaches. Mine is a 3 year old Italian Greyhound.
  15. Hello! My name is Chris, I'm a 42yo single male and I live in the Greater Tampa Bay Area here in Florida. I've never had a dog and I recently decided that I would like to have one. After doing much research, a rescued Greyhound is at the top of the list. Here are some of my desires and circumstances: I live alone and work 8-5, M-F but I only live 1/2 mile from work and I come home for lunch. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a Den I enjoy running and walking outside. My dog would get lots of daily exercise. I would like my dog to be able to run with me for at least a few miles, several miles would be awesome. How far do you think a Greyhound could run at a moderate pace? I'm no Olympian Say, 10:00 to 11:00 minute miles. What about dirt trails? I'm goal and detailed oriented, but I'm a calm, laid back dude overall. Have had lots of cats, fish, gerbils, hamsters and birds...but no dogs before. Will not let the dog on my bed or furniture. Will provide them with their own Time to head for work, will post more later if I think of anything else to add to the list. Any thoughts? Thanks! (EDIT: I think I've been doing online dating for too long, lol. Sounds a lot like an online dating profile )
  16. Hey All, Just joined GT and I have to say, from what I've read I'm pretty excited! Now to my questions... My fiancé and I recently adopted a new Grey (2/8/13) named Penny. When we met her at the kennel she was full of energy and when outside she played with all of the other Greys. Unfortunately when we got her home, she has seemingly no energy and shows almost no emotion to anything (except maybe fear). We try to get her to play with toys but she just ignores them and mostly ignores us. The only thing she does play with is random items left on the floor and only when we leave the room. She'll pick up a t-shirt, a blanket, of a sock off of the floor and start jumping around and playing with it. But if we walk back in the room she drops it and acts like she was never playing at all. Another worry is the dog park. When we have taken her to the local dog park, she becomes very defensive and antisocial. She often just wanders off on her own to the most remote corners of the park and doesn't show much interest in the other dogs (like she did at the kennel). When another dog does approach her, she freezes and occasionally growls and snips at the dog (with her muzzle on). What's odd though, is that we also have an apartment dog park at our complex and when she is in it with just one other dog, she seems to have a blast. We are wondering if she either scared and doesn't like us, that's just her personality, or maybe she's still settling into her new home. Any advice is welcome. Thanks guys! Drew
  17. My daughter and son-in-law adopted a lovely greyhound 2 months ago. They have been wonderful about informing themselves on the best way to deal with her and with greyhound traits in general. I have started walking the dog once during the day - my son-in-law works from home and walks her also during the day. They tell me that at first she loved other dogs, wanted to rush up and meet them, but lately has become afraid, esp. of small barky dogs, and whimpers and growls. I noticed the other day when I walked her, there was a dog behind a fence, set well back from the street, just looking out, not barking or moving around. Lara first whimpered and then began to growl. Yet we can go past houses where dogs are in the window looking out and barking loudly and she doesn't pay attention to them. What is the best way to deal with this? Thanks for any tips.
  18. Guest


    She has been with us for 8 days now And is doing well, still a bit nervous but lovely http://static.tumblr.com/1agf9ik/60cmgnujy/2013-01-10_12.31.28.jpg http://static.tumblr.com/1agf9ik/m8omgnuqq/2013-01-09_12.31.49.jpg
  19. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone had a guide or a link to a guide for alone training? A sort of comprehensive step by step guide on what to do from the first day with any tips to help along the way. I have read lots of things from different places, books, on here and on the internet in general. But if anyone has a compilation of all the things to remember and think about doing I would be very grateful. I'd like to print it off so I can keep reading over it and have it to hand. Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone, I have been reading this forum for nearly a year now, but I thought I should finally sign up and say hello as we are only 7 weeks from getting our greyhound Peggy now! She's 4 years old and still racing at the moment. We will be getting her on the 2nd of January and it seems like such a wait! She's done 52 races and seems to be ready to retire now (she came last on Saturday night) which is lucky for us as we fell in love with her when we met her. My sister in law adopted Peggy's brother 2 years ago coincidentally (which is how we came to love greyhounds) so it will be great for them to meet each other again too. Any advice anyone's got on settling her in for the first few weeks would be great. We have taken a few weeks off work to make it easier and have already aquired many beds/duvets and cuddly toys! Thanks Katy Picture in below link http://cardboardbox....age/35635925012
  21. So I wanted to introduce myself and Dillon. Dillon is my first Grey and I have to say that I really lucked out. I am a very goofy person and Dillon is a very goofy Grey. Our personalities match perfectly. When I was looking for a Grey to adopt, most of them were just laid back and chilled out. Dillon on the other hand stood out immediately. He is always ready to play and run with me. I live on a big farm with plenty of room for him to play on. We take long walks every evening and he is always bouncing around while we walk. He loves to go to the local baseball fields and run free. He is also a good protector. Anytime someone pulls in the drive way he lets me know by running to the door. He loves spending time with my aunt's Grey, which he does several times through out the week. Dillon is my best friend and I am lucky to have found him. As for me, I am currently working as Tech Support and I go to college online for Computer Programming/Networking. I live by myself with Dillon. I take Dillon just about everywhere with me... as long as dogs are allowed.
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