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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys Not been posting in ages but sorted my log in out. A couple of months ago we took in a third grey - he's a big boy, aged 8.5, and thankfully is cat friendly Our local rescue place doesn't know a lot about his background - they had a call from the supposed previous owners saying "we need to get rid of him" kinda thing. Seems he was well looked after though albeit was under-exercised, but is now thriving on a raw food diet and walks in the woods! I know greys are lazy but this boy takes the biscuit. He's cunning too - last thing at night, we always say "right, time for wees" and they go into back garden for one before we all go up to bed. Shaggy has realised that whilst the other two are out in the garden, he has a 2-3 time window to sneak up stairs and steal the bed. He's great though - so loving, a real character and gentleman. As you can see, we also have another blue (Misty - turns 14 next month). I did some digging on Greyhound-Data and turns out she's his Aunt! Well, by bloodline anyway rather than directly. But think there's something lovely about them being together. And I feel truly grateful to have him with us in his new forever home. Here's them waiting for a treat (Shaggy, in background): And here he is sunbathing with our other boy Billy (they bonded very quickly and now are best friends) Have a great weekend guys
  2. Boomer has been with us a little over 3 weeks now. He is our 4th greyhound. (our previous 3 are all at the Rainbow Bridge now). He has been a near perfect dog since day one. He is getting along with our cats, no issues like SA, aggression, guarding. He has been an easy-peasy dog Only thing we are having trouble is that he doesn’t know how to jump up to the back of our SUV. Boomer was in a prison program, but obviously they didn’t teach this at the prison. All our previous 3 knew this and we’ve never had to teach them. We’ve tried luring with treats. We’ve tried putting his forelegs up and pushing his butt up. This weekend, we had a doggie date with a friend who has two female greyhounds. I asked my friend if the girls can show him how. They hopped on with a light, effortless leap. They hopped on, hopped down and hopped on again while Boomer looked at them with a blank, clueless look. My DH has been picking him up and putting him in the car, but if I want to take him somewhere by myself, I won’t be able to. Any suggestions? Thanks GT!
  3. I brought an almost 4 y/o, light red girl, JIT Zeta (now Minerva/Minnie) home as a "foster" on December 7...I knew after about 3 days that she would fit in perfectly with Luna and I. So many people told me, "Two girls can be iffy together, be careful!" And so I was...muzzled them both all of the first day or two, kept Minnie leashed at all times, etc. But as luck would have it, they bonded immediately! In 3 weeks there have been 0 incidents, not even a growl (well, playful growls yes, but aggressive ones, no). Today my paperwork and adoption fee went through to my group so Minnie is officially mine! I thought Luna was a love sponge, but Minnie is the type that will literally sleep with her nose almost touching mine! She and Luna both sleep on my bed at night, but luckily they each have their own spots which allows me to have some room, too. Some of you might remember me bringing my parents' standard poodle, James, to keep Luna company due to her severe SA. He went home when I got Minnie, but the two girls are happy as clams while I'm at work, lazing around and licking PB from their kongs. I still muzzle them when I leave which is just a safety precaution. So far, everything has been awesome! I'm so happy I was able to adopt two greys in the same year! Luna in May, Minnie in December. I've been posting an insane number of pictures on Facebook, but for those of you who haven't seen pictures yet... On the way home from the adoption kennel! It was about a 90+ minute drive. Fast friends. They bonded quickly! Minnie has very expressive ears! First visit to my parents' house. Cuddles and winter bandanas. First snow for both of them! (Race records show Texas, Florida, and Alabama for Minnie, and Florida and Georgia for Luna). First time meeting Santa! Visiting my parents, plus James (spoo), Ginny, and Harry (mini dachshunds). They all get along great!
  4. We are currently in the works of adopting a new pal for Rhythm.... I was hoping to get input on everyone's experience adding a second dog. I have lots of questions and would really like to get some advice! We will of course, discuss with our adoption group as well, but I like hearing different people's opinions on this type of thing Muzzles - When should we muzzle them? Definitely when they are running in the yard together, and in the car (at least at first)... When else should we have their muzzles handy? Should we muzzle them while we're gone until they get used to each other? Rhythm gets a little bit anxious when we put the muzzle on him, because we had to muzzle him for a period when we left the house, to eliminate doorknob and crate chewing Crate(s) - We have been crating Rhythm less and less, and he's been doing pretty well with it (as long as he can't see us outside). Are most people able to get rid of the crate after adding a second dog? The possible new girl we are looking at doesn't seem to be too attached to the crate. We really don't have space in the house for two crates... even having the one is annoying but do-able. Feeding - I know some dogs have food aggression (Rhythm is pretty passive, but I guess it's possible). What about water? Can they share a water bowl, and then have two separate food bowls? Other - obviously I will need to buy some pretty martingales for the new dog, and a jacket for winter months, but is there anything else we need to think about buying? Yes, I know I am over-thinking all this I know most of this depends on the dogs' personalities, but I'd really like to hear your input and experiences! Thanks!
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