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Found 7 results

  1. I'm posting a lot here as my hound is so new and I'm a first timer! Jack will walk beautifully on the lead a lot of the time, which is great. He's most comfortable in the morning and likes to go to the park and is as good as gold next to me. However, sometimes when we're out walking he pulls really hard. At first I thought I needed to train it out of him, and I was trying the 'stand still and make them come back to you' trick. However, I've realised over the last few days that he's not pulling because he's confident and wants to sniff things, he's pulling because he's scared and he wants to go home. I've only had him for 8 days so I feel that I should listen when he's had enough and wants to go home. He's not going to absorb any training when he's really scared, right? When he tugs his tail is generally between his legs and he loses interest even in fresh chicken pieces. His foster dad said he pulled at first and then when he was comfortable he walked much better. I guess I'm nervous because I don't want to reinforce 'bad' behaviours. What do you think - shall I let him drag me home (I try not to be dragged too much) when he's nervous so he can settle in at his own pace?
  2. I adopted a greyhound about 3 months ago, and we've slowly been introducing her to our friends/family. She did fantastic meeting people for about 6 weeks, and then all of a sudden, she started getting really nervous, showing her teeth, and even snapping at people. We're not sure what caused this regression, but now she won't let anyone touch her except me and my partner. I'm going out of town in a couple weeks, and we've been trying to have our pet sitter over a lot, so she can get used to him before I'm gone. He was one of the first people she met when we first adopted her, and she did great. Now she won't let the sitter near her without showing teeth. We've tried giving him high value treats to give her, and she's extremely cautious, and most of the times won't even take it from him. We're hoping that just getting used to the sitter being around will be enough for her to start trusting him. Wondering if you greyhound veterans have any advice on the best way to earn her trust, as we're running out of time! Thanks in advance!! Edit-- We are also taking her to my parents' house tomorrow (about an hour drive away) to meet their dog and go to a dog park for the first time. We're hoping this will give her more confidence and reduce the issues she's been having with other people, but definitely open to input if anyone thinks it's not a good idea!
  3. Hello, Were new and have just rehomed a 4.5 year old black and white Boy called Senner. Hes recently retired. Weve brought him into a 4 bed detached home with a small to medium garden. No other pets or kids, just me and my partner. We knew he was a bit shy when we first adopted him but were just hoping for some advice. He has taken to his bed in the kitchen immediately, this is his safe space, and its very difficult to get him away from there. He doesnt seem to recognise his name, making any training difficult. When we first got him 2 weeks ago you could put his lead on and this would get him up and hed Go for 2 walks a day, theyd be occasional freezes but he seemed to enjoy them. However now he refuses to get up for his collar. If we put it on when hes already outside to go to the loo then hell freeze at the end of our culdesac and refuse to go any further, you cant walk in corcles, hes not food motivated and we end up turning round and he marches home. We also could get him up from the bed and gently lead him into the lounge on an evening when we were in there arching TV, close the door, and hed settle. Now he wont be led anywhere and we cant seem to Tempt him In with treats. Were using a pet remedy diffuser in the lounge and hes wearing a bandana with it sprayed on to help but it just feels like were taking some Many steps backward. Any ideas/words of wisdom? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. We have adopted a new beautiful red grey -- 4 years old. We have had her since October and even though she was very quiet seemed to be making a lot progress, gaining more confidence and settling in. Her appetite has not been great which we think was being in a strange place. Her crate was her safe place but has the run of our home. Just recently she seems to be regressing and afraid of noises that did not seem to bother her before (the dishwasher for instance and anything that makes a noise like a timer). She is good with other dogs on walks but a bit distant if they want to play. Would just like to ask how others have handled this type of nervousness and how best to handle it. Our other two greys were much more active and interested, this one seems sad (as if she is missing someone/something) and getting more nervous. Feel so sorry for her as this should be the best time of her life. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. I should have done all of this sooner but I'd forgotten how upset Charlie gets with fireworks which will be intermittent where we live for the next couple of weeks. I just rang my vet and asked if they could prescribe anything and if I could pick it up or if I'd need to bring Charlie in. They said that the product they sell is called Zylkene but I'd need to book a consultation as it was prescription only (I was hoping that both my hounds could use it). I looked up Zylkene on the internet just to get some opinions but unless I'm mistaken I can order this online without prescription - the website is referring to it as a supplement rather than a medication. So what I was wondering is firstly is this going to be exactly the same product as I'd get in the vets? And if so, is there any reason not to order online myself - I'm not trying to avoid consultation fees if it's important that we get prescribed this product from a vet, but obviously if it's not necessary I'd prefer not to go.
  6. Hi, I thought I'd turn to the forum for advice as I'm now getting desperate. We've had our lovely 6yr old girl for about 7 months now. She was always happy on her walks and after a month of being with us we felt confident enough to walk her off lead - she had her "moments" eg if she spotted a squirrel, or thought that there was food to be scavenged, then we had no hope of her coming back to us, but generally she was great. Then about 2 months ago we were walking her in our local park, when in the distance we heard a motorbike engine backfire/pop. She just turned around and fled home. From that day on we've not been able to take her to that park as she starts stalling on the walk there and then freezes. So we decided to avoid the local park and walk her around our neighbourhood or take her in the car to other parks instead. At first we thought this was the answer, but now she won't walk around the neighbourhood - she turns into a statue and there's no shifting her unless we give in and turn back home. If we take her off somewhere in in the car, the slightest noise like a branch snapping, spooks her and she starts making her way back to the car. It's very sad as she's gone from being a happy hound who loved her walks and liked to sniff around and race about with her ball to a nervous wreck. Has anybody else experienced similar? And do you have any suggestions on how to handle this?
  7. My husband and I adopted Fonzie back in July of this year (2012) and he does not seem to like us much. He goes up in our bedroom all day and refuses to come downstairs or go outside to pee or poop.He also doesn't seem too interested in eating all of his food, unless we just introduced it. He loves new food, but gets bored of it easliy. He doesn't respond to his name or anything. Well, the only thing he responds to is treats. It is a night and day difference. You bring out the treats and he can't get to you fast enough. We wanted to adopt another one, but not for a while. We have 2 kitties as well and I wanted to keep our house at a 3 animal maximum, but I am starting to think that if we find him a friend, he will come out of his shell. I wanted to find a little girl grey, but I would like some thoughts on whether or not others think it would help at all. Based on the research I have done, they say spookies do better with other dogs in the home. Has anyone else been in this position? I refuse to give him back. I would imagine that it would only make him worse. Please help!
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