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Found 2 results

  1. In the beginning of January Jasper my 6 year old greyhound was experiencing some neck pain when he would lift his head/neck from a resting position. Generally it was happening in the early mornings when he woke up but occasionally would also happen during the day when he woke up from a nap. He would yelp loudly in pain. He is actually a very stoic greyhound so when this occurred we became concerned and made an appointment with our very greyhound savvy vet (A & A on Long Island). The vet did a physical exam (no-x-rays) and thought the problem was possible arthritis, pinched nerve or some muscle pain in the neck. There was stiffness when he manipulated his neck from side to side. He put Jasper on Deramaxx 100mg for 7 days and then 50mg for another 7 days. Problem completely resolved. I should add my dog showed no lameness, he is very well muscled (no wasting), no dragging his back feet, teeth are great condition. Appetite is great. This was also the case when we first noticed the neck pain, meaning no other symptoms. On to what is going on now: Last week we noticed that he randomly cried out in pain when he would bump his nose against us—like when you accidentally back into your dog—he would cry out. It happened several times since last Thursday. We are pretty observant dog owners and it is very specific. His nose touches or grazes something and he yelps. It is not all the time—just on occasion. The other day he went to grab one of my gloves off the shelf and yelped again-which makes me think sudden neck movement and thus the sudden pain. This morning when my husband was petting him-he accidentally grazed his nose with his leg and our boy yelped again! This is “the” only symptom. Everything else is normal. He plays, goes on long walks, has a great appetite. We have two greyhounds and our older boy is not at all stoic-any little thing and he will let us know. Jasper can tolerate more. Which is why we are super worried. We went to our regular neighborhood vet last Friday (we have two vets—the greyhound savvy vet on LI and our local vet who is also good just not as greyhound specific) and he said that he still thinks this is a neck issue and referred us to a neurologist. We are seeing the neurologist next Tuesday. Also complete blood-work was done last week, and other then a low thyroid everything is fine (I don’t really care about the low thyroid, he is a greyhound). Has anyone had any similar experience? I am kind of freaking out. Thank you for reading!
  2. I'm asking my vet for peace-of-mind x-rays of Silver's neck and shoulders. She has an appointment at noon tomorrow (Tuesday). Silver started yelping last week when she tried to roll over to get up, sometimes even when she was walking--but she wasn't limping. Our regular vet was all booked up, but we got in to see a different vet. It's the same vet I saw when Sam's back started giving him trouble a couple of years ago--and he acted as if nothing hurt at all when I got him there. So of course Silver did the same thing. Silver didn't yelp for the vet, but she did flinch and twitch when the vet lifted her front left leg. It could be that the problem was there, or it could just be that lifting the front left leg put all Silver's weight on the front right foot, which is the one with the corn. But when the vet felt around Silver's left shoulder, Silver rippled her skin--you know how dogs can do that when something bothers them--twitch the underlying muscles and make the skin jump. Poor Silver was moving worse when we left than when we went in because although we couldn't pin down the exact location of the problem, we got really close. I came away with a prescription for Rimadyl--something I didn't already have for Sam since he can't take NSAIDs. I also had the vet's blessing to give Silver tramadol and/or methocarbamol (from Sam's stash). Once or twice, I also gave her a gabapentin. I also used a harness with her rather than a martingale. (At least until yesterday--flea and tick topical would have been right under the harness.) She's nearly through with the Rimadyl--the brat. She's supposed to take it twice a day with food, but several mornings she turned up her nose at her kibble. This is not worrying; it's just the warm-weather blahs. Sam is doing the same thing, and both dogs go back to eat later. But it means Silver didn't get her Rimadyl until later in the day--once she finally ate more than two pieces of kibble. (Usually, she turns up her nose at breakfast at 8, then goes in at 11:30 or so and eats her food--and all of Sam's. Then Sam eats his lunch at 12:30, and Silver eats her lunch on top of both breakfasts--the little pig. Dinner and bed time is another game of musical food bowls.) Silver clearly feels better, and I haven't given her any meds but Rimadyl since Saturday. She's roaching as I type this. But I'm not sure what Silver did to bring this on. She's only leash-walked, she doesn't do the stairs in my condo (blocked off to keep Sam off them), and she doesn't get on the furniture. (Except she got on the loveseat twice while she wasn't feeling well.) I have friends with chiropractor recommendations, but I don't want to do that unless we have x-rays to show what's going on--and what isn't. Technically the x-rays are to make sure it's safe to go to a chiropractor if this becomes a problem. Actually, though, they're just supposed to make me feel better. I've lost two greyhounds: both girls, both 8-years-old. Silver turned 8 in May. My vet is going to have to humor me until Silver safely reaches 9. Wish us luck tomorrow.
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