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  1. A little background info first. Mavis is a 2 year old lurcher. She is half Greyhound and half Irish Wolfhound, although she seems to have gotten more of the greyhound personality and traits and just the long wiry fur of a Wolfhound. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old and she was/is a handful - she has a ton of energy and a ton of personality to go with it. We learned last year that she loves to play frisbee and found it to be a good outlet for her energy and prey drive. We'll throw the frisbee like a normal frisbee but have also learned how to throw it to make it roll on the ground really fast - so it's like she's chasing something. She has a VERY high prey drive. She's fine with our indoor cat, but when she sees rabbits, cats and squirrels outside she goes bonkers. Oh, and she's leash reactive to dogs. We're working on counter conditioning and actually are starting a reactive dog training course on Tuesday (Nov 22). She is fine with 95% of the dogs she meets, but has told off a couple so we just try and avoid busy parks and have play dates with one neighbourhood dog who can handle and has the same crazy exuberance she does. So about the incident, yesterday evening my husband had Mavis out at the small off leash area by our house. There is rarely anyone there and if there is, it's generally dogs from the neighbourhood that Mavis has known for a while. Steve threw the frisbee, Mavis went to catch it and on her way back she dropped the frisbee and headed towards two small dogs that Steve didn't realize were there. He didn't think much of it though because she's been around lots of small dogs. But then she picked up one of the dogs (it was a yorkie) and started shaking it like a ragdoll, just how she does when she gets her frisbee. Thankfully Steve was close and he grabbed her collar and she dropped the dog. The dog was fine, no puncture wounds, and was walking around afterwards - Mavis was completely uninterested in it then and just was calmly sitting there while he spoke to the owner (who was rightfully horrified). I know where these dogs live, they're knew to the neighbourhood, and we're going to go check on them later today. We realized its probably best Mavis have a muzzle on in public. It breaks my heart because we did so much socialization from the get-go and she is a good, fun loving dog. So first off what kind of muzzle would you recommend for her? We still want to play frisbee with her but how can we do that if she's muzzled? We do have one fenced in school park we can use, but can only go during the evening when school is out and she definitely needs to get during the day as well. On weekends we like to go to a large park where they allow dogs off leash. It's so big you maybe only run into two or three dogs depending on time of day, weather etc. Will she be ok here with her muzzle on? Apologies for the long post. We're just feeling really down and hopeless right now.
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