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Found 2 results

  1. I posted earlier about some chewing issues with our 4 year old grey, so then she decided to give me a potentially more serious issue to deal with! We've had her about 5 weeks. She showed some aggression tonight and it wasn't clear whether it was towards my 9 year-old son or our other dog. She has been so sweet and tolerant of our son, but tonight she was laying down (awake) in the doorway, and our son was laying with his head on her stomach. This is something they have eased into, and have done it a number of times with suoervision. She was giving him all the signs that she liked it. . .putting her head on his hand, pawing for more, and appeared very relaxed. (We were looking for the camera it was so sweet.) I actually thought she was falling asleep. And then, she lunged up and growled/snapped. Her nose did hit my son, but no biting. Our other dog was coming around the table towards them as this happened, and my dad feels that the aggression was protective, and against the other dog and not my son, but I am honestly not sure. I suppose it could also be that she did start to fall asleep and sleep startled, although I haven't seen any other signs of this. So, obviously there will be no more in-the-floor-snuggling, and I feel like I let everyone down by allowing it to happen in the first place. It is so hard, when all signs pointed to it being ok. She has just been unfailingly gentle with my son. She and the other dog are fine 90% of the time, but there has been growling and corrective behavior going both ways since she's been here. So, words of wisdom? Advice besides the obvious "no more kid and dog in the floor?" Feeling sad.
  2. Hi all, We got our first greyhound a week ago today, and for the most part everything has been wonderful. We had an existing 12 year old mixed breed (small- 30#) who for the most part has taken everything quite well, but a couple of his buttons are getting pushed and he got snappy with our grey twice this morning. Once it was when she got frisky and wanted to play with a squeaky toy, and once I think I have deduced was over some dog cookie crumbs that fell when she was eating her cookie. He has always had good bite inhibition so I don't think he is biting, but he is definitely snapping/warning her. We did have issues with him and my son when my son was 4 or so with some food aggression (same issue - kid dropped food, dog wanted food.) At the advice of a trainer, we have always just made sure since then that potentially bad situations don't come up. Like, he sits outside the room when we eat, we don't have snacks around him, and he hasn't had toys in the house because he is possessive of them. So, our grey girl is a laid-back girl, and seems pretty oblivious. Even a few seconds after both incidents she is tail-wagging, etc,. but I am not sure how to approach this. Is there some amount of them just working it out that has to happen? Do I work on reinforcing for him that when she gets treats, that it is a good thing? (I have been "treating" them right next to each other with no issue so far.) Obviously I interject when these things happen, and make sure the situation is diffused and give a stern "no" to the older dog. In general I tend to overreact to these things, but I do want to do the right thing. Thanks for any advice.
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