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Found 5 results

  1. Our new hound (4 yr old male, former racer, gotcha day Aug18 2018, second grey we've had) has been such a great dog so far, EXCEPT for first thing in the morning. He waits for our alarm to sound before he gets up (and wants us up), but when he does he's so uncontrollably excited that he's a bit of a hazard to himself and us. At first it seemed more about getting fed because he'd calm down quite a bit after his breakfast and calmly go outside, but lately he is developing a habit of beginning to pee (dribbling or even just giving in and going), before we feed or can even get the coat on to let him out into the yard! We're right there to do the big "NO" and open the door sans coat, but definitely need some ideas for the best way(s) to remedy the situation. We've switched to letting him out immediately (and breakfast afterward) but he remains a maniac. Before this, we'd been working on calming him down by asking him to lie down (into sphinx) before we'd fill his bowl/open the door. He does pretty well obeying the command but now the pee will start flowing while he's in sphinx so that's a non-starter. It's getting cold here (Wisconsin) so we need to be able to get the coat on before he pees and we'd obviously like for the pee to happen outside. Secondary to that, we'd like to figure out how to train him to calm down during this time, because it is only a matter of time before his morning antics cause an injury to himself or one of us. My first thought is to put a belly band on him before bed and to take it off right before we open the door for him in the morning, but is the belly band going help train the "don't pee in the house" behavior? Or is it just a band-aid to save our floors? How do we train "calm down" when the only time the command is necessary is when he's so amped up that he can't focus and pees in the house? One thing that concerns me is that when he pees (outside) he takes FOREVER, longer than any dog I've had or known. This guy could win contests, I swear. His stream becomes weak & slow right away and then it's like he's peeing in morse code, starting and stopping (he doesn't move around or mark). He's not a marker on walks or in the yard (or in the house), he just stands and waits for it to all come on out. He's been that slow that since we got him, which concerned me initially but the urinalysis done in Sept came back clear. It feels behavioral because it is only happening at one time of the day, but his slow flow also has me worried that it could be medical, despite the uneventful test and nothing else of note. Thoughts?? Hopefully anticipating some questions that might be asked (can you tell how much time I spend on GT?): He seems to drink a normal amount, the dish is usually not dry at feeding time when we refill, but we'll start keeping better track of how much water we're giving/he's getting. He had a urinalysis in mid Sept which did not show anything significant. He definitely has the ability to hold it for 8-9 hrs, and does not get this hyper or leaky at any other time, like when we come home from work, etc.
  2. My grey barks and whines at 5:30am (if not earlier) every single day. It is becoming a bit of a problem, as the only way I can get her to stop peeing in the house at night is to take her out at 11pm or later, so I'm not getting enough sleep. She doesn't need to go out at 5:30 - I let her out and 9 times out of 10 she goes out and comes straight back in again. She just wants us all up out of bed so we can take her out for a walk. With winter approaching, it is going to be worse as we need to wait until it is light in the mornings. If she isn't barking at us, she is barking at our other dog to wake up. Anyone got any tips on how to teach her to be patient? Has anyone cracked this? (And yes, I realise we have a diva on our hands).
  3. My SO and I have had our greyhound for about 3 months. Every Monday-Friday, I take him out at 6:30 AM before I start getting ready for work. He was always totally fine with that, until about a week ago. He started softly growling, got louder, started barking, then snapping. I was always able to get the leash on him before any real snapping began, but today he snarled before I even got near him. I tried to pet him first, to show him it was okay, and he bit my hand. So I just reached in and grabbed his collar and pulled him up, thinking I was showing him who's boss. He showed all his teeth, his ears stood straight up....it was horrible. Once he's up and awake, he's totally fine. It honestly just seems that he'd rather keep sleeping. Anytime after 9:00 AM, he's totally fine going out. No aggression or anything. He never seems overly excited to be going out, but at least we don't have to forcibly pull him up. He's really not treat motivated at all. He always just avoids eye contact whenever we try to bribe him with a treat. My fear now is that I'm making him afraid. He knows the morning routine...I don't want him to associate anything negative, like myself or my SO pulling him up forcibly in order to get him outside. We've decided after today's incident to not grab him and force him up again, so as to not make him fearful of us. But the only alternative is to keep letting him sleep. Then he'll have to hold it until 5:00 PM that afternoon, which I think is way too long. Although he does seem capable of holding it for an extraordinary amount of time. Sometimes when we take him out when we get home from work, he'll only do a #1, and no #2. He'll do that before bed, so at that point, he basically waited 15+ hours, of his own choice though. Anyone else experience this or have any insights? I never want to out him or myself in another position to get bitten/bite, but I'm not sure what's the next best step.
  4. I am starting a new thread because Mercury's issue is a little different from previous threads. In a nutshell: Friday morning: out for p & p, in for three small cookies, 5-10 minutes later vomiting. This was truly vomiting, not the regurgitation that comes from eating too fast (though that happens on occasion as well). After a day of very small meals, and watchfulness, all seemed well. Saturday: fine Sunday morning: A repeat of Friday but maybe 1-2 minutes after cookies. Same pattern of vomit: horrendous noisy effort to bring it up. bile, then, cookies, then 2-3 more efforts to bring up yellow, slightly frothy bile. Here's where it's different from other empty-tummy morning vomit threads: (1) This occurs after eating (2) He gets a large milkbone before bed (3) For the first time, he was kenneled. I picked him up Thursday morning. After 2 and 1/2 years together, this is only the second time he's ever really vomited. Thoughts?
  5. So we feed our greyhound once in the morning and the evening. He's started barking in the morning around the time we'd feed him. This is at 6 a.m. before our apartment complex's noise curfew is lifted. This bothers me not only because I like the little last bit of sleep I'm getting but also because if I feed him, which I was planning to do soon, he may see it as a reward for barking. Something I do not want. How do I discourage this behavior?
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