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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All! I adopted my greyhound, Bubba, in Dec 2016. Since around October 2017, he has been excessively licking his bottom when I'm not watching him or at work. I took him to a few different vets and heard everything from possible growth to just sore from licking. They expressed his anal glands and said they needed to be expressed at the time but I am growing tired of these large vet bills. He is now on Hill's prescription I/D digestive care food, a dollop of canned pumpkin and I give him pumpkin ginger chews as treats now instead of milkbones. His poop is fine and he has a normal appetite, sometimes skips a meal here and there but usually scarfs down at least two cups a day. Nothing has changed since October- what could this be?? I looked under his tail tonight and the lump was licked red and had a bit of bruising on it. It's a small lump perfectly above his anus and at the base of the tail. There was a slight fishy smell and it looked like yellow (leftover poo/discharge?) something around his anus. Also, at the beginning of January, he has started peeing in the house. He has been very housebroken and I am gone almost 9 hours each day and he never had accidents. We have a set schedule that has worked for him. They are very small spots and sometimes multiple spots. Today when I got home, there were many small spots on the carpet. I took him to the vet for a possible UTI and the lab results/urinalysis was fine. She said we could X-ray for kidney stones but I have spent over $1000 on vet bills already to figure out what might be wrong. I'm absolutely desperate between these two issues. He is my best friend in the world and all I really have; I will do anything to help him get better but I'm at a loss right now. Any advice is so appreciated.
  2. Mimi, age 9, has a lump on her rear leg. Biopsy has no conclusions. Xray shows bone is more "rough" edges than normal. Any Ideas What her problem might be? Really concerned because we lost Sam last year to bone cancer. His started with a lump on his shoulder. Vet says just watch it.
  3. Hi. Our 11 year old Grey, Gilby, was recently "diagnosed" with IVDD or a combination of LSS and IVDD, but we have not had an MRI. The neurologist did a lot of visual tests, etc. We'd had Gilby into emergency about a month ago after he was shivering, pacing, panting and would not lie down for hours. We initially thought it might be bloat, but the xrays did not show that. His blood work was also clean. Since that time he's been on a low dose of prednisone, tramadol and had some muscle relaxant. He had two more bad/painful episodes after having a chiropractor do treatments the day prior. After that last episode, when we almost put him down but just couldn't, is when we received the diagnosis above. He was put on a higher dose of pred and gabapentin was added, along with staying on tramadol. We also have been adding a supplement to his food. I've been roasting turkey and chicken and using the skinless part on top of his regular dogfood which is grainless. Yesterday, I noticed a swelling just at the upper part of his left front leg. I can feel that it is different than the right leg, and I've never noticed it before, although I am hyper-sensitive right now. He does not exhibit any pain when I lightly go over it, but I have noticed that he looks down at it periodically. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell is he's limping and/or favoring this leg, because many years ago he fractured the lower part and it's entirely fused, so he's always had a significant limp. Unlike many of you, I am going to just say it -- I don't feel that I have the emotional support I so need from my husband right now. I feel terribly alone and terribly afraid of what is likely wrong with Gilby. My husband just says to "watch it and see what happens," yet I feel like we need to get it x-rayed and if it is osteo, which I can't imagine anything else, then we need to be graceful and put him down since he's also dealing with the spinal issues. I also just read where I shouldn't be feeding any of the dogs turkey or chicken...is this true? I would not know what else to feed them when they don't want to eat just the dry food. Also, could the swelling on the leg be anything else? I've read where pred can cause joint swelling....or is this just my "wishful thinking." I am an emotional wreck over this and love this dog to pieces, yet don't want him to suffer. I don't know what to do. I would love any input. Thanks much, Allyson
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