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Found 2 results

  1. When I woke up this morning I had a strong feeling that I should take Sunny to the hills for a walk, just me and him. So after breakfast we packed our bag with a blanket, chicken water and treats, left Sophie and DH behind, and headed off to the hills for a little adventure all by ourselves. The start of the walk. My soul always breathes a huge sigh of relief when we see this beautiful vista before us and I think Sunny looks pretty happy about it too. Not so long ago he would take off running as soon as his lead was removed but he is 10 years and 3 months old now and seems content to take life at a more sedate pace. It was around 15C (about 60F) and in full sun a little too warm for Sunny, but he coped well. We made our way up to the top of the (small) hill where there were some good views of the surrounding countryside, although it was a bit hazy today. Trying out a new ear-do : On the way back down the hill Sunny decided to try his paw at some shadow puppets: that's very good Sunny - a greyhound! Not so sure what this one's supposed to be : Sunny's always been good off-lead, but I noticed today that every time I stopped, he stopped, and when I started walking, he started walking: we moved as one; no words were needed. Which made it very handy for taking pictures. So there you have it: a perfect spring morning, picturesque natural surroundings, and one beautiful senior greyhound = BLISS . I've brought Sophie to the hills on her own a few times when Sunny's been out of action for various reasons, but this was the first time I've taken Sunny to the hills on his own. I'm planning on doing it again, though, because I know he enjoyed it and it felt really special. Hope you enjoyed.
  2. My two littermates have very different personalities, as is evident when it comes to the very important subject of bedtime biscuits. Sunny: I am a happy, confident boy. I know my biscuits will arrive on schedule so I'll just plonk myself down here, rest my head on something comfy (mum!) and look in the general direction of said biscuits: Sophie: My mum says I'm a sensitive and anxious little soul. I am never sure I'm going to get any biscuits (even though they've arrived without fail every night for the last 8 years) so I'm going to lie down as close to the biscuit box as I can with a slightly worried look on my face: Sunny: I really don't have a care in the world, so I'll just relax here for a while with a little smile on my face: Sophie: Maybe mum's forgotten about our biscuits; I'll point at the biscuit box with my nose to give her a little reminder: Sunny: Is it time for biscuits yet? Sophie: Maybe there won't be any biscuits tonight ... maybe Sunny ate them all: Sunny: I love biscuits and biscuits love me! Sophie: Can't you see what a poor, pathetic, STARVING little waif I am (even though I just had my supper 30 minutes ago)? Sunny: Happy days! Life is good! Sophie: Woe is me. This is a tragedy. And before anyone calls the Greyhound Police, let me assure you that bedtime biscuits were duly dispensed and enjoyed. Thanks for looking!
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