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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! I've had my greyhound, Ziggy, for about 9 months now. I've always been crating him while I leave the house because that's what my adoption group, and other greyhound owners have always told me to do. Ziggy is fine in his crate -- When I leave for work he walks right in it and curls up with his toys. When I come home, he knows to remain calm and quiet for about five minutes while I ignore him before I let him out. However, when I leave at a random time, like if I go out to dinner, or leave for the gym, I walk him in his crate and he's hesitant. He doesn't want to go in, and then he'll start barking and crying. Is this because he's uncomfortable with me leaving at a time other than our normal routine? Any advice to keep him calm and quiet here? Oh also, I should mention, if Ziggy's been crated a lot that day, I'll try not to leave and crate him any longer. If I know I have plans that night, I always stay home with him all day so he doesn't get crated for a long time. I really want to get him out of the crate entirely, but I've been hesitant because of advice from my adoption group. Also, we live with a cat. Ziggy could care less about the cat, but the cat is terrified of Zig, and will hiss and growl at him. For this reason, I've kept Zig crated. I was wondering if I could keep him out of his crate, but still in my bedroom (where is crate is kept) and just leave the door shut. Any insight as to why he barks and cries when I leave at a weird time, or any advice to help him stop would be appreciated! Also, any advice to transition him out of the crate. Like I said, I'd love to keep him in my bedroom (this is where he has all of his toys, beds, food/water, so I know he's comfortable there) until I can trust him and the cat together. Thanks for the advice!
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