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Found 6 results

  1. We can't figure out what's wrong with my (almost) 12 year old greyhound. I took her to the vet 3 weeks ago with diarrhea. Metronidazole 500mg and subcutaneous fluids didn't help. Soon after, she started drinking lots of water and became incontinent. If I don't make her go out every 2 hours (longer at night), she will pee in her bed. After another visit last week, my vet suspected mild azotemia and renal insufficiency. Her specific gravity (refractory) was 1.020; no protein in urine; BUN was 37; and CRE was 2.0. The vet wanted keep her overnight and do an IV fluid diuresis, but I opted for more sub fluids and a home trial of 50 mgs Phenylpropanolamine (Prion) 2 times a day. This hasn't helped - she still has little bladder control. We did change her food to Prescription Diet k/d. This helped a lot as she doesn't have diarrhea anymore. The above values above don't seem high for a greyhound. These problems seemed to have come on suddenly, and I'm wondering if these are kidney problems or something else. Any ideas? I'm going crazy with the diapers, little sleep and washing dog beds! I'd appreciate any advice or opinions :) Melissa
  2. I got Neal over the 4th holiday weekend to replace my male Hoss who died of osteo last winter. Neal is a 3 year old black male retired from the Tijuana track. He had to have a foxtail removed from his ear so the vet ran bloodwork and creatinine came back at 2.0, so they had me bring him in yesterday for a kidney panel. Results were 1.9 creatinine, 22 BUN and 23 SDMA. The vet said he definitely has kidney disease but doesn't propose to change diet yet other than to increase amount to get weight up some and will weigh him again in a month. He'll run another panel in 6 mos - 12 mos to see if degradation is increasing or slow/gradual. My female Stacy is 10 and now recovered from a partial arthodesis from torn ligaments last winter. This has not been a good last 12 mos. They currently rotate between Fromms Beef Fritatta, Pinnacle Salmon and Zignature (Lamb, Trout, etc) with some canned mixed in and fish oil - I could easily put him on a kibble more normal for protein (<25%), I suppose it could only help. Any thoughts, advice, or views would be welcome, esp. comforting ones.
  3. I need advise on what to do with my 10 1/2 year old greyhound name Jazz. Jazz has kidney disease, diagnose last October. She was diagnosed with mrsa on her toe last Thanksgiving been on antibiotics for all of this time. Did culture a few weeks ago and the mrsa is finally gone however her toe is swollen and red. I still soak it in a antibiotic wash and keep it covered so she does not lick it. Last week she was not feeling good and my vet told me to bring her into the hospital so he could try and figure out what is going on. They did an ultrasound of her abdomen and found a growth on the top part of her spleen, the vet thinks it is cancer because of the shape of the tumor. The vet wanted me to do another urine analysis to check if the levels are increasing and if so Jazz could not go through surgery, I would have to put her down sometime in the near future. He does not want the spleen to rupture. If the analysis comes back stable he said I could do the surgery and remove the toe and spleen or I can do another ultrasound( I have an appointment in 3 weeks) to check the spleen and make my decision after that. After reading and talking to people about Jazz there are mixed thoughts on what I should do. I want what is best for Jazz, quality of life. On the good side her heart and lungs sound great. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Folks, Haka, whose 13th birthday was a month ago yesterday, was peeing blood today. He'd been peeing in the house, BUT, his sister pees in the house and we thought this was him thinking "this is ok"... Anyway, DH noticed the blood on the morning walk and we went in to the vet at 10am. He peed 2 more times in the house before we got there, which is definitely unusual. She probed his prostate (which he LOVED, not ) and there's no raise in temperature. He wasn't happy with probing his penis either, so we assume there is some irritation. He did pee "on demand" when I took him for a quick walk, so we got a sample and they spun it down to test on the spot. PH is ok, no crystals... she said it was a bit "dilute" which could point to some issues, and there was a bit of bacteria, but not sure if that was the collection vessel or him. So-- sending the urine out for culture. They drew blood, will test that too. She doesn't think it's an infection in the kidneys (no temperature), and she doesn't think it's prostate, since it didn't feel enlarged to her. We should hear more tomorrow. Please have good thoughts for my monkey boy. Soren
  5. Hello, This is a non grey post, so I apologise for that. I joined as we are waiting to get our greyhound Peggy. However, I thought that I would still ask on here as everyone seems very helpful We found out last night that my parents dog Barney (flat coated retriever) has kidney failure he is only 5 and such a lovely dog, we were lookign forward to him and Peggy spending lots of time together and my dad is just about to retire so it's such a shame. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with kidney failure and if they have any advice for us? He is going on a special Royal Canin Renal diet from today and has been prescibed some medications. I think it is earlyish as the main symptom was excessive drinking/urination with little colour. He doesn't seem ill at all, still full of energy and lovely as ever I think apart from this he is very healthy, which will hopefully help. It only really got noticed as he just had a small lump removed from his gum (which was benign) and they did blood tests and urine tests as he leaked urine while under anasthesia which they thought was odd at the vets. How long is life expectancy for dogs with kidney failure does anyone know? Are we looking at a month or 2 or a year? We're very sad as me and my boyfriend raised him from a puppy during our Univeristy summer vacation and we lived with them until 8 months ago, so he is very much our dog as well. It would be great even he lived for another year to enjoy his time with Peggy and my dad once he retires. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  6. Margarita is 10 yrs old and in kidney failure. She just had her kidney's jump started for the 3rd time since July. The last being last Thursday, her BUN values jumped to 85 and Phos 7.9. The vet added AlternaGel with her food; however she does not want to eat her food. I am suppose to give her NF can food and she does not want it anymore so I have tried everything that she likes (chicken, beef, and turkey) to eat and still no appetite. The only thing she like is Ensure and I give her that to drink. My vet wants me to keep in contact with him every 2 days. Margarita goes Friday for blood work, keeping my fingers cross that her levels are not going up. Does anyone have any suggustion? I am really lost on want to do.
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