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Found 15 results

  1. And Kate decides it's a good time to sunbathe on the astroturf.
  2. No pics, but this morning as I was getting dressed, something caught my eye in one of the bedroom slumber balls. I don't know how or where she got them, but there was a dime and a penny in Kate's bed. There is no logical explanation.....
  3. Long story, but the condensed version is that Petunia was getting back at Kate for scooping her Slumber Ball. Petunia looks pretty proud of herself.
  4. The cable company pulled out up front to check an equipment box on the street this evening. Mrs. Kravitz 1 and Mrs. Kravitz 2 both jumped from their beds to go see what was going on in the neighborhood. It was the most excitement we've had here all day.
  5. Kate's comfort level that this is home is slowly increasing. This girl would be comfortable wherever she goes, but she has figured out that this is home now. In our bedroom I have a column fan in the middle of the room that runs pretty much 24/7 to circulate air. Due to my thyroid issues, I have night sweats without the fan running, so that fan has been on for several years before Kate walked in the door. I recently noticed that she would try to beat Petunia to the slumber ball furthest from the fan at bedtime, and would be kind of restless if she ended up in the bed closest to the fan. I guess she didn't like the noise. Yesterday, Kate, Petunia and I went into the bedroom to take a nap and everyone settled down quickly, with Kate in a location that had the fan blowing on her. Just as I closed my eyes I heard a noise similar to "crash, boom, whirrrrrrrrr." I looked up and Kate had decided to take matters into her own paws. That fan was flat on the floor and sounded like a meat grinder running. RIP Fan..... Broodies........
  6. Kate likes rolling in the leaves - the few we have. Petunia thinks the shady part of the yard is much better.
  7. I came home from running errands on Wednesday morning and DW was also gone for about an hour that overlapped my errands. On Tuesday night we grabbed fast food at Whataburger for dinner and found the next morning that Kate apparently also loves Whataburger. Notice how Petunia sells her out by stepping backward when I ask who made the mess. Also, listen right at the end for Kate's chattering when I compliment her work. Some of you may have seen this already as DW also posted it on Facebook. The new locking trash can arrived the next day, as it wasn't Kate's first adventure with the trash. https://youtu.be/dZMBUSnLqOM
  8. Taking it out of the can, that is. I went out for a few minutes to pick up something from a neighbor. I was gone maybe 10 minutes. When I came back I found this: The culprit is now worn out and resting. (Foster Kate)
  9. The girls are hard at work today being retired greyhounds. Classes are available for those needing instruction. Foster Kate - Champion Roacher Petunia - Party Hostess Trolley - Manning the office today. Snickers - "Who says the guest bed is only Trolley's?"
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