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    So this morning, our girl Deedee, was not feeling her breakfast. In fact, she barely ate it at all. She would eat a couple pieces out of our hands, but not eat all of her meal from her dish like she would normally do. When I took her out later, when she was trying to poop, she was whinning a little but not too much and her poop wasn't fully solid but not diarreah either. Later this evening, when my boyfriend came home, she still had not eaten her food. And when he took her outside for the bathroom, she still whined, and sometimes a little loud and had failry runny poop. There has yet to be any signs of blood in her poop (thank goodness!). Otherwise she is acting pretty normal. She's not playing as much as usual, but will still follow us all aorund the house. Is this something we should immediately call our vet about or wait and see if she can clear whatever may be bothering her? One of my co-workers recommended adding plain rice to her food to help her stomach, is that a good idea? Any advice is much appreciated! Deedee's Mom and Dad
  2. Hey everyone, Joel and I have been stalling, we've reached a point where a biopsy has been recommended for Maya and neither of us want to do that to our little girl. Below is just a synopsis of what her condition is and what we've tried so far. I guess we're just looking to hear from folks that have gone through the same thing and how the recovery was. I think we'll do it soon so she can heal while it's still too hot outside and be all set for camping season once it cools down. Previous posts on this topic can be found here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/299770-good-poop-bad-poop-what-on-earth-was-that-poop/, here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/299927-food-changes-have-begun/, and here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/300775-update-on-mayas-stool-issues/. Maya's Condition: Maya has always had soft stool. When we adopted her in 2004 (18 mo) we found that Science Diet Sensitive Stomach yielded the best results (not great but acceptable) out of many other brands. Probably within the last 6 mo her stool has become worse. Usually the first poo of the day is the best with any additional poos being the consistency of chocolate milk. She is now just over 10 yrs and is quite lethargic, developing arthritis, has a dull coat, and is very skinny. We believe she is not getting the nutrition she needs out of her food and are assuming this is the cause for the previously listed conditions minus the arthritis. Steps taken so far: 1) Stool: tested for parasites and came back negative 2) Diet: We tried to change her diet and tried all of the vet options (about 5 different types) and also the Iams green bag because so many on here have had luck. None of these options yielded firmer poop. 3) Ultrasound: An ultrasound was performed and a portion of the small intestine was observed to be inflamed. 4) Urine Test: Histoplasmosis is common in this area so we tested for it as that was an easy/non-invasive test to perform. Results were negative. What's Next?: 5) Biopsy: This is the next recommended step in an attempt to diagnose the cause of the inflamed small intestine. The portion that is inflamed lies smack dab in the middle of the digestive system and a biopsy is recommended to access this area over other methods. We are stalling. This test is going to cause her a lot of pain. Maya has a low tolerance for pain and I fear a long road to recovery from the incision. Thanks for listening.......... leigh
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