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Found 2 results

  1. I've been trying to manage this problem on my own by researching extensively through GT and using my adoption group. I've tried several things and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Any advice would be great. I recently adopted a retired racing greyhound named Buttons at the beginning of May. I work 3-4 times a week. The foster told me she does well crated for 7-8 hours. The foster has several other greyhounds and has a doggie door (which my girl learned how to use very quickly). My roommate has a dog (not a greyhound), so my girl is never completely alone. During the first week, I would take her on a 45 min-1 hour long walk in the morning, feed her, and take her out once more just in case. Then, in her crate, she goes! When I come home, I would find that she had soiled her crate (both pee and poo) and what's more is that she laid in it. She kept doing that the first few times I crated her. I watched her during Skype, and she would also be howling and barking the whole 8 hours. I attributed it to stress of a new environment. I bought an Adaptil plug-in to help out and started turning on the radio for her. She wasn't destructive, so I tried baby gating her to my room. Through Skype, I could tell that she was less anxious (less barking, less howling); she would actually lay down on and stay quiet for a while. In the meantime, I fed her in her crate, gave her treats in her crate, and made sure she loved her crate. After a couple of days with successful baby gating, she started scratching the baby gate and ultimately, scratching my doorway. I live in an apartment, so this was definitely a problem. I have tried correcting her through Skype, but since she can't see me, she just seems to ignore my voice. So, back to crating, we go! I started giving her Composure, and it helped a lot at the beginning. There was much less barking, and she seemed a lot happier! She stopped pooping in her crate. Last weekend, she stayed at her foster's while my apartment was being fumigated. Despite being a pro at the doggie door, she still managed to pee on the carpet. After she came back home, I noticed that she would also squat to pee, but no urine would come out. She would always pee on her second squate. Her urine was quite dark, and she would lick her vulva once a day. Anticipating a UTI, I took her to the vet. The vet found nothing on the urinanalysis, so we sent it out for a urine culture. In the meantime, she got put on antibiotics. So far, the antibiotics did not help. As a matter of fact, her symptoms got worse. She would pee less with more frequency. She would also pee in the house even though my roommate is in the same room. I don't think it's a house training issue because she will not pee in the house until I take her out. She does not soil the crate/house when I am present. She does well overnight Today, she needs to be crated for 8 hours because I have work. During lunch, I saw that she peed in her crate and laid in it a few minutes later... We are also taking an x-ray to make sure it isn't a bladder stone. If the x-ray is negative, my vet will check her blood work. But, beyond that, my frustration is spiking. I really love her. She has been the perfect dog when I am present. If she can only hold her pee for 4 hours, I'm fine with that. There's dog walkers for that (although I would rather not spend that money if I have to). However, what really bugs me is that her foster told me she can crate for 7-8 hours. I know she can do it! She just won't. She also doesn't really care for my roommate's dog. They miss each other when one is gone, but she hasn't figured out how to play like a dog yet. She doesn't get overly excited at Meet&Greets, so I don't think she cares much about companionship of another greyhound. I am reluctant to try letting her loose in the apartment to see if that will make her anxiety better. I don't want her to pee or poop in the house, especially since I live with another person. If it is behavioral urination, I'm hoping some Zylkene will help, but that doesn't arrive until the end of the week. I know adjustment takes time, but I wanted to hear any advice/support. Sorry for the long post.
  2. I just adopted my greyhound Roxy about 3 weeks ago. We love her and she is a wonderful dog, couldn't ask for one sweeter or better natured. However I am having a problem with her that I can't seem to figure out, but first let me give you a little background info on our daily routine. - We get up @ 6 to go out and take care of business, which usually involves a light walk (2 to 3 blocks). - Next I bring her back in and go to bed while she lays down on her bed (she is not crated at night), until 8 when I get up and feed her. - MWF I leave for class @ 9:30 and tues, thurs I leave @ 10:30. Before I leave I always take her out 15 min b4 I leave and right before I leave - I come home around 12 or 1 to let her out and I usually spend some time with her. -The rest of the day varies a little from day to day because of night classes, but she is always let out about 5 or 5:30ish to do her business. - I take her for a walk at night (usually at least a mile) and then take her out again before we go to bed (10 or 11ish). My problem is that she will eliminate in the floor even after I have taken her out. This morning is a good example, she wakes me up @ 6 to go out by walking in my room. We went out and walked a block or so (it was raining so we didn't go far), and she urinated in our yard on the way back. She had plenty of opportunities to poop and I took her to the place that she usually likes to go, but nothing. She also wasn't smelling things like she usually does when she needs to go poop. Anyway, we get back to the house and I tell her how good she is and love on her a little (as usual) then went to lay down. Not even 5 minutes after I laid down I heard her paws on the floor so I got up and saw where she had pooped on the floor. I just don't understand what I am doing wrong, because a similar thing happened the night before. My mom helps me when I am in class, so she took Roxy out 3 times in which she never eliminated, yet pooped in her crate right before I got home (about 15 minutes after mom had last taken her out). I don't know what to do..... One other thing is that she has a tendency to just stop in the middle of the street while we are on a walk and poop. I'm not sure if the two are related, but any help you could give me would be great because we love the dog, we just need to get this taken care of. Thanks, Nick
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