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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All I’d really appreciate advice or to hear from your experience. I’ve got a rescue greyhound (the lovely Wonder). I’ve had him for 3.5 months now and I still can’t get him out of the house on a lead for a walk. On day one I took him for a walk and unfortunately the neighbours dog was off lead and ran up to him and licked him on the face 🤦‍♀️. Then I couldn’t get him out of the door on day two, on day three whilst out in the back garden waiting for him to go to the toilet some let off fireworks a few streets away (no idea why in March), after the fireworks Wonder wouldn’t even go in the garden, however this was quickly corrected with the help of a behaviourist, however 3.5 months on I still can’t take him on a walk. On a loose lead I can get him about 10m max away from my front door. Off lead he’ll happily walk around 2/3 of the road in front of my house. I’ve trained Wonder to jump into the car so I can take him to the nearby cemetery (luckily it’s a 30second drive away) and he’ll walk around there to a mixed level of success, however getting him home is difficult as he won’t go back in the car...to cut a long story short, he’s now resisting going into the car which means I can’t take him for a proper walk. I’ve managed to get him to the cemetery about 10 times in total. He’s 40kg so at 5.3ft it’s tricky to lift him into the car, I do have a lodger that I keep bothering to ask him to lift him in, as I can’t get him back in the car afterwards it’s tricky to go anywhere other than the cemetery. I’ve used a behaviourist, an adaptil collar, Dorwest herbal tablets, other greyhounds have come over (this helped Wonder leave the house without a lead on but no luck when a lead was on him). I appreciate it will take time but I was hoping I’d be a lot further ahead than I am now, it’s pretty upsetting for me as it feels like constant failure. I should add, he knows how to walk well on the lead as we practice in the garden and on a good day in the cemetery he’ll walk nicely. He’ll also happily jump in the car when he knows I’m far enough away that I can’t close the door. Any tips would be very welcomed Many thanks Laura
  2. Hey guys! I was hoping you could give me some advice, as I’ve adopted my first spanish greyhound! She has been with us for about a week and I'm not sure if I'm giving her enough stimulation or too much stimulation! At the moment our routine is as follows I wake up at around 08.30, have a coffee and wake her up (at the moment she sleeps in our conservatory,) since my partner does not like having her in the house! At around 09:00 take her for a 1-2 hour walk we have to walk around quite a bit until she finally has a wee! (Which at the moment she is only doing once a day) then come back home at around 11/12 she has her lunch breakfast half an hour after we arrive! she then just sleeps most of the afternoon I start work at around 15.00 but I work from home so I try to keep an eye out on her! I try to give her a snack by around 18.00 this normally comes in the shape of a kong! then finally depending on when my work finishes I take her for a long night walk usually around an hour! At the moment we've slowly started going to the dog park as sometimes she gets a bit fearful of other dogs! If we go into the dog park and there's a few dogs there she will run around with them until she pretty much exhausts herself 😂 we then come back home I give her, her dinner at around 9 and depending on how settled she is I don't really take her out again. Should I try to take her out more often? I've been told by other galgo owners that they (the galgos) get really bored on their walks and that I should just try to make her run more often! (But since she is a rescue and pretty recently adopted I do not feel comfortable releasing her!) Many thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. Our recently retired greyhound has been with us for a couple days now. The first day he was great with walks, the second day a loud, fast car came by a quiet street and scared him. Now he is so so so reluctant to go outside and once he’s out there he doesn’t move at all. How can I help?
  4. Ugghh...so another little mishap here. Teague was running off leash in the baseball diamond when he all of a sudden started limping on his right front paw. I thought his toe was broken because it looked all twisted, but he didn't seem to be in pain when I touched it. I gently manipulated it and it popped right back into place. Well...it has since popped out twice, each time I can fairly easily get it back in. He is lying down now, so am hoping to do something to stabilize it. I got a little paranoid reading how people were amputating toes, so I hope it doesn't come to that I haven't taken him to the vet as it just happened, and wasn't sure if they would do anything different so am asking here first. Should I be splinting or wrapping it? His nails aren't too long but I will also try to keep them short. Should I be taking him into the vet?
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