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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, My poor Tank was neutered this morning. He is a healthy four year old. Since coming home at 4pm, he is alert and going to the bathroom but has no appetite. Not even taking water. I’m worried as he won’t even take his pain medication. I’ve tried chicken, cheese, every trick in the book. Any advice?
  2. Noticed this on my pup's inner thigh. Vet friend has no idea what it is but doesnt think its Lyme. It's not tender or itchy and doesn't bother her. There's no swelling or drainage or moisture. Anyone ever see anything like it? Thanks!
  3. We adopted our dog in August. He has always been a big mushy boy who likes to sleep and cuddle. He has always had an appetite and goes on walks no problem. When we adopted him he had hook worms and a dead tooth (we found out later). Since we got him weve had trouble with his stool. Its always been diarrhea and sometimes blood mixed in. We had a few good weeks where everything looked normal. We figured it was the worms and the meds. We got the tooth removed and ended up needing to go back since the first surgery opened and became infected. The past week he has been acting strange; he is eating and going on walks but his stool has gone back to completely loose and always ends with blood, usually separate drops afterwards. He is hyper aware on his walks and doesnt seem interested in playing. We arent sure what to do anymore. Weve spent thousands on blood work, medicine, surgeries. Its upsetting to us and we dont know what else to do. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone have a guess as to where to start? What to ask the vet? Were hopeless.
  4. Guest


    So this morning, our girl Deedee, was not feeling her breakfast. In fact, she barely ate it at all. She would eat a couple pieces out of our hands, but not eat all of her meal from her dish like she would normally do. When I took her out later, when she was trying to poop, she was whinning a little but not too much and her poop wasn't fully solid but not diarreah either. Later this evening, when my boyfriend came home, she still had not eaten her food. And when he took her outside for the bathroom, she still whined, and sometimes a little loud and had failry runny poop. There has yet to be any signs of blood in her poop (thank goodness!). Otherwise she is acting pretty normal. She's not playing as much as usual, but will still follow us all aorund the house. Is this something we should immediately call our vet about or wait and see if she can clear whatever may be bothering her? One of my co-workers recommended adding plain rice to her food to help her stomach, is that a good idea? Any advice is much appreciated! Deedee's Mom and Dad
  5. Hello All! I recently adopted my new boy, Ethan. About two weeks in, he got a cut on his nail bed which got a little infected. I took him to the vet who prescribed 750 mg twice a day, which gave him horrible diarrhea after about a week. He didn't seem dehydrated so I finished the last day of the meds and figured a few days off would give his intestinal flora a time to regrow and adjust, but he hasn't had a solid stool for the last 2-3 days (with no sign of improvement). He had an accident in the house (poor baby) yesterday so I put him on the ground turkey and rice diet with a little bit of yogurt. As of this morning he just wanted to eat all the newly laid grass on his morning walk-and has had crazy gurgling sounds in his tummy. He hasn't gone to the bathroom this morning yet so I'm not sure how he is doing that department. Again, he seems pretty happy and is showing no sign of dehydration . Anybody has a similar experience? Those antibiotics really did a number on him. thanks!
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good online guides or calculators to help determine what an appropriate caloric intake for Lady would be. I know that it varies quite a bit from dog to dog, but I have no idea where to start. I saw one comment here once that someone's 70 lbs hound needed 1,100 to maintain weight, but have read some credible sources that say more is needed. Lady is about 65lbs and is quite active.
  7. As the cold weather has rolled in, Jack's been getting dry/flaky skin. It doesn't seem to be itchy (he's not scratching) or otherwise irritated. He also gets regular fur-friendly supplements (fish, etc), and his coat is shiny. My suspicion is it's from having the radiator on much of the day. Any tips on how to combat the dryness?
  8. Guest


    After dealing with some diarrhea issues both while I was on an extended vacation and after I returned, I had to take Beaker to the vet again today for what looked like pink eye, but it was in both eyes and appeared seemingly out of nowhere over the last couple of days. The vet gave him a diagnosis of uveitis and gave me some pred drops to put in both eyes 3x/day. Aside from the squinting/tearing, he's acting normal. He was rubbing his eyes a bit yesterday, but I haven't seen him do it today at all, so I'm hoping that means the drops are starting to work and that this will clear up. Has anyone else had much experience with uveitis? I did a little forum digging and found some threads about it, but I'd love to hear any additional advice folks have!
  9. Hi all! About 5 days ago, just a few minutes after eating dinner, my Charlie threw up about three times. However, even though his stomach was full, his vomit was completely clear and was kind of thick/slimy/mucousy. Maybe 10 minutes or so after dinner tonight, he did the same thing (just threw up once so far though and he seems fine now). I would think that if the food had upset his tummy, then food would come up when he vomited, since he had JUST eaten, however, there wasn't even a mouse-sized crumb in it. Could he have just had something stuck in his throat and this was his way of getting it out? It just seems strange to me, as I've had him for just about 3 years and this is the first time (that I remember, anyway) he's done this. Anyone with a similar experience want to chime in? Thoughts? Thank you all in advance for your comments!
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