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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I posted a question here sometime ago, asking about what could be done to get rid of saliva stains on white hounds. Winnie's stains almost disappeared by just keeping her mouth clean and dry at all times. However, the staining came back with a vengeance overnight a few days ago, and I am at a loss understanding why, and how the discoloration could become this bad in just a couple of hours. At this point, I am wondering it clipping the discolored hair would help. It would certainly spare Winnie some of the annoying daily grooming and help keeping the area clean and dry. I am, however, worried that her hair may not grow back that easily on her face? She's had her fur clipped several times at the vet, on her legs and thighs, and it grew back just fine, but I am hesitant to try it on her face. Any advice or suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Wasabi has got some weird hair patterns going on lately. Her belly and butt cheeks are almost completely naked and she has recently started loosing hair on her neck under her collar. Since I noticed I have been taking off her collar whenever she is inside and it seems to be helping. Her belly and butt have been bare since I got her 4 months ago. First ?: Is this normal? Do you all's hounds rub really easily? Second ?: How long will it take to grow back, if it every will? Third ?: Recommendations for collars that are super soft/won't rub? ( I am almost certain that it is fitted correctly ) Thanks!
  3. HI My Raina is going to be six this November. Today all of a sudden I noticed she had a reddish brown spot of hair on her back about 2 inches long. My girl is all black with white back paws. I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday. I brush her daily and look over every inch of her. At first I thought it was dirt or a liquid she had gotten into but upon closer inspection, the hair is red-brown from the root up. Is this something I should be worried about? Has anyone experienced this?
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