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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I posted a question here sometime ago, asking about what could be done to get rid of saliva stains on white hounds. Winnie's stains almost disappeared by just keeping her mouth clean and dry at all times. However, the staining came back with a vengeance overnight a few days ago, and I am at a loss understanding why, and how the discoloration could become this bad in just a couple of hours. At this point, I am wondering it clipping the discolored hair would help. It would certainly spare Winnie some of the annoying daily grooming and help keeping the area clean and dry. I am, however, worried that her hair may not grow back that easily on her face? She's had her fur clipped several times at the vet, on her legs and thighs, and it grew back just fine, but I am hesitant to try it on her face. Any advice or suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Hey ya'll, I need your wisdom... Background: Had my 7 year old guy for about 2 years now. He growled at me once for trying to brush his teeth, and has been agressive (snarling/barking) towards my husband when he was startled. This was long ago when we first got him, but no major problems lately. We understand he'll always be very insecure and needs his space and we don't bother him when he's on his bed. Any grooming attempted has always been done by me, only. So forward to present: I used to volunteer to cut grey's nails for my group, and often owners would bring their dogs with very long nails to be cut, saying, "He/she won't let me" and I would always think, "You're the boss, you just cut them". Well now I've become one of "those people". He let's me brush his fur, although he doesn't love it. I still don't know what to do about his teeth - tried working with him slowly on them, same with his nails. My problem is - I'm scared, I'll admit it. I'm afraid he'll snap at me. I muzzle him when I've tried to do his nails but I'm also afraid he'll growl or snap because I pushed him too far, and made nail-cutting that much worse for him. When I do attempt to groom him, he droops his head waaaay down, nose starts dripping, and he jerks his feet back away from me as I'm holding them. I always give up after a couple of minutes. I feel like I could sloooowly approach nails and teeth again, but the blockage is all mental - how do I overcome my fear of him? I just can't believe I've gotten myself into this situation when all these years (with my prior grey) I advocated being the "leader" so much and now I feel like the biggest wuss. And why after being with us for 2 years is he still so afraid and untrusting of me? I used to get a lot of pleasure out of grooming my first grey, and it's upsetting to me that I can't take care of Xilo the way I want to. Maybe I should have posted this in Behavior....
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