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Found 4 results

  1. Mercsmom

    chair snugs

    From the album: Mercury's first year

  2. Recently, I discovered that my greyhound Baron has been getting on my bed when I'm not home, and I'm not sure how to stop it. I have mild dog allergies, and although they rarely act up around Baron, they go nuts when I'm exposed to dog hair in the bed overnight. I've never allowed him on the bed, and he knows he's not supposed to be there (he won't get on the bed when I'm home, and on the few occasions I've caught him, I made him get down right away and let him know I disapproved). He has several dog beds throughout the house, including a giant fluffy one right next to my bed that he sleeps in at night. I don't want to block him out of the bedroom when I'm gone, because he recognized that as his den (I'm guessing, because it's where he hoards his favorite treasures). I just need a way to make the bed seem like an unattractive place to nap when I'm out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, After 5 months, Sam finally started playing with toys, and has unfortunately taken an interest in biting other things... We have a pine wooden bookshelf and he took two good bites out of it! He seems like he wants to use his teeth more and more... Our worry now is that he does not know what he can and cannot bite, so what's next? Does anyone have any tips or how to train Sam on what to NOT eat? Also, any preventive measures we can take (for example, we only give him his bone twice a week for about 15 minutes at a time, how often do you let him have it)? Any tips are appreciated! Thanks in advance
  4. Hello All, We have had "Clem" for approximately 7 months now. During this time we have transitioned from keeping him in a crate (as he was getting his teeth stuck on the the wire) to now just keeping him gated in our family room while we are at work. We have had not problems with this until this past 7-10 days. The only thing that is new to the family dynamics is that our children started softball and baseball. I have brought him to practices and games (when they are at our home field where I know that dogs are allowed) but on nights that the games are away, we have put him back into the family room. On Monday night once we were home from my son's game that Clem had chewed and scratched the woodwork surrounding the door frame where the gate is located. Then last night upon returning from my daughter's game he not only scratched / chewed the other side of the door frame but also scratched our french doors leading to our porch. (We do not let him have free rein of the house as we have hardwood floors throughout our kitchen and dining room. Clem does not lay on the throw rugs on the floor and so he really struggles to get up off of the hardwood. We are fearful that he will hurt himself getting up since he looks like Bambi on Ice plus scratch and damage the floors.) My husband is always the last to leave in the mornings for work and this morning he gave Clem a chew like he does every morning before leaving. Once he shut the gate, Clem immediately left his chew (which he never does) and came running to the gate. By the time my husband went into our garage Clem was barking and yelping uncontrollably. With fear of Clem hurting himself or the house, my husband went back inside. At that point Clem wanted to go outside. He let Clem out and waited a bit. After a while he tried to get Clem to come back into the house and Clem would either run away from my husband or lay down. At one point it even seemed like Clem was shaking. Eventually my husband got Clem to stand and then tried to lead him into the house by holding his collar (he didn't have his leash outside with him) and Clem was like a statue. I spoke to the President of our rescue who then spoke to a few other members of the group. They suggested a behaviorist or just muzzling him. Wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions for us too. We do not have any other dogs or cats.
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