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Found 2 results

  1. We just picked up a returned 3yo girl to foster and I was wondering if people had some 'best practice' tips for having a foster/new hound with your perma-hound (ours is a 4yo boy). We've fostered before but it was before we had our guy. Neither can be crated - she pees blood it's so stressful and we just never did with him - and our house is too open concept for separation with gates. Since this is day 1 we have them both muzzled but hanging out together with limited freedom in the house and I can keep an eye/ear on them with a nanny cam while I'm at work. Does that seem like a good idea? They clearly don't love the muzzles but both laid down to snooze about 3min after I left so it's not that bad. It's also a fringe benefit to know she can't get into/chew much of anything with the muzzle on. Or is the muzzling overkill? They've done fine together so far when we were there, except for one snarky moment which I think was more communication than anything. But I'd hate to take any chances with either of them; ours is the poster child for the thin skinned greyhound. Is there a point where they can graduate to no muzzles while we're gone? Or is it just best practice to do it for the 10ish days she'll be with us? Any tips/tricks are welcomed. Any female tips as well - we're used to boys!
  2. We are getting ready to adopt our first greys (we want two). One of our local programs trains the dogs with prisoners (basic manners and obedience) for three months and then fosters, the other does not believe in fostering because they feel that it is unfair to ask the dog to bond with a foster family and then take them away and ask them to bond again. We can see valid arguments on both sides. Does anyone have advice about which one is better? Is there a significant difference? Has anyone had issues with a dog who was fostered missing their foster family? We want the best possible start for our dogs.
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