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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there! Any Grey parents in the Miami or South Florida area??? I would love to get something organized for us Grey parents down here and whoever else wants to join!
  2. Mercsmom


    From the album: Stuff for WFUBCC

  3. out of curiosity, has anyone worked with a trainer around tampa that they liked? i'm having trouble finding a trainer that has anything advertised indicating familiarity with sighthounds, and i'd like to work with someone who's worked with sighthounds before if at all possible. thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. Im brand new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Laura and I live in the NE part of Florida. I'm originally from NJ but moved here with my husband and three teenage boys 1 1/2 years ago. Love Florida. I became interested in Greyhounds about 4 months ago when I happen to run into an adoption group of Greys in the street. I have not been able to get them out of my mind since then. I've been doing tons of research including reading "Retired racing Greyhounds for Dummies" LOL and have gone to an adoption kennel in Jacksonville. I'm at the point now where I think I'm ready to adopt and I'm so excited. I just need to wait for the right dog to come along. My house consists of my husband and kids as well as an English Bulldog and 2 guinea pigs. I think I want a male Grey since my dog is female and I think a male/female mix would get along better then 2 females but not 100% sure. Any advice or suggestions would be great. I'm nervous but excited. It's scary getting a new pet. Anyway glad to be here because with the little browsing I've done on this forum I can see that you guys are a wealth of knowledge. BTW has anyone here adopted from GAP in Jacksonville, Florida? Would love to hear your experience.
  5. Hey everyone! I've been lurking the boards for the better part of a few months doing my research and considering making an adopted grey a part of my little life. I just wanted to say how greytful (!) I am for this resource and all of you for being such amazing, informative, and kind people. Please enjoy my long, long story! I am on what I like to call "temporary assignment" here in Arkansas working on my master's degree (it's probably not going to be as temporary as all that, but it gives me hope that I'm not stuck here forever). I'm originally a Florida native, like my father and his father before me. Everything about the state is in my veins, and I sure do miss the clear, deep springs! Anyway, my passion in life is resource interp (essentially, park-rangering) and I needed to find a place I could live while I completed my degree - hence the voyage to Arkansas. Now I'm settled in for the long haul - this isn't going to be a quick process...I haven't been in academia in..........well, we won't say how long. I have never been a "dog" person, and I seem to find myself most joyous around horses, bunnies, and other herbivores. (I even have two house rabbits, both rescues - Rory just turned 10y and Fiver is now 7y old) However, every time I met a greyhound I got a completely non-dog vibe (well, most of them - some of them were just as wiggly and silly as a lab). I've been curious about them for years since I met my first ex-racer while managing a vet clinic back home. I immediately started doing research on the breed, and specifically ex-racers. I was hooked. The more I met, the more it encouraged me to pursue adopting one. Of course, divorce happens, life gets a massive upheavel, and it takes years to get back on your feet. But the bunnies stuck with me, as did my desire to find the right grey for me. And it wasn't in the cards until now. I'm in a space in my life where I am not going to be going anywhere for a while, and I have a TON of extra time on my hands (research papers won't read themselves...BUT WHY?) and also a TON of extra love to give (in my own quiet way). I'm no social butterfly, so I often find myself alone when I'm out and about. While I don't mind this (again, not a social butterfly) I would love to share my life with a grey...if I could find one who fits right in with my "lets wander down a trail and find a nice quiet spot to read this paper" personality. I have been in contact with my nearest adoption group (4.5 hours away!) and they approved me for adoption. They are fully aware I have house rabbits, and I have had them around all sorts of dogs in the past - even two greyhounds who were way more interested in their people than the boring rats in the pen. I know it takes a special kind of dog to see a rabbit and go "meh", so I knew this was going to be a process. Of course, there are NEVER plans to ever have them together and loose in the same room (managing a vet clinic, I heard too many "they were fine until" stories). And I know that few, if any, adoption groups will test their greys with small animals unless they're fostered with them. However, I knew that cat-testing would help me at least weed out the ones with extremely high prey drives. With the adoption group, I made sure to clarify exactly HOW they cat-test, and it's actually extremely thorough. And they don't approve a dog as cat-friendly unless they show absolutely zero interest in the kitty at all times. So I made the trip on Valentine's Day to go meet some potential new friends. It was like a blind date! We had four different lads that were cat-approved, but I had my eye on a black older (5) male. The first lad I met was extremely worrisome, shy, and anxious. He was nice, but he kept running from EVERYTHING. Alas, he was not for me. Then, I met Claymore, the black male, and I felt a very strange thing - a connection? He was cool, calm, and collected. I pet him, watched him react to a particularly weird situation of "wait is that a possum oh god it's a possum" in an interested but not frantic fashion, and generally just let him walk around me while I got his vibe. I liked him, definitely. However, I wanted to meet the other lads, just to get an idea. I didn't want to fall in love with a dog just because of how he looked, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing that. After Claymore, I met a SUPER HIGH ENERGY BLUR who was really hilarious but definitely not my type. I know plenty of people who will love this dog because he was such an insane guy, but he was not for me either. Finally, I met what I called a zero-to-sixty-to-zero dog. He started off like a blur, but then shut down and was calm and loving, but then unpredictably exploded into craziness again. I then found out why - he was only 2, still a puppy, and still not quite sure how to gather his thoughts yet. Another lovely dog, but I couldn't imagine him in my life. I asked to see Claymore again. He came out and just wandered over to me like "Well, it's a pleasure to see you again, ma'am." I pet him all over and he chattered happily. I also apparently found the scritch-spot on his chest and he did the thing horses do when you find the right spot - that neck stretching staring off into space face. I felt comfortable enough to squat down next to him (which is something I'm always afraid to do with dogs because I have glasses - for some reason squatting at their level makes them go right for knocking the glasses off with nose-bonks). He reacted with interest, but with a lack of nose-bonks. I suprised myself when I gave him a close hug, and he leaned in and chattered some more. He was so calm and collected I fell in love. I then stood and began talking to the adoption volunteer and she just couldn't say enough lovely things about him. He had been there longer than any dog (except for another GORGEOUS sleek black male with amber eyes, but a no-go since he wanted to eat cats). That fact was originally was a concern of mine, and I asked about it because this dog was as close to perfect as I could ask any dog to be. They had no idea either, and their guess was that it was just because he was 1) black and 2) graying in the face so he looked older. As we were talking, he did the final thing that made me decide he was The One - he wandered over a few paces and laid down in the sand, completely content on his own. This dog was not acting like a dog, this dog was acting like a horse, and that's how my brain translated him and it gave me a lovely joyous feeling. I also thought he was the most handsome dog I've ever seen, and I've seen a few! So my name is on Claymore, and (weather pending) I am going to make the hike back over to West Memphis this Saturday to sign the papers. My house is all prepared, reorganized, and I only have a wee bit more shopping to do (food, treats, etc). I know this is going to be a lovely challenge for Claymore and me, and even though our first meeting was dreamy, I'm certainly not idealizing him. It's just like any relationship - it could easily not be in the stars just because the first date was a good one. But I'm staying positive, and that's all I can do until we start working on bonding and training. I've definitely seen my share of dog issues and I've done a LOT of research, on this site especially, on what sort of issues are most likely to confront me with bringing him home. I know I cannot really assume anything about his true personality until we've been together for a while, but from what I've seen, I think we may be at least starting from a very good place. I will post more when I get him, but until then, thank you for being here and letting me share my story!
  6. Sorry this is kinda long! A few years ago, a friend of mine wanted to adopt a large dog. My husband actually suggested a "retired racing greyhound". He said he knew a couple back in Indiana who had greyhounds and they were wonderful. So after many questions, research & reading, we came to the conclusion that a greyhound might just be the ideal companion for her! Watching Colette go through the adoption process and when "Starz Toy" picked her to be "her human" was a lot of fun. Getting to know "Starzy" over the next few years --well this beautiful, sensitive, graceful creature was just amazing. I knew one day I wanted to be owned by a greyhound. During that time hubby & I had a miniature pinscher named Skittles with kidney issues, so it wouldn't have been right to bring another dog into the house while she was ailing. For 2 years, I surfed the local greyhound adoption websites looking at photos, "lurked" on Greytalk and read every book I could find about greyhounds. Sadly, there was no stopping time and in Jan of 2013, at the age of 14.5 we had to send our beloved heart dog, Skittle Bug to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew it was coming. I thought I ready for it. But to anyone who has had to make that decision....well I don't have to tell you how hard it is. I was grief stricken. I thought I should wait a few months before adopting another dog, but the house was just so....silent. After some discussion with hubby, we decided to proceed with the application process for a greyhound, passed the home check and with "wish list" in hand, went to pick out a 'bomb proof', petite, fawn, female greyhound. Annnnnd.......we wound up taking home a 90lb brindle male. SURPRISE! Unfortunately though, he was only with us for 8 days. He had isolation anxiety and "hyper-salivated" almost constantly. We could have worked with the anxiety issues, but the quantity & type of saliva he produced, affected my husband so badly that it triggered an asthma attack (and he hadn't had an attack for 20 years!). Although we only had him for a short time, I cried like a baby when he went back to the kennel. The kennel's vet actually spent an hour on the phone with me "talking me off the ledge". He assured me that most greyhounds do not hyper-salivate and encouraged me that we shouldn't give up on getting another greyhound. But now, there were no available dogs at the kennel and they weren't expecting any more for a few weeks. Our adoption counselor knew how sad we were and actually arranged to pick up dogs from another chapter of the group, on the other side of the state! I remember vividly when she called me on a Wednesday to say she had chosen a dog especially for us! When we arrived that Saturday and I first saw Veena Ram, I was actually...... 'underwhelmed'. She wasn't at all what I expected. She was female and petite, but a dark brindle, not fawn and she was nervous, timid, aloof and kinda dirty from her trip and I actually said to hubby, "ewwww...THIS is what they picked for us? Maybe we should wait for another dog". But just as I finished my sentence, she looked up at me.... right into my eyes....and I just KNEW. I said to hubby without looking away from her sweet face, "We're taking her. We're taking her home right NOW." And some of you might think I'm crazy, but some of you will absolutely understand when I say, that split second when she looked into my eyes, I knew Skittles sent her to me. I may have adopted her, but Devina rescued me (and the 90lb brindle male, now lives with 2 other greys and is quite happy). It has been well over a year since we adopted our sweet girl and have become quite active with our local group. We "chipped" 8 months after adopting Devina and added a super outgoing, not-quite-past-the-puppy-stage, red fawn male we named Stryker (fka Nad Uggie). So, if you're in the area, you just might see us at track events, shows & meet-n-greets around the area. C'mon over & say hi! Donna and Joe Devina Stryker
  7. Hello! My name is Chris, I'm a 42yo single male and I live in the Greater Tampa Bay Area here in Florida. I've never had a dog and I recently decided that I would like to have one. After doing much research, a rescued Greyhound is at the top of the list. Here are some of my desires and circumstances: I live alone and work 8-5, M-F but I only live 1/2 mile from work and I come home for lunch. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a Den I enjoy running and walking outside. My dog would get lots of daily exercise. I would like my dog to be able to run with me for at least a few miles, several miles would be awesome. How far do you think a Greyhound could run at a moderate pace? I'm no Olympian Say, 10:00 to 11:00 minute miles. What about dirt trails? I'm goal and detailed oriented, but I'm a calm, laid back dude overall. Have had lots of cats, fish, gerbils, hamsters and birds...but no dogs before. Will not let the dog on my bed or furniture. Will provide them with their own Time to head for work, will post more later if I think of anything else to add to the list. Any thoughts? Thanks! (EDIT: I think I've been doing online dating for too long, lol. Sounds a lot like an online dating profile )
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