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Found 4 results

  1. So I used my usual flea and tick spot on stuff and i was absolutely dreading it. My dog absolutely hates the stuff being on him and refuses to sleep when it's on. He just moves to different areas every 5 minutes and its impossible to sleep. I also feel bad because obviously he loves his sleep! I think it's the smell that gets him the most but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a product that doesnt make him act weird? I'm pretty sure it's the smell because he does try to itch it and his skin looks fine but I think he is trying to run away from the weird smell that's following him! Anyway I appreciate your replies! Rhianan
  2. Does anyone have knowledge about which essential oils applied (diluted, of course) externally to repel fleas & ticks are safe for use on Greyhounds? I perused the internet & only found that cedar oil should not be used on Greys, as it's way too potent & potentially poisonous to them. Also, is it risky if the essential oil sprayed on their coat & feet are licked after it has dried or soaked in? Last summer I started using a spray product made by Kin + Kind to repel ticks & fleas, which seemed to work well. The active ingredients include the following essential oils: peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, & thyme. Honestly, it didn't occur to me before that there may be some essential oils that are contraindicated for use on Greys. Our Girls don't like being sprayed with anything, but I don't want to use poison & chemicals on or in them when there are safe, natural alternatives. Anyone have experience with external use of essential oils on Greys? Thank you!
  3. Has anyone had any experience with Sentinel Spectrum for their greyhound? We are thinking of switching from Heartgard + and Frontline + to Sentinel and a Preventic tick collar. Any and all advise will be appreciated.
  4. Hello all, I am a new owner and member with a few questions about my hound. As soon as I brought Veggie home back in March I noticed some itching, shedding, and dandruff, but I thought that would die down after shedding season had passed and she settled into her new home. Even though she was vetted prior to her adoption, I took her to my vet after a week to get her vaccinations on record and get a wellness check. During her visit my vet suggested 50mg of Benadryl twice a day to help with the itching and she claimed the dandruff would stop when the itching/shedding stopped. It has now been two moths and I haven't seen much improvement. She no longer has bald spots due to the scratching, but she still needs Benadryl 3-4 times per week despite daily brushing and weekly wipe downs. I have noticed that the itchiness is worse right after I apply her flea and tick medication. Yesterday Veggie got brushed, was thoroughly wiped down with water, and was then given her flea/tick/heart worm meds. She was up the rest of the night scratching, pacing, tossing, and turning. I gave her 50mg of Benadryl last night and this morning and it hasn't seemed to help. I am now concerned about the cause of these skin issues. I suspect that her flea and tick meds are causing some irritation, but what other options are out there? Are there more effective methods or products to relieve her symptoms? Thanks for any input!
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