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  1. I've been reseaching for several months and think a retired racing greyhound is right for me. I'm all set and have been matched with a dog. I go meet her tomorrow.....but the more I read about retired racers the more I'm re-thinking my decision....I picked this breed because I am a grad student, and spend a lot of time studying. I need a couch potato who's happy to chill while I study for hours and hours I've only ever owned shelties, I grew up with three and love them. This will be my first dog that I own. I live alone so I'm alone in trying to train her. I love shelties because of how much they love humans and how trainable they are. I could bring them anywhere and they were well behaved and trustworthy. I thought initially that with training and time greyhound could be left at home un-crated with cats. The more I read, the more I worry that I will wind up with a dog I have to crate every time I leave, that isn't well behaved enough for me to bring to friend's houses, etc. Possibly even a dog that doesn't particularly even like me, that's just a room mate. I read about people who have trouble with their greyhounds growling when they don't want their human to sit near them on the couch/bed. This will be the first dog and only dog I will own for the next ten years, I don't want to spend them with a dog that can't sit on the couch with me, that can't be left alone in my house free. Also, I am relatively un-experienced with training. I trained the shelties and know how to train sit/lie down/ stay....I could repeat this with my hound I think, but I assume it will be much more difficult. It took my old dogs about 10 minutes to master all of those commands. I understand greyhounds will take longer. Are they reliable, or will they only do it when there's a treat in my hand and never any other time? If she grabs a bar of chocolate I drop, and I have to dig it out of her mouth (have done it with shelties) am I going to get bit? I can't live with a dog like this, and the more I read the more I think this breed isn't "low maintenance" as it has been described, because I define low maintenance as a dog I can trust after I have trained it. Maybe I've just been reading too many bad stories on these forums.... Please don't think I am not willing to be patient and work with a dog, because I don't expect miracles and know it will take months for her to acclimate. I can wait, but I can't wait forever. There is a reason I am not adopting a puppy, because I'm not prepared for the work load associated with a dog that young. Is a retired racer going to be as difficult for me as training a 6 month old? I guess I'm just looking for some advice? Do you feel like your hound actually likes being around you, or do you just happen to also be on the couch when he/she is....
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