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  1. Took Aston to the vet yesterday for what I thought was a semi-paranoid off-schedule checkup. He had peed indoors twice in the last week (VERY abnormal), but had also been drinking tons of water during our current heat wave. He'd been a bit more lethargic lately -- slower to get up to go on walks, and get up to greet us in the morning, but it's also HOT out, and he's getting older. Eating a bit slower, but we're feeding him a bit more to try to get him to gain some weight, so maybe he's getting full? All things I thought were really pretty easily explained away, but something was nagging at me. He's also recently been put on a few medications to treat his LS, so I wanted to make sure that bloodwork would be run if needed to check his organ function. Vet listened to my concerns and asked me if Aston had any sheath discharge, and I said no -- it's never looked inflamed or had any noticeable discharge, as long as Aston's been in my home. Aston hasn't been particularly interested in his sheath, either, except for a lick or two after a walk. Vet proceeded to clean his sheath. I can't believe what came out of the poor guy. A TON of green/brown/yellow paste so thick that it looked like curing oil paint!! and he nearly buckled in the process of cleaning. Vet sent a urine sample out to their lab for culture, waiting for results. In the meantime, Aston's on Baytril and I'm applying Neosporin to the inside of his sheath tonight. The poor, poor guy. It never occurred to me to check his sheath for issues. It's the second time I've gotten the look of "How did you let it get this bad?!" -- the other time was an ear infection where his inner ear was severely swollen when they examined him, but Aston had only displayed head-shaking for a max of three days. So, now I inspect and smell ears regularly along with feeling up body and legs, and I'm adding sheath-checks to my routine. In the meantime, I'm hoping my poor buddy perks up soon
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