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Found 6 results

  1. Long context: dog has a lot of health issues. Related to allergies, causing yeast infections, causing ear infections. Currently he is in the midst of a bad yeast infection we are attempting to treat. Came home from the vet. Where he got blood work and a shot. He willingly goes to the vet. Has never showed aggression. For two weeks he’s been waking up out of bed particularly at night with his hackles up. I don’t know why he doesn’t seem to be directed at me they’re just up. I don’t ever touch or bother him while he’s in bed as he has sleep startle. I’m now wondering if he just has some issues with being in bed at night. I noticed his ear was bothering him a lot post vet. Lots of discharge. I called him out of bed to take a look. Grabbed some gauze and attempted to mop up some clear and brow discharge. The vet may have cleaned his ear out at the visit which caused the liquid. His hackles were up. While cleaning his ear out he growled. So I stopped and he went back to bed to sleep. (he usually welcomes me itching his ears because they are usually bothering him, he’ll lean into my hand and sigh) I’m not sure what to make of this but it of course is concerning to me as I don’t like my dog growling at me. I’m not sure if it’s that I called him out of bed at night to mess with his ear or if his ear was hurting/bothering him so he told me to stop. Or if it has to do with being so stressed out at the vet. I’m not even sure if anything could/should be done beyond not attempting to mess with his ears after interrupting his sleep at night?
  2. Hi, my greyhound has begun acting strangely the past two evenings. Evening #1 seemed to span 7-8pm, this evening has been 7pm-11pm(so far). He seems to be very sensitive to sound during these "episodes", which I've deducted from the following observations: 1) When let outside, he darted all over the yard with his ears perked up, looking in random directions. 2) He spooked easily while outside when a motorcycle passed miles in the distance. 3) When inside, he quickly paces from one end of the house to the other and attempts to look through windows/stare at doors as if a sound is coming through them. 4) He is whining and refuses to lay down more than 5 minutes. 5) He is very reluctant to go into his crate, and will begin to whine loudly, look towards the window, and even begin biting the crate to attempt getting out. Naturally, this is extremely uncharacteristic of him, has he is usually very mellow, sleeps for hours and is inseparable from his favorite couch, and has never even remotely given us issues with entering/staying in a crate. The only abnormal things he has experienced in the last week are: 1) I sprayed Ortho home defense barrier externally on house. Waited about 4 hours until it was 100% dry before exposure by letting him outside. (Early in the day before evening #1) 2) We took him on a 6 hour round trip day trip (day before evening #1) 3) He was exposed to 1-2 hours loud music from a band at a brewery. (Day before evening #1) I would like to rule out the pesticide, as I adhered to the safety instructions by letting it properly dry and also his behavior doesn't reflect poisoning. I am inclined to think perhaps he has suffered hearing damage due to loud noises, and may have something similar to tinnitus which is causing him to become paranoid over perceived sounds? I am at a complete loss because he didn't start acting this way until evening on both days. Perhaps bug noises at night are a factor? I can't locate any possible nearby noise sources that may be aggitating him. Thank you for any input/help you may be able to offer. Depending how the night goes/tomorrow goes I will be taking him to the vet for further diagnosis.
  3. Meet Izzy and her ears
  4. Guest

    Cow Ears

    So I've discovered a new, non-messy, reasonably inexpensive chewy treat. I can get them for a dollar-ish, less if I buy in bulk. Does anyone else go through a lot of freeze dried cow ears?
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