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  1. So it's been sorta quiet on the homefront with my bubblewrapped brat, River Song. I think she's sprung a leak somewhere, but I am not sure where. A couple weeks ago, River was roached next to me on the sectional. Next thing I know, there is a wet spot under her rump. Not a lot. Enough to dampen the sheet on the cushion and the cushion cover, but not puddle, nor saturate the cushion material. Run her outside and she goes potty while Doug deals with the cover. I notice that she makes yellow snow and empties a full bladder. Doug comments that he isn't sure that it is urine as there is NO smell and no discoloration of the sheet & cover beyond a wet spot. One of the boys had taken her out in the dark after dinner and could have spaced out on if she peed or not since she does like to pseudo-squat a few times until she finds the exact location within the universe to pee. I've done it. DH has done it. Stand there waiting on her and chat with whoever is out there with you. Space out for a second and suddenly ask, "Did she pee?" So we watched her carefully. We had the boys on full alert. We wanted to know when she pottied and how many seconds of stream. No more accidents and we write it off as a fluke. Until last night. Again, roached on the sectional. Moments before she was licking herself because I remember looking up when DH told her to knock it off. A few minutes later, I look over again and boom... another mystery spot has appeared. Same as before. No scent, no color. Enough to create a wet spot and soak through the cushion cover, but not enough to puddle, nor saturate the cushion itself. Run her outside and she empties a full bladder. I asked a few friends that I was already online talking with that are dog owners what they thought that it could be. Incontinence, she's 4 yrs old? UTI? She doesn't act like she is in pain (I remember UTIs more vividly than I remember childbirth ). I was already planning to call the vet tomorrow to set up her yearly & rabies, so again.. we were on high alert for the weekend. And I have seen excessive drool when Sammi had that bad tooth- it was everywhere, not just one location. It just happened again. Just as before! All 3 episodes are the same: ~Evening ~Was told to stop licking -no spot when she was told ~Sleeping on the secional ~ Enough to wet the area, not saturate or puddle ~No discoloration ~No odor. If anything it smelled like a milkbone (Could she be burping up a small amount of water from her after dinner pit stop when she's twisted herself up like a pretzel to do her pre-nap cat bath?) Any ideas?
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