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Found 2 results

  1. Bella is 10, for reference. No health issues since we've owned her (other than slicing her paw up a couple of weeks ago and needing stitches!). When do I start to be concerned with hind feet dragging/hind end weakness? Bella had started missing steps with her right hind during the winter, occasionally dragging the top of her foot along the ground for a step. It's starting to happen more frequently, as in every walk. She just had another vet check last week (final foot check & 2 vaccinations) and the vet basically said "she's getting old". The suggestion was made to add fish oil to her diet - unfortunately even small amounts cause horrendous gas and very loose stools, even high grade salmon oil. She's already on MSM, glucosamine, vit. c and chondriotin (via the Greyhound Gang). I haven't had a lot of old dog experience, hence the questions. I've seen the quality of life scale/questionnaire and certainly we are not anywhere close. Her (legendary) appetite is unchanged. No issues with stairs. She has been more demanding of affection lately (since before the paw incident). Quality of life is great, but since I am noticing this happen more, just thinking about what to expect and if there are other ways I can help her, or things to watch for. Thanks!
  2. Olivia loves, loves, loves her walkies! She dances and prances when I show her the leash, she trots merrily along our routes. She equally loves our sniffy walks and our "walk" walks. Either way, she loves walks. This is my girl who is calm and quiet inside the house, isn't a bit toy nut, and generally isn't energetic otherwise. Chloe is my nutso dog who plays with toys with frantic energy, runs around the backyard several times a day, enjoys being outside in the backyard, and gets anyone she can to chase her - Olivia, me, my husband, she'll even ask The Cat to in a pinch. (Cat always says "no!" - smart cat.) Happy happy happy smiley - that's her. But put her leash on her and take her outside and she gets these big put-upon eyes and she drags her feet. She walks along and doesn't ever refuse to come, but she acts like she is so tired and is about to die. Does she just not enjoy walks? This does not fit her personality in any other way. She doesn't stop to sniff very often or to take in the view - this is the girl who is otherwise curious about everything! She doesn't have favorite places she likes to visit the way Olivia does. Is there a way I can help "teach" her to enjoy walks? I just find it surprising that she acts so put upon when she is always going and excited about so many other things. She's well behaved. Never had a bad experience that I know of. Could it be that it is less pleasant for her because she and Olivia have such different paces/speeds and interests and Olivia sets the pace? (Olivia walks at a pretty steady "trot" and Chloe does a drag, drag, gotta-catch up, drag, drag, drag, gotta-catch up). Can I teach her to like it more?
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