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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, I'm hoping to find some good conversation as a first-time greyhound adopter. Our newly adopted greyhound is 2 Years old. We assume that he didn't qualify as a racer, he is registered as a racer but does not have a racing record. He has a low prey drive and was turned over to the rescue group at a young age. We adopted him 3 months ago. 2 Weeks ago he bit our dog-sitter, and we have since employed a trainer to help us modify his behavior. Marco has a bit of a bite history. When we adopted him, we were told that he had bitten a young child at his previous home, and returned. They hadn't seen any evidence of this kind of behavior while he was at the rescue facility. We don't have kids, and he got along great with us and our tiny Boston Terrier, so we decided to give him a chance. He is very polite with us, and has shown a lot of trust in us since day 1. His daily schedule: 7AM - 20-30 minute walk 7:30 AM - Breakfast 12 Noon - Dog-Sitter break (while we are at work) 5:15 PM - Dinner when we get home, then another walk later in the evening Here are the events that led up to him biting the dog-sitter: Marco began to show a lot of anxiety in his crate anytime that we were away from home - he tore off the bars and destroyed his water bowl one afternoon and we feared he could hurt himself in there. At that point we let him out of the crate for short periods while we left. We monitored him with cameras and he showed far less anxiety. Now he is doing great out of the crate and is no longer anxious when alone, sleeping soundly. The dog-sitter was aware of the new situation on his first full day out of crate. However, as soon as she opened the door to enter the house, he bit her hand - requiring a trip to urgent care, a tetanus shot, and 2 stitches on her knuckle. My thought is that this was very much a fear-based bite in a new situation. I take full responsibility for not foreseeing this, but he had never shown aggression toward the dog-sitter when he was crated. She had been working with him for almost 3 months. In the past, he has shown some fearful aggression during feeding time and when new people arrive at our front door, especially food delivery. He is doing well with positive training, no longer allowed on the couch (doggy beds only), and we are working with him on his "WAIT" before feeding and when anyone moves between doors or enters/exits the house. We also installed gates at the entryways so he has plenty of time to see who is entering the house. We are committed to modifying his behavior through training, but we are anxious about future incidents, and creating a safe environment for a dog-sitter. Any thoughts that you have would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  2. We got Morticia about two months ago. My husband and I work regular weekday schedule so we hired a dog walker to take Morticia out for a mid-day walk. Things started very smoothly with the dogs walkers. We hired a team of 2 brothers who came during the first weekend for an introduction. Two days later, Morticia started going out with them every afternoon. They took turns at walking her and not once they reported issues. She would happily go out with them and allow them to put on the coat, etc. Things were great until we hired a person to clean our place, about 3 weeks after we got her. We did a proper introduction and he was schedule to start a few days later but on his first day, he had issues with the keys and it took him many attempts to finally open the door. When he got in, Morticia (who was crated at the time) was baring her teeth and barking at him. When the dog walker arrived in the afternoon and opened the crate, she got out fairly easily but was initially a bit reluctant. Once out, she rushed to her bed in the living room and stood there staring at them. The dog walker tried calling her but she wouldn't move. He spent some time in the room with her but she wouldn't allow him to come too close. He eventually gave her treats that she took but when he tried to put the coat on her, she snapped. I had to come home from work that afternoon. Morticia was lying down in her bed with her coat half on looking miserable but, as soon as she recognized me, she became the sweet gentle dog she usually is. The cleaning guy resigned that day. This incident happened just before the holidays so there was a bit of a gap before she saw the dog walkers again. It is earlier this month that we realized she didn't want to be walked by strangers anymore. We attempted a few "reintroductions" with her usual walkers which didn't work. Last week, we brought in a new dog walker and we had the same issue. The lady was here for a good 45 minutes, Morticia was friendly to her until the moment she grabbed the leash and coat. This is the biggest bump in the road we've faced so far. Other than this new quirk, she is the sweetest dog. She does well during the day alone, she doesn't seem to suffer separation anxiety. Neighbors haven't reported any noise and there's been no destructive behavior at all. Up to now, we've been taking turns at coming back home to walk her but we won't be able to sustain that for very long. I'm curious to hear if others have been dealing with a similar situation, or if anyone has thoughts on how to resolve this. Thanks!
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