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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All: You've been so helpful with insight into our new grey's freezing issues. We're at the three month mark now and while it's still an issue, I do believe we are finding solutions and it is gradually beginning to improve (fingers crossed). I've noticed that over the past months, she's showing less and less interest in toys and she also seems less playful generally while in the house. It is of course February, and it's constantly grey and cold, so that may be playing a role. But I'm wondering if this is just normal settling in behavior or if it could suggest boredom or even depression? We have to keep her walks on the short end and nearby because of the freezing, but we take her to all day doggie day care two days a week (which she seems to love) and try to let her run once a week (though that's weather dependent). Is she just getting more comfortable? Adjusting to being a single dog? Or could it be signaling that she is less than happy in her new environment? She is 6.5 years old, so not a puppy. But she had a reputation for being playful with her foster, and that just seems to be less and less the case. Thanks so much for fielding all our questions as newbies - there' so much to learn!
  2. So, Billy's acting strange. It's hot outside, but it's been hot, so nothing different. I swear, he seems... depressed? I guess the reason I say this is a couple things, and they may seem ridiculous, but they're totally out of character for him. First, he doesn't want to rooooo with me. He ALWAYS wants to roo, and we go on forever. I barely got a short one out of him this morning. Second, he's been laying around all day. He hasn't barked to go out at all. Plus, he's laying on the floor, instead of on the sofa. Very strange. Third, he's doing a LOT of "boy part" licking. Like, I have to keep telling him to nock it off. I've checked his wiener, and the surrounding area, and I don't see anything wrong. He's still very gassy. He's had a total of three gas x. One a day for three days. My Probiotics are coming. He ate this morning, and has had a good bit of water. Pee peed at least once. He IS a seizure dog, and is on Kbr and Phenobarbital. Plus a thyroid med. (Pheno and thyroid 2x a day. Kbr 1x a day) His meds have never affected him like this though. He also nipped at my daughter's little dog today, which he's never done. Can anyone shed any light on this? I'm worried about him, but don't know if it warrants a vet visit. Thanks.... Tina
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