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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All: We've had Arrow for almost 4 months. You all have been so helpful with her statue-ing issues (which are slowly beginning to improve). As the weather is gradually warming, she seems to be shedding a bit and we're noticing a fair amount of dandruff and some skin flaking particularly around her side/belly region. There's also a region of dry skin where her harness goes behind her front legs (the harness is absolutely necessary for her freezing issues unfortunately, though we only use it for longer walks). Can you all recommend products to help with her skin? We'd also hate for her to start losing a bunch of hair - she has such a beautiful coat. We've heard salmon oil (oral) and coconut oil (topical). Someone also suggested occasionally topping her food with some canned sardines. Thoughts on these or other remedies? Thank you as always - so thankful for this forum!
  2. Lola has been home for six months now and her coat has not improved. It is very dull, dry and flaky. She gets salmon oil twice a day and eats a very healthy varied diet. I bathe her when she needs it with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Please give me your suggestions for supplementing her diet to improve her coat.
  3. My beautiful black girl, Lola, has dandruff. She gets salmon oil at each meal and is provided a high quality varied diet. Lola is brushed daily. I've only bathed her once ~ with goat milk soap~ when she came home two months ago. Is there anything else I should be doing? I was thinking that a nice massage with coconut or argan oil might be helpful.
  4. Hello all, I am a new owner and member with a few questions about my hound. As soon as I brought Veggie home back in March I noticed some itching, shedding, and dandruff, but I thought that would die down after shedding season had passed and she settled into her new home. Even though she was vetted prior to her adoption, I took her to my vet after a week to get her vaccinations on record and get a wellness check. During her visit my vet suggested 50mg of Benadryl twice a day to help with the itching and she claimed the dandruff would stop when the itching/shedding stopped. It has now been two moths and I haven't seen much improvement. She no longer has bald spots due to the scratching, but she still needs Benadryl 3-4 times per week despite daily brushing and weekly wipe downs. I have noticed that the itchiness is worse right after I apply her flea and tick medication. Yesterday Veggie got brushed, was thoroughly wiped down with water, and was then given her flea/tick/heart worm meds. She was up the rest of the night scratching, pacing, tossing, and turning. I gave her 50mg of Benadryl last night and this morning and it hasn't seemed to help. I am now concerned about the cause of these skin issues. I suspect that her flea and tick meds are causing some irritation, but what other options are out there? Are there more effective methods or products to relieve her symptoms? Thanks for any input!
  5. I'm fostering a black grey who has terrible dandruff...maybe it is seasonal but maybe she needs some oil added to her diet. What works better, fish oil or coconut oil? Have read good things about both.
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