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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to greytalk. I'm not new to greyhound owning but I need some help. I got my first greyhound Kif almost 2 years ago, and another one, Dexter, a month after that. Cat and bunny friendly. Yes you read that. I've had a great experience overall with learning greyhound body language and training and enjoying the companionship of the first two. First (Kif) was about 1.5 yrs when adopted after 2 weeks in a foster home, was shy for a long time, but he came out of his shell. He's still reserved overall but he's a content confident guy and a happy dog. Second one was 2.5 yrs when ad
  2. Context: we've had our greyhound Maisie (almost 3yo) for right at a year. About a month ago, we purchased our first home and moved in. Before that we lived in an apartment. In the apartment, Maisie never had a problem in her crate. In fact, she preferred to be in there when we were gone. She did sleep in the crate at first but after about six months it was no longer necessary. The crate has been in our bedroom in both the apartment and the house. Now in the house, it's clear she has anxiety in the crate. Often times we will come back after a few hours and the tray (under the
  3. Hi All, I've received tons of help in the past when posting questions, so I thought this would be a great place to start in regards to a recent issue we've been experiencing with King. We've had King for about 4 months now and while he's never been in love with the idea of going in his crate when we leave for work for the day (he's crated from 730-330 M-F), he very quickly adapted to his little space while Cory & I were at work and behaved quite nicely while we were gone (we watch him via a webcam while at work). There was little-no barking, no accidents, and pretty much just a whole l
  4. Hi all. I'm Mike. I'm planning on adopting 2 hounds in the next couple months. I'm researching how to prevent separation anxiety. I came across this website: http://www.greyhoundwelfare.org/resourceDet.php?resourceCategoryKey=27 It says it's easier to prevent separation anxiety than to cure it. The website suggests crating the dog, anytime the dog isn't eating, drinking, walking or training, for two weeks. After two weeks, one should gradually increase the dogs free time. What do you all think about this type of acclimation to home life? Does it seem sound? Is it too much
  5. I've had Bronto since August 2013 and he's been so great. For the first couple weeks we had him, we would make sure we put him in his crate whenever we left the house, just to be safe, but since then he's been able to roam the house all the time. He's never shown any signs of separation anxiety - no messes in the house, no destruction, nothing. He just sleeps from what we can tell. We've had maybe a handful of days where he'd be left at home for 8-10 hours, and still he's been fine. Additionally, he's been fine not pooping/peeing for up to 12-14 hrs on a pretty regular basis (overnight). (
  6. Our new greyhound has become very clingy. We made the mistake of showering her with attention and letting her sleep in our bed. Now I think it may be turning into SA. She whines a lot when we leave her in the crate, even when we are in a different room. It makes me sad because I want to pet her all the time if she whines. But I know that makes it worse. How should we go about treating her? We have only had her for 4 days. We live in a small apartment also, so it's hard to keep our distance. I have read in a few books that you are supposed to ignore them and show "tough love". Practically what
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