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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! I just adopted my first greyhound, she is a fawn girl named Bambi! I've had her for a little over a week and I love her so much already! I do have some concerns as far as leaving her alone, though. The first day I left her alone in my apartment, she was confined to the living area. I felt comfortable leaving her outside of the crate because her 2 foster moms told me she was never destructive and they had no issues with her. I left her about 4 hours and came home to a disaster. She didn't destroy anything, but she peed and pooped EVERYWHERE. The next time I decided to crate her. She did fine for the next couple days. As of recently though, she has been peeing or pooping in her crate when I leave her. For about 2-3 hour intervals. I take her out to pee/poop before crating her EVERY TIME. She is positive for hookworm, so at first I was thinking it was because she couldn't hold her bowels due to diarrhea, but then she started urinating her crate as well. She doesn't show any signs of disliking the crate. She'll lay in it while i'm home without an issue. I also give her a frozen Kong full of peanut butter and yogurt so work on while i'm away, but I think she goes through it in a matter of 30 minutes. I live on a third floor and going up/down the stairs has been a challenge for her. She has finally learned to come up (with treats of course) and I will soon be training her on how to go down. For now, I have to carry her down. I don't know if maybe the stress of the stairs is also a factor. Whenever we finally get downstairs and close to some grass, she will statue for at least 10 minutes before she starts sniffing and finally moving closer to the grass to relieve herself. It never takes her less than 15 minutes. I try to get her to run/jog with me to tire her out, but like i mentioned, she will statue until I finally give in. The longest I've waited has been 30 minutes, where she will not move no matter what. Completely uninterested in sniffing, running, jogging, anything. Maybe she is getting some anxiety from being outside? Please help me with some suggestions/ideas! I hate for her to be so anxious, not only for myself, but I can imagine what she is going through.
  2. I've had my four and a half year old greyhound for right at eight weeks now. It's been so tough! I was actually reflecting yesterday which will be harder, my first dog or my first child. I'm single and live in a one bedroom apartment. It's just the two of us here. Though there are many, these are the two newest problems I don't have answers for: (1) She wakes me up once or twice during the night to go out. UTI was treated a couple of weeks ago, secondary to chronic diarrhea caused by hookworms. Urine tests fine now. She does have crystals in her urine but no signs of stones according to ultrasound. She is on daily ivomec to treat that lingering hookworm infection while we wait on input from a parasitologist. She hasn't been completely healthy since I adopted her so I'm having a hard time determining what are medical issues and what are behavioral. (2) About two weeks ago she started peeing in her crate when I leave, no matter how long I'm gone. This is the newest iteration of her separation anxiety, I believe. I'm gone 4-5 hours max on my off days. On workdays, I must be gone for 10 hours since I commute far away. Be it 4 or 10 hours, she won't pee it if she's just on the plastic tray. If there's any kind of bedding (I've tried both plush and meager), she'll pee on it and push it to the side. My troubleshooting. I think I've exhausted all the advice that YouTube and Google has to offer: Regarding crate trainingHer crate isn't too big. She's a 64lb girl in a 42" crate. She can stand and turn and that's it. When the peeing started, I downsized her from the 48" crate she'd had originally. She has to be in her crate when I'm gone. I conservatively tried to leave her out but she gets destructive and pees on the carpet. Last night I tried to crate her and refused to take her out when she demanded. It was as rough and sleepless a night as all the nights previous. I don't want her to be in her bare crate but I don't trust her with any bedding in there. She has a bed at the foot of my bed. Bare crate is also in there. In the living room she has a bed that she prefers. At bedtime she starts sleeping there and sometimes will mosey into my room to sleep (or wake me up). She gets lots of walks and exercise. We go to the dog park usually twice a week. She gets to go out for four breaks on a work day: twice before work and twice after. Two of those outings are about 15-20 minute walks, one morning, one evening. On my off days, she gets an additional mid-day break of some kind and I try to take her along on my errands and outings if I'm able. She's on a fairly regular schedule. The first outing is right when we get up, no later than 5:00am, even on weekends. The second is a walk at 7:00, about an hour after she eats. The third is a few minutes after I get home from work. I get settled and then I get her out of her crate, about 5:30. The last is 8:00-8:30pm, which is 30-45minutes before bedtime and after her 6:00pm dinner. I've noticed she's generally more peaceful during the day (naps most of the day) and more restless after bedtime. Not sure why. Really, I'm getting to the end of my rope. It seems that when we work out one issue, there are two to follow. I adopted her because I wanted some company around here and I wanted to give a greyhound a good retirement but we're both suffering. She's got the plethora of issues you see above. I'm not eating well, sleeping, or working out like I used to. Thank you guys for any guidance. Did anyone have a similar beginning with their grey? How long should this last? When will she become comfortable and more of a companion than my canine patient?
  3. Good Afternoon, All! I am new to this forum, and a new Greyhound Parent. I adopted my Grey about 4 weeks ago and I will start by saying he is a very GOOD dog. He has been very easy to walk, have in the house, etc. He enjoys sleeping, and playing with a few squeak toys here and there. He has seemingly welcomed both me and my husband into his life very well. Upon arrival, we did everything “by the book” as far as welcoming him, letting him explore, practicing leaving, etc. All was seeming to go pretty well, until Week 2 (this is where I am seeking thoughts / advice). Previous to living with my husband and I, he was with a foster (around 3 weeks) and was crated in the day, not at night. The foster said she crated while at work, but did have other Greys (we only have the 1). In effort to keep things the same, we crated as well in the beginning. By day 3, it was clear that he had developed Separation Anxiety and would scream and howl when we left and start pawing at the cage / Chewing at his bedding. My husband and I setup a webcam, and we could see him get progressively more upset, until he finally maneuvered his way out of his crate and was free. Upon being free, he seemed to do okay. So, this leads to week 3… we decided rather than crate, we would baby gate off an area in our home and let him have more space to roam. Same thing happened, he got upset and would cry, then jumped the baby gate and was free to roam the entire house. Following him escaping and jumping the gate, we attempted to let him have free-roam of the house (main floor and upstairs). At first, that was appearing to work and he never destroyed anything (chewing, etc.) in the house. My husband and I thought, “well, maybe he just doesn’t want to be cooped up.” Although, he still voluntarily goes into his crate and doesn’t have any hesitance when entering, or exiting. Last week, unfortunately he started to pee on the rug in the living room. He was always more of a “crate trained” dog than a “house trained” dog so we knew this was a risk going in when letting him have free roam. I cleaned the pee up with Natures Miracle and we trekked on a few more days. By week end, he was peeing one time every day (different spots on the rug) every time we left him alone. He NEVER has accidents when we are not home, and had never soiled in his crate. Now, this leads me to the question(s)… Since his arrival, his anxiousness when we leave and come back has dramatically improved – do you think his SA has subsided just from us sticking to a routine and him getting more used to us? The adoption agency recommends that we try to crate him again (with reinforcements on the latches) until he learns he cannot pee in the house when we are gone. Their opinion is that since its only happening when we are gone, he isn’t learning not to and it will continue. How long do you typically crate with a new dog? My previous dogs (not Greys) were never really crated, so this is new to me. Here is a snapshot of the day routine: 5:30 – 6:15 He gets exercised (walk/jog) and typically relieves himself 2-3 times during the walk 7:15 – 7:20 He gets his morning food 8:00 – He gets taken outside again to relieve himself one more time in the AM 8:15 – Administer Melatonin with Peanut Butter and Crate Him, Turn a Radio On 8:30 – I leave for the day for work 4:15 – Husband returns home from work and walks him / potty 5:30 (or earlier) – I am home from work and we all hang out, etc. 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Second Feeding 9:30 – 10:00 PM One more Potty Break (there may be one in between this time and his feeding if he has to go) Thank you very much for any thoughts, advice or comments. We are wondering if this is pretty normal for the first few weeks and if there is anything else we can try to do to help him through the transition. Lastly, if there are thoughts as to whether or not he is just not a dog that can be alone (i.e. needs to be rehomed to a house with other Greys, or people home all of the time).
  4. My fiancee and I have had our beautiful greyhound girl for over a year now. It's our first greyhound and we've learned a lot. Our dilemma that has continued throughout the year is the fact that our girl will pee, sometimes poop, when we leave her home alone. She never does it when we're around. We also never leave her for longer than five hours. Here are the things we have tried: -Crating her (she tried to chew out of the crate and would injure herself and/or have explosive dihhearea from nerves) -Walking her beforehand. She will still go on the floor even if she was well exercised. -Leaving the TV/radio on. -Leaving a Kong full of peanut butter/a chew toy to keep her busy -Spraying the carpet with enzymes/perfume to mask the scent -Giving her some Xanax to calm her down I don't honestly think she has major anxiety anymore. We set up a camera to watch her and she just lays on the couch until she has to go. We have learned that she only does it on days that she's off her schedule. What I mean is that I'm a teacher and on work days I take her out regularly at consistent times. She never pees or poops on those days. It's only on weekend days or summer days where her schedule is slightly off. Any help would be welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. I adopted my fist grey a week ago. So far, she has been an angel. Curious, sweet and well behaved (I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop actually) But anyway... One question I have is about leaving her in her crate in the mornings. For the first few nights, she cried some but has since stopped mostly. In the mornings, however, she starts crying around 6 am. I assume that she is just used to being let out to go potty at this time and it is sort of her routine. I have been trying to make this time a little later, as I would rather her not wake up quite so early if we don't have to. What I want to do is ignore her for a little while until she gets the message and goes back to sleep, and then start taking her out around 6:30 and then eventually 7:00. However, I don't want to make her wait if she actually really needs to go potty. Is this a legitimate concern? I take her out at night right before bed, usually around 11:00. Does she actually need to go really bad or is it just her routine? What do you guys think?
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