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Found 3 results

  1. We have had Genie for 6 months now and she has recently been very clear that she doesnt want to wear her coat or boots when going out. We live in MN and it regularly is only a few degrees, she refuses to poop unless she has been walked at least to the end of the block, no matter how hard we have tried to get her to do her business closer to the house. That means that we have to put on her boots and jacket to take her out. She used to be totally fine with the jacket (Slips over her head and velcros around the waist) and has been pretty good about boots (slip on and velcro), as good as you could expect. Within the last few weeks though she now puts up a fight to get her boots on to the point she will growl and snip at us. Just this week she now wont even let us get her jacket on, she again will growl and snip at us and go into her kennel and curl up refusing to come out. We know that she needs to go as when we do get her outside it is obvious she was holding it. She has never done this before and we have not changed her routine at all. Any help on how to get her cooperate or why she would have suddenly changed her behavior so much? We have tried give her treats for letting us touch her feet and play with them when she is laying around during the day. She seems to enjoy it if she isnt being strapped into her boots. We tried the musher wax for her feet but she snips at us when we try to apply that as well. I assume she just hates the cold but im not sure what to do about it.
  2. Two questions - How cold is too cold to take a greyhound out on a walk? If they don't go for walks, do they burn their energy by running around the yard or house? I know that "cold" can be a relative term ... We've had Foley for just a week and a half now. Initially, we walked him three times a day, but since the cold hit the Mid-Atlantic (weather in the 20's, feels like in the single digits) he will make it down to the driveway and then freeze. We put two coats on him (Voyagers K9 tummy warmer and winter coat) and applied wax to his paws this last time. He has yet to really run around our yard, though he will run back to the door once he has done his business. We just want to be sure he is getting enough activity and we aren't keeping him cooped up too much. Thank you for any advice!
  3. Guess I've got nothing better to do (so not true) but felt like sharing some photos of my cuties in their clothes. Of course they only wear them in the winter when it is cold, and the poor things have got no fat so they need them, plus they look so darn cute. Just got my boy's hoodie today in the mail, and I will need to start working on his coat for the winter. I want to see your photos of all the cute doggies in their winter gear or sporting some summer accessories. Rocko in his American Apparel hoodie Zoey in her American Apparel hoodie her baseball tee In our matching tshirts! Yes, I am that crazy. Just thought it was such a nice shirt after I bought hers and transformed it to fit a doggie. Rocko in his Rocko's Modern Life t-shirt Rooting for opposing teams during the US vs. Germany World Cup Game. Made them little bandanas All geared up for last winter in her Alibar snood and the coat I made her Rocko in one of my bandanas I sell
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