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  1. Guest

    Which Bones

    First off I just wanted to say thanks to this forum, I've slowly started to come to terms with what being a greyhound owner means, and I'm really falling in love with my lil one, she's becoming a fantastic companion and it's thanks to the advice I got on this forum that helped the most, more so than my adoption group! My question now is, what bones can I give to her? I clean her teeth daily but her teeth are not in amazing condition (or particularly bad) and I'd like to give her something to chew on that will last a while and help keep her teeth clean, I've read loads of contrasting things
  2. My dog 3,she with us for no longer than 2 months. She has the habit of collecting things, we started to hide everything, closing some doors. But today we were out for more time than usual, when we arrived we found: -headphones: plastic part eaten, destroyed; - metal part of USB cable eaten; - heavy bag of apples those were in the kitchen island, which is high. No matter how we try to hide things, she seemed to learn how to open doors and started to chew cables. She ate 1,5 avocados once and with the time it's getting worst. She has 3 or 4 walks a day, plenty of toys, Antle
  3. Hello! I am so glad this community exists. I have been lurking for a while, but I have a question for you SA experienced greyt parents out there. I have a new rescue, a little girl named Kira that is 2.4. She only ran two races and she was very lucky to be retired early in September First, I want to say that I know this is only day 5 and (after reading this forum) I realize that I have been extremely lucky. She is calm and has even started playing/tail wagging. I have never met a more chill or tolerant dog. I can touch her mouth, paws, ears, and she is okay. She also pees and poos on a leash!
  4. Prescription Glasses: $300 Arms of prescription sunglasses: $45 Boots: $200, repaired for $40 Boots: $125, ruined. Books: too many to count 4 dark chocolate bars: $875 in vet bills and the list goes on.......... Auggie, 3, whom we've had for 7 months today, has tendency to get a hold of things he shouldn't have and chews them to death when we aren't home. We are as diligent as we can be about keeping these items out of reach/behind closed doors/gates, but we sometimes lapse in our responsibilities. He has plenty of chewies and other chew toys, gets a kong when we leave in the mo
  5. Cole's bottom canines are ground all the way down to nubs, perhaps from chewing on his crate at the track? What I'm wondering is if there is especial caution or care I need to take, and if it is still okay to give him meaty bones to chew or if any chewing will worsen this or cause more issues?
  6. Background: About two weeks ago on February 8th at 5:00 p.m. our Preacher learned how to counter surf. He ate 12 protein bars and a leftover bag of popcorn. Alright- we moved food into the kitchen and closed it off. Then he got into our CANNED sardines and opened them up and ate the fish. Then later when my husband left him alone for ~ 3 minutes he managed to get a roll of paper towels. He only does this when we aren't there. I don't understand, he's never had a problem like this before. He tried to chew a little when we got him 6 months ago, but with a little coaxing from us he stopp
  7. Hi everyone. We've had our wonderful 4-year-old Evie about a month now, and most things are going just swell. The first few weeks she was kind of timid, but has started coming out of her shell in lots of ways-- mostly good, but unfortunately one bad. It seems she has a penchant for plastic. . .pens in particular. At first we hypothesied that it was because they were the approximate size and shape of a bully stick. But then she managed to eat part of a small, plastic coin. We have tried to be vigilant about keeping things up (not easy. . . we have a 9-year old boy), and then last night I
  8. Our newest family member, Mika, is a rather over-zealous when playing with his stuffies. We have a growing pile of "needs to be mended." It's a little sad, since our other grey, Zoe, really likes to play with stuffies and does not chew them up, but we keep having to remove them. He's thinned the herd from about a dozen toys down to just two, and one of them may not last much longer. I bought a toy I thought would be sturdy that had no stuffing, and was made of ballistic nylon. While I was making dinner last night and my partner was in the bathroom, apparently he decapitated the toy and
  9. Hi all, We are in the process of adopting a grey who is in foster for another week and a half. We have an existing 12 year old mixed breed dog who is smaller- around 30 pounds, and I have a few questions about having more than one dog. We have not allowed our existing dog to have toys because he is a toy destroyer -- he tears up stuffies and eats the squeakers (and similarly destroys dog beds.) We've given him things like a Kong, but he is a little possessive with them (maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10, but occasionally more than I am comfortable with) and since we had our son (who is 9), it was
  10. About 2 days ago I noticed Zuri chewing on the base of his tail, right where it meets his back end. He's continued to do it and the skin is red and irritated. Not sure if that's from the chewing or he's chewing because of it. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this or anything that would be safe to try to see if it resolves? He's 8 now and has never needed his anal glands expressed so that seem unlikely to me but not impossible. There's no sign of fleas in our house or on him. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. I'm having a hard time thinking of anything else that would
  11. Chase has been with us for nearly 11 months now. We thought things had finally settled down. Last week, we noticed that he was starting to chew things he had never tried to chew before: rubber drink coasters, a hardback book come to mind. On Monday, he got ahold of my 8 year old daughter's glasses while she was in the shower. He destroyed them. That night, he got her wooden clog and chewed the heel. He chewed the heel of the other tonight. Before you ask, he has plenty of toys that he plays with on a regular basis. NOTHING has changed about his diet, routine, health, or living situation in
  12. Doug started chewing and licking a focused area of his mid-tail two days ago, and it quickly started looking red, raw, and sore. I tried wrapping it in a strip of fabric yesterday, but he consistently managed to push the fabric off and get back to nibbling on the area. Today, when taking a closer look, he yelped when I pressed gently on it. (Poor dude!) I cleaned the spot with non-sting alcohol wipes, smeared it with antibacterial gel, and wrapped it in gauze and tape. I'm also trying my best to catch him when he starts investigating the area. Anything else I should do? Is there a point when I
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