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  1. We brought home a beautiful 3.5 year-old girl yesterday. We are technically fostering her until her leg has healed (she will likely need surgery), at which point we can officially adopt. She was designated as cat-friendly, and that seems to be accurate so far. She's the only dog in the house, and we have just the one cat who has been cautious but calm so far. Our new girl, Nio (we haven't picked a real name yet) completely ignored the cat at first. Now she will look at her occasionally, but her attention is broken very easily. Based on what I've heard, that's pretty much the best case scenario. Nio loves her crate, and seems to hate being muzzled. She constantly tries to pull it off unless she's sleeping. Because of that, I've been letting her spend a good amount of time in the crate without the muzzle, but I'm not sure if that's good. To sum it up, these are the minor issues we're having that I'd love some input on: - We are in an apartment, so going potty on a leash is her only option. She's been good about not peeing inside (we had one accident yesterday, but I think that was due to excitement), but refuses to go until she absolutely can't hold it. I think the normal solution to this would be to walk her for as long as it takes, but we can't do that because of her broken leg. Once around the block is about as far as she can go. I've taken her out several times today (she did poop this morning), but she hasn't peed since we took her out at 3am (she wouldn't go before bed, and we heard her getting restless so we decided to make her come out with us in the middle of the night). She seemed very afraid when we went to take her out, and basically refused to move. But we didn't want her to wet her bed so we gently made her do it. I don't know if her nervousness in that situation was due to her new environment, or due to having to pee so badly (at that point, it had been almost 12 hours). Does anyone have any tips for this? I take her out very frequently and walk her in circles and back and forth. I try not to tug on the leash. Sometimes she seems like she wants to go, but a noise distracts her. I think somewhere quiet would help, but we're in the city so that's not much of an option. - Like I said, she's spent a lot of time un-muzzled in the crate, and then I'll occasionally lock up the cat so she can roam around without it. There's no big area to lock the cat, so I can't do that too much. When she has the muzzle on, she constantly tries to remove it. Mostly she rubs it on things, but she's rammed some shelves and other furniture a few times and I'm concerned she's going to start knocking things down. She also seems very irritated by it and it makes her a bit sassy. I'm concerned that she might end up taking out her frustration on the cat (not violently, but jumping at it, etc. which could harm their developing relationship). Her demeanor is so much calmer without it, and I'm not sure what to do. She does respond well to "leave it" when she's trying to get it off. I don't know if following her around and attempting to train her to stop in that way would be a good option, or if it might make her hate it even more. Again, my instinct would be to wear her out so she doesn't get as feisty about the muzzle, but I can't do that because of her leg. Thoughts? - Lastly, is it possible for her to love her crate too much? We originally intended to keep it upstairs and just have her sleep in it. But from the second we set it up, it's been her safe space. I don't want her to have to go up and down the stairs too much because of her leg, so we left it downstairs instead. Other than needing to potty, she seemed to be fine by herself last night, but that may change as she becomes more attached to us. When I leave the door open and her muzzle on, she is constantly in and out. She goes in when I'm in the room or look at her, and they comes out and tries to remove the muzzle if I walk away or sit down. She seems to immediately go into the kennel if I walk in the room. But I don't think she's actually afraid of me, because she was very affectionate before the kennel was there. Should I let this continue? It's nice for when I actually need her in there. But if this is bad anxiety or nervousness, I don't want to encourage it. Sorry for the wall of text. I know it's annoying to post three different questions at once. Input on any of these topics would be very much appreciated. Edit: I just want to add that so far we're incredibly happy with her. She is our first Greyhound, and these issues are pretty minor. I just don't want to mess up or make any of them worse by responding poorly. It's also only been one full day now, and I know there's a good chance she just needs to adjust.
  2. Hello Everyone! I've really enjoyed reading through these forums in anticipation of getting my hound, Sammy (formerly Cry Haymitch new name TBD?). He was just dropped off today and I'm worried I may have made a crucial mistake already. Grab a cup of tea because I do feel some backstory is necessary. Thanks in advance for your time Before we got him he was living in a home with young kids and cats, all of which he got along with just fine. His owners started neglecting him when they had a baby and realized he was stressed by the crying. They decided to lock him in a laundry room where he proceeded to chew through a waterline and flood their house (serves them right...). They then put him up for adoption on a local SPCA website and kept him outside in that time. Someone from the Grey rescue found him and took him away and put him in a foster home, where he was for about a week before we got him. At his foster he lived with two Yorkies that apparently terrified and bossed him around. I was assured by both my adoption coordinator and by his foster mom that he was cat/small furry friendly and the most mellow dog ever. This sounded like my ideal dog since we have a cat. We've had Macaroni Cat since January. He's a foster turned sponsor cat from the humane society I volunteer with. We ended up keeping him since he had multiple health problems from living outdoors and he's on the older side and would have been much harder to adopt out, also he's super cute with a great personality. We had a pretty serious health scare last month which resulted in him spending the weekend at the e-vet. Vet's orders were to keep him as calm as possible. Before anyone jumps to call into question my motives of getting a dog anyway, be aware that I've gotten the opinion of multiple vets about the possibility of him having a happy and healthy while living with a dog life. When we bought this house the intention was always to get a dog. I've been planning for this moment for nearly 30 years. I've worked at training facilities, studied scientific papers, considered breed types and I feel I have a stronger than average knowledge of dog behavior for someone that has never actually owned a dog. I installed Feliway a week ago after his last vet visit and have been dropping not so subtle hints to him that he would not be an only child for long. We actually dogsat a known cat friendly Frenchie for a weekend and Mac handled it much better than i could have hoped, by giving clear step away signals which the dog respected. When the coordinator brought Sammy to the door today Mac was sitting downstairs in the chair beside me. I asked if i needed to take him upstairs or if Sammy needed to be muzzled and he assured me it would be ok. So against my best judgement I let him in and stood anxiously beside the chair to act as interference. Sammy totally ignored both of us due to his lack of socialization and initial fear of strangers. Coordinator advised that he was like that with everyone upon meeting and was fine after a few hours (it's been a few hours and he has definitely warmed up). He brushed passed the chair multiple times and Mac would hiss but stayed put and Sammy would shuffle away. Went outside for a potty, and coordinator advised to take the leash off (again against my better judgement) as when we came back in, Mac was in the same place and Sammy continued to pace avoiding the cat at each hiss. He was here for almost 10 minutes pacing the bottom floor of the house and Mac finally growled at him walking by so I decided he'd done ok and to take him upstairs. I wasn't really paying attention to where the dog was when I went to pick the cat up since he's be avoiding me, but when I did Mac hissed and this seemed to finally get his attention. Sammy reached up to.. engage?? It's hard to say what the real intention was as I immediately turned away when I saw him reaching. I only felt him brush against my arm. The coordinator called him and he immediately backed off but when I went to take Mac upstairs and put up the baby gate he followed me and tried to poke his nose through the stair rail. I put my body between him and the stairs and walked him back into the living room. The entire time the coordinator was going through the adoption packet he continued to pace with lazer focus on the stairs and trying to put his head through the railing and walking up to the baby gate. The coordinator did not seemed super concerned with the whole interaction. He said it would just take time for them to get used to each other, but his sudden intense focus on the cat his my anxiety on level 10. I totally take responsibility for not going with my gut and using the muzzle, keeping him leashed and for picking up Mac when I started to panic. I've witnessed this very situation in dog parks and knew exactly what not to do, but in the moment I reacted on instinct out of fear for Mac. For the better part of an hour after the coordinator left he continued to pace and show interest by putting his head over the gate and sniff the stairs and the chair Mac was in. He's a big guy and probably could move the baby gate without much effort. He eventually calmed enough to hop up on the sofa with me, eat and play with a toy for a bit. I crated and muzzled Sammy before leaving to run an errand and checked on kitty upstairs. He heard Sammy whimpering and moving in the crate (I was told he has some SA) and went back under the bed. I'm worried I've ruined both of these animals. Sammy, by awakening latent prey drive and Mac by stressing him out beyond his limits. I've read through the forums here and have posts on cat desensitization bookmarked. I was feeling pretty confident about my ability to handle the introduction, but I'm really kicking myself. Sammy is dozing on the sofa looking super cute right now. I'm committed to both of these animals. Any recommendations on how to handle the situation? I'm just paranoid about there being irreparable damage, right?... Much appreciated if you made it through the novel!
  3. Hi everyone! So this saturday I got a sweet greyhound, whom I named Luka. Luka is 2 years old, and I plan to train to be my Service Dog. He's not startled by loud noises, very friendly, and fine being around small dogs outside - just sniffs them and moves on. But we've been having some trouble getting him and my cat, Neko to get along. Luka is the first dog we've had in the house - and so Neko is not familiar with it. We've taken him to the vet before and he's met and been interested in meeting other bigger dogs - happily. In fact, Neko isn't the one with the problem. It's Luka. He's my first greyhound, (first real dog, really) and when his foster mother brought him over to meet our cat, I didn't realize that she was making the situation a lot worse. She managed to overly excite him, pet him when he was targeting or lunging, jerked on his leash too much and made him excited. We can take Luka on a walk and he'll see a cat dart - no problem. He looks, but when you tug a bit on his leash to let him know you're going forward, he comes along fine. Dogs the size of or smaller than my cat, even outside, no problem. Sniffs, and walks away. Squirrels even, he'll look but doesn't really lunge or try to get them. The only exception - is my cat. At first I think he just wanted to sniff Neko, but the foster mom didn't let him. And I guess that's where the problems started. Now no matter what, if he sees the cat, he's on his feet, lunging, barking, barking barking. Today we decided they needed to sort of figure things out, so we muzzled him and let him off leash in the house. He chased after the cat, got in his face, and barked and barked. They were behind a shelf so I couldn't see much - but I know the cat hit him, and he just barked more. I don't know if Luka is just being aggressive, thinks he's playing, thinks he's doing something right, or what. He never barks or really makes a sound except when the cat is around. He loves treats but when the cat is out - he's not interested at all. Really doesn't care about them. I've tried kibble, kitty food, kitty treats, the normal treats he likes, hot dogs, and cheese. I'm going to get some chicken, maybe some liver too, and see if he's interested enough in those. For now i'm stuck though. Any help would be greatly appreciated; I'm at a major loss. Thanks! -elo
  4. So my husband and I are fostering a beautiful big boy who retired from racing in January. He gets along great with our other greyhound and ignores the rats that we have in a cage. He, however, hates our 2 cats. We have read all the advice on how to introduce him and fully understand that he may never be cat safe. This is heartbreaking because this boy is just so incredible, and sweet. We are on day 3 of introductions. We are introducing them in the bathroom and have our boy muzzled and leashed with the cat in the bathtub, sometimes on my lap while I lovingly pet. Day 3 is different from day 1, we are able to get his attention away for short periods of time but then he snaps back to staring. Water squirts don't faze him. One of our cats has been hissing, which makes him back up and wag his tail and whine. That is my question - whats up with the tail wagging and whimpering? Does he see the cat as a play thing or is this behavior they exhibit when they want to attack and chase, like the lure? I will be happy to answer any questions about his behavior - I am just looking for a good start and some advice.
  5. Hi everyone, We have a problem with ticks in our area. We tried using Advantix and unfortunately Sam did not react well to it at all. His back was itchy for close to two weeks and every time we would pet his back he would arch/curl his back. BUT, it's effective. We haven't found a tick on him since and that's what we wanted. SO we need to find another tick preventive solution... We have read a lot about Virbac's Preventic collar (seems to be very effective). It seems to be the way to go. Our only worry is that it indicates that it should not be used on cats. We do have one cat, should we be worried? They are not at all fans of each other, but we all live together in the same condo. Any feedback/advice/experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Guest

    Kelly--Goodbye At 19

    When we moved out of Minnesota four years ago, we had to look long and hard at where our pets would go. We were moving to New York, and it was going to be difficult enough to get ourselves there in a short space of time. We had lost one cat recently, at fifteen, just before we started to pack up and leave, she'd been peeing all over the house, and with blood in her urine, mom took her into the vet, and they found cancer cells, so she had some sort of kidney or bladder cancer. Then, we tried our hardest to place our dog. She visited with at least two different families, but it did not go so well. (She bit some poor girl on the nose!) My brother and his family offered to take care of her until they could find her a new home, but that didn't work out. She was just too old for such a big transition, I guess :C She started peeing and pooping inside their house and it wasn't getting better, and she'd stopped eating. (I think she stayed with them for at least 2-4 months before they/we finally decided that it just wasn't going to work out, and put her to sleep. We'd had her at least... 10-12 years at that point I want to say? She was a black lab/greyhound mix, and she'd been at a shelter for several years when we adopted her, so she was at least 12-14.) Dad still feels guilty about what happened with Lucy, since it was only a year we spent in NY before moving down here to AZ. Then there was my cat, Kelly. We were fortunate enough that my bff and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, offered to take her in. After an initial period of adjustment, she fit into their lives beautifully, and she became especially close with Adam, my bestie's boyfriend. I think being the only pet in the house was really good for her, especially at her ever advancing age. She was actually born at my bff's house when we were both in elementary school together, 2nd and 3rd grade. Her birthday is next month, and I honestly thought she'd be the last one of her litter to survive, but she still has two brothers who are around. I guess they'll be outliving her, after all. A few days ago, my friend IMed me to tell me that they were arranging an end of life plan for Kelly, and wanted to know if I'd like some ashes to sprinkle, after they had her cremated. She told me that Kelly's health has been slowly declining over the past couple months, and that it's been pretty rough lately. She's not been eating, she has some nausea they were medicating her for, and just general old-age health issues. (It's likely that her renal failure had finally advanced to a point where diet/meds weren't managing it anymore. She's been in renal failure for at least a year or two now, and it was managed almost exclusively through diet.) Then, they made the decision to let her go, yesterday, in-home euthanasia, because Adam has a longish trip coming up, and in her delicate health, they weren't sure if she'd still be around in two weeks when he came back. I know it was a tough decision, but I think it was the right one, because not being there is the worst thing in the world. And it would have been awful for Leslie to go through all that alone. I'm grateful that the two of them took such good care of her for the last golden years of her life. Even when she was a difficult little snit XD I know she's lived a long, full, life for a cat, and while it's sad, I also know that she's resting peacefully. Some pictures of her life with my friends: Then these were a couple the last photos my friend put up with the announcement of her passing on FB, I assume they are recent, and some of the last photos ever. You can really tell she's not in so good shape, poor old lady. So thin, so ragged looking :C I can't even repost one of the other ones because it's too heart-breaking for me to look at, she's so bony/skinny it looks like a piece of her is missing in that one </3 It was definitely time for her to go. Thanks for looking edit: I swear, I tell photobucket to replace the original when I resize the pictures, but my edits don't seem to take *throws up hands*
  7. Please tell me this is normal and I shouldn't panic. I NEED little Miss Gracie to wear her muzzle! It made me nervous yesterday and this morning to see her pawing at it to get it off. For the last few days she has been a muzzle rockstar....easy for me to get it on, easy for me to take it off....praise praise praise for being such a good muzz-muzz girl. But, this sudden pawing at it has me nervous. Can they get it off? (I assume they can.) I only put it on her when there are possible cat interactions. Even though she seems uninterested in the cat, I won't feel comfy for a bit.... So, in the morning when I know she might be brave enough to explore upstairs (which she is doing now,) muzzle is on. Early evenings when the cat decides its HER downstairs time, muzzle is on. All night long...muzzle is on. Is it just too much muzzle for her? She sleeps downstairs at night by herself. She hasn't whined or anything. She comes upstairs in the morning to explore, but not at night to go to sleep even though she has the same bed up here. Cat has full run of house at night and I'd rather not change that, although if Grace is down, cat usually stays up unless we are down as well. Thoughts? Thank you!!!
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