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Found 13 results

  1. Just looking to get opinions on what you think the best vehicle is for greyhounds. We currently have one pup but may at some point in the future get another (they are kind of addicting!). I currently have a sedan and my husband has a 4 door full size pickup which we have been using. We have looked at Jeep Wranglers and we like those but we are still trying to decide. Any input from current dog owners will be appreciated along with any thoughts why a Wrangler wouldn't be best. Thanks in advance!
  2. sarabz


    From the album: Sarabz & Bella

  3. I have sooooo been avoiding starting this thread. Partly, I wanted to try to narrow down the behaviors (get to the root and all that) and partly because I didn’t want to have to catalogue all of it but….. Main issue: peeing (his not mine) where it isn’t appropriate, namely inside house, crate and car. (You want a laugh about the car – check this outWithout too much detail, maybe I can streamline this discussion. There seem to be two factors at work here: (1) his drinking habits and (2) the combination of his subtle signs (“excuse me, I glanced in the direction of the door, twice what more do you want me to do?”) and his nonchalant attitude of “hey, if you can’t read my mind, then you can mop the floor”. This is coupled with a relatively high intellect, a placid disposition (we’ll be in training for therapy dog soon), and a high desire to go to work with me whenever possible. His drinking habits (which seem to mirror the track) are camel-like, large quantities, twice a day (followed by several pee sessions. If I let him drink what he wants in the morning and let him have a couple long piddles before I leave for work, I could not be gone for more than two hours before he pees again in or out of the crate, with or without a belly band). On days when I take him to work, I limit his water (as much as he wants the night before, some in his kibble that morning, some available in my office – which he has no interest in). I hate the thought of limiting any animal’s water intake but he truly seems uninterested in his office water dish. Then, we came home. He drank a lot. We both took a nap, during which he got up and peed on the floor – a lot. It was so light in color and odor it I couldn’t identify it as urine until I had eliminated (no pun intended) every other possibility I even checked the ceiling for a leaky roof! Mercury has been with use about 7 months. He’s 3 years old, seems very healthy (complete with some SA and greyhound stubbornness), and just had a urine culture which came back normal except low specific gravity (some days his pee is nearly waterlike, other days quite dark which fits his camel-like tendencies). Can you change a dog’s drinking habits to better suit your preference for his bathroom habits? How can you strengthen his desire to hold it or his misgivings about peeing in the house/car/crate? (Even catching him in the act seems to have no effect.)
  4. Hi all, Curious about how your greys behave on car rides. Our Prim is far too excited to lay down and stands, going window to window, in the back. What does yours do? Back seat, back seats down, what works best for you for the safety of your dog (and your own) while you drive?
  5. Mercsmom

    Mercury Mustang

    From the album: Mercury's first year

    Always wear your seatbelt!
  6. Mercsmom

    herp derp car ride

    From the album: Mercury's first year

  7. Boomer has been with us a little over 3 weeks now. He is our 4th greyhound. (our previous 3 are all at the Rainbow Bridge now). He has been a near perfect dog since day one. He is getting along with our cats, no issues like SA, aggression, guarding. He has been an easy-peasy dog Only thing we are having trouble is that he doesn’t know how to jump up to the back of our SUV. Boomer was in a prison program, but obviously they didn’t teach this at the prison. All our previous 3 knew this and we’ve never had to teach them. We’ve tried luring with treats. We’ve tried putting his forelegs up and pushing his butt up. This weekend, we had a doggie date with a friend who has two female greyhounds. I asked my friend if the girls can show him how. They hopped on with a light, effortless leap. They hopped on, hopped down and hopped on again while Boomer looked at them with a blank, clueless look. My DH has been picking him up and putting him in the car, but if I want to take him somewhere by myself, I won’t be able to. Any suggestions? Thanks GT!
  8. Trying to gather everything up for our trip to GiG (leaving tomorrow) and was wondering if anyone had travel tips. How often do you stop for stretch/potty breaks? Anything special you bring along on vacations/long car rides? This will be my longest trip with George to date (5 hours to our stopover point, and an hour and a half/two hours to Gettysburg on Friday morning) so I want to make sure he's happy. I'm making copies of his most recent vaccination records to have on hand and will have the backseat set up with a comfy bed and lots of blankets, anything else? Thanks!
  9. Hello all! Not sure if you all remember me posting about Daisy (several months ago) and how we found out she had hemangiosarcoma and had to have her front leg amputated. I am happy to say that she is doing smashing!!!!! She is the most energetic and happy dog ever!!!! Most importantly she is CANCER FREE!!! We still go for checks, but she is doing awesome!!! Even the doctors are amazed!!! Now for my question.....My husband and I are relocating. From Los Angeles all the way to Rock Hill South Carolina. We are hiring movers for the furniture, but we will be driving across with all of the animals. (I dont trust the airlines, and I would never have my pets in the back of an airplane!!!!!!!) So I will have Daisy (the grey) my terrier Tiggy, and my cat, and my husband all in the car for one heck of a drive. My husband and I are thinking the faster we can get through the drive the better. No hotels just passing off the wheel every few hours and find dog parks along the way to let the pups stretch their legs. Or we make the trip longer by staying in hotels at night. I am not sure which the better option is. Also, we will have the cat in a carrier obviously, and the other two free in the back seat with dog beds to sleep on. Did I mention we drive a sedan!!! This trip is going to be tough no matter what!!!! Any suggestions on making this trip easier would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Daisys story here and here
  10. This past week, I took Lady on a roadtrip up to visit my sister and her family near Seattle. We both had a blast. 1,950 miles and about 31 hours in the car, Lady did wonderfully. As soon as she got into her little spot in the back of the cab, she just put her head down and was quiet for the whole trip, even if that meant 5 straight hours in the car! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but she greatly exceeded that. At most, she would sit up and look around a little before laying back down. Not only that, but she didn't care at all about the fireworks. And up there, those are legal so it sounded like we were in a war zone! Lady likes her section of the truck, with her custom made bed. She even has her own window! She loved playing with her new best friend, Trigger (my sister's 3 yr old Great Dane) And even cuddled with him, almost. She also is now BFFs with my niece, Aurora. And enjoyed playing with her as well. Though she couldn't figure out why Aurora kept playing in the water bowl. And as always, Lady loved staying in the hotel. At home, she doesn't get to go on a bed, but hey, vacation isn't a time for rules. All her new friends tired her out. Hope everyone else had a great and safe 4th of July!
  11. So this started happening: Our nine-year-old girl, Lily (Gable Lillian), urinates in the car the moment we pull into our destination. She did it a couple weeks ago when my husband and I took her and our mini schnauzer to a 5k fun run and again today when she and I arrived at the dog park. We've been to the park once before, but we're not regulars, so it's still a pretty new place for her. It was also the first time she had been to the trail where they had the 5k. Our other car rides are usually to the vet for a check up or nail trim and she does fine with that. Any thoughts?
  12. Hello all! Just came across this article on doggie seatbelts. Apparently four different ones have been collision tested as unsafe, begging the question: are they really a good idea? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts! http://www.care2.com/causes/are-doggy-seat-belts-really-safe-for-your-pet.html PS - moderator: wasn't sure if i should have put this in health/medical. Please feel free to move if mis-categorized :-)
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