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  1. A few days ago I felt several small, pimple-like bumps on my dog's chest, under his leg-pits and a few other places. They look like bug bites. I carefully investigated, worried they might be ticks, but I don't see anything. The other night he was, for the first time, snuggling with me on the loveseat. As I made him move to get up, I saw a small, black spot move on his white fur. I tried to pinch it off, but it moved fast and buried into his fur. Then I went over him very carefully and either saw the same one or another one, which again I couldn't pinch. I took a comb and combed through his fur, but came up with nothing. Nothing in or near his ears (ticks' favorite spots). This was 12:30 at night and I was totally freaked out. I took CJ outside and dusted him down with diatomaceous earth. In 34 years living in Colorado and owning dogs all that time, I never knew anyone whose dog had fleas, and only once have I had to deal with ticks on my own dogs, that either came from field mice or a grooming place. After that night, I bought a flea comb and went over every inch of him for a long time but came up with nothing except some hair and a bit of white dandruff. If he had fleas or ticks, I'm pretty sure I would have seen some evidence with this kind of exam. Then I bathed him with baby shampoo, and again went over him with the flea comb. I cannot find anything, but he has these bites and bumps. I've washed all his bedding because the thought of bugs in the house is awful. I couldn't sleep years ago when my dogs had those few ticks. I'll get him to the vet but would appreciate anyone else's thoughts or experience with something like this. I was afraid to use flea/tick shampoo on him and will see what the vet suggest for monthly preventative. Thanks!
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