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Found 3 results

  1. Hello - I apologize for the lengthy post and a possible repeat topic but I've been reading similar threads and my head is all over the place because there's so many different opinions and variations My 7 year old guy (Truman) has been having varying forms of D for the past month. I've had him 4 years and he's almost never had a solid stool but it's typically still formed. But this month it's been no more solid than pudding on his better days and straight brown water the rest. His appetite has been normal (hes been on wellness chicken and oatmeal since I got him) he's drinking water his temperament was still the same. Just really terrible runs. Vet prescribed an antibiotic and that science diet Bland food. Nothing changed after 2 weeks. So then she said to do a chicken and rice diet and did a stool sample. Stool sample results came back clean and this bland diet started firming up his stool but it was still no more formed than pudding. So we ran a full blood panel and it came back normal. Now she has me using fortiflora while still doing the chicken and rice. But his poo is back to straight brown water again and he's having to go much more frequently. He's begun dropping his weight and seems "sad". I'm getting so frustrated because I don't know what's wrong and I don't know how to help him I want to give the fortiflora time to work but I feel like the chicken and rice isn't helping him. I've read some people say it works some people say stear clear of it. I have been over cooking the rice with extra water so it is very mushy. Also using low sodium chicken broth and even letting the boiled chicken boil a little longer in with the rice. What other diets should I try for him while giving the fortiflora time to get his system boosted? And what do you think this sudden burst of the runs could be from? Thank you for taking the time to read through all this I really appreciate and welcome and advise and opinions. I want my boy to feel better!! -Ali & Truman
  2. My boy, 4.5 yo Desmond, adopted June 2013, had a bout of very urgent diarrhea early this past week (Tuesday). Water consistency poops with immediate urgency to go. (I suspect he may have gotten into something in the snow - he currently likes to put his whole head into a snowbank on walks and while I usually assume he's just sniffing who knows what he might have grabbed up to swallow - a good search of the house found nothing he could have gotten into inside.) I removed his food for 24 hours and then started him on the bland diet outlined in the "Greyhounds for Dummies" book - though after googling, I substituted ground chicken for the beef and oats for the rice. (This past summer, Desmond had a crazy time of itching - he scratched his head and face so badly he had scabs. Finally determined it may be a food allergy. When I adopted him, he was eating Purina Pro Plan Beef and Rice. Vet recommended switching the protein source and possibly going grain free. As soon as I switched him to Nature's Balance LID Chicken and Sweet Potato the itching/scratching stopped and hasn't returned. Hence my modifying the bland diet to substitute for beef and rice.) Anyway, the water diarrhea stopped once he had nothing else left in his system, and with the introduction of the bland diet it hasn't returned. Though, his stools are very soft still. Nothing that I'd call diarrhea anymore, but still very soft - cowpie or soft serve. Occasionally it is slightly more formed but still soft. He does not have the urgency he had with the diarrhea. Today I did start adding a little of his dry food into his bland diet food to hopefully begin to reintroduce it slowly. I am hoping the soft stools are just a slow recovery from the day of runs - and feeding a different diet. But I can't find anything that says what the consistency of stools should be on the bland diet. Thinking of adding pumpkin to firm things up but don't want to mess with his system if there is something else going on. When I first adopted him he had Giardia, which definitely came with the diarrhea and loose stools but did not come with the urgency he had on Tuesday. He is acting fine - completely normal. Only issue is the stools. He is drinking fine and doesn't seem to be dehydrated. Any insight? Should I give it some more time with the bland diet? Reintroduce his dry food faster - or cut back on that altogether for a little bit? I can bring a stool sample to the vet but was originally going to wait until he has his regularly scheduled checkup/vaccination appt in a week and a half...Basically looking for experiences with the bland diet and/or unexplained diarrhea recovery! Thanks!
  3. Ok, so I'm going to try giving Brady a bland diet over the weekend to see if his stools firm up. I'm just not sure how much to give him. He's 78 lbs and I've been giving him two cups of kibble in the morning and two in the evening. Any suggestions?
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