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Found 7 results

  1. Some of you may remember the sweet senior girl who stayed with us earlier this year after her Mom broke a hip and had to be in the hospital and then rehab. In May, out of the blue we had a call that came through the "neighbor grapevine" that someone in our community had a greyhound and needed to find a sitter for an extended period. Knowing that we had greyhounds, one of the neighbors contacted us, and later that day Bella was hanging out here with Petunia. Petunia and Bella were instant BFF's and it was just like she had always been here. We fell in love with Bella immediately, and qu
  2. We are having our traditional 4th of July greyhound party but putting a new spin on it this year. In the past, Rocket hosted this party for his friends and those friends who couldn't handle the noise of fireworks. With Rocket's passing in October and the arrival of Petunia this year, we are instead having a birthday party for the Golden Girls, all of whom have birthdays in July. Our friends who usually come here to avoid fireworks can't be here today, but we are thinking about them and missing them, wishing they were able to be here too. (Conner and Val we miss you) So, the first pictu
  3. Our visitor, Bella has settled in like she's always lived here. She's been here for 2 weeks as of yesterday. She has roached a few times but tonight I finally got a decent pic of our guest enjoying her stay. Sadly for us, she may be leaving us tomorrow to go back home, but we will make sure that she and Petunia get some playtime scheduled since they have hit if off like long lost friends. We are going to miss this girl. Sorry for the dark pic.
  4. Petunia had a play date today with Bella, the hound we were taking care of when her owner broke a hip. The girls were excited to see each other although there wasn't enough "play" to take any pictures. We mostly watched them sleep on beds while we talked with Bella's owner. Bella's owner had the book with all of her records and we found that her racing name was Phoenix Chomper. Her daddy was none other than Dave The Dog! I'm thinking that Dave The Dog's owner either is or used to be here on GT but don't remember if it was his racing owner or retirement owner. I think it's cool that
  5. Petunia and Bella waited until the hottest part of the day to go sunbathing.
  6. Everyone, meet Bella! She looks a lot like another Bella we all know and love here. Bella's Mom fell and broke her hip a few days ago and is going into rehab for a while. Bella is 12 and will be staying with us until her Mom is better and back at home. She and Petunia became fast friends today. Bella lives in our development less than a mile from us, but we had never met or seen her before. We got an email this morning that sort of came through the grapevine asking if we knew anyone who could watch a greyhound while her owner was in the hospital. A few phone calls later, Bella is rela
  7. In the almost 4 years we have had Bella, we've heard her bark twice (other than in her sleep). Once in the first week we had her when the doorbell was rung for the first time; once when a neighbor dog was causing a big ruckus in the hall. Then there was tonight. I was waiting for DH at the train station (we only have the one car so that's the deal) and the guy in front of me was out of his car leaning against his back bumper waiting for someone. Bella perked up upon seeing him, started growling and then let out a big "WOOF!" She continued to growl and bark at him until he met his passenger
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